Howler VPS Launches High-Performance VPS servers in Costa Rica and Panama

With solid infrastructure in Costa Rica and Panama, Howler VPS aims to deliver unparalleled speed and efficiency for businesses and developers.

Howler VPS has launched its high-performance VPS servers in Costa Rica and Panama, providing solutions in SSD or NVMe storage with deployment times as fast as 60 seconds. Customers can also opt for add-on options like automatic backups, DDOS protection, and licensing options for cPanel or Plesk.

Offering specialized Linux VPS servers in Costa Rica, Howler VPS ensures that developers and businesses can leverage the security of Linux-based systems. Additionally, the NVMe VPS servers provide up to three times the performance of traditional SSD Enterprise drives, making them ideal for high-traffic websites, image serving, and game servers.

“The launch of our Costa Rica and Panama VPS servers is a significant milestone for us,” a company representative said in a statement. “We want to offer unparalleled performance and speed to our customers, ensuring their digital operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our NVMe VPS servers storage solutions offer a high-bandwidth experience that is crucial for demanding applications.”

Howler VPS employs the NVMe protocol, which accesses flash storage via a PCI Express (PCIe) bus, supporting tens of thousands of parallel command queues. This significantly outperforms traditional hard disks and all-flash systems, which are limited to a single command queue.

Customers can expect 24/7 support through live chat or support tickets, ensuring that any technical issues are promptly addressed. Howler VPS does not offer phone support, directing all queries through its efficient online support channels.

“By focusing on superior technology and customer support, Howler VPS is set to revolutionize the market with the best Panama and Costa Rica VPS Servers,” the representative added. “We are committed to providing high-performance solutions that meet the growing demands of businesses and developers.”

About Howler VPS

Howler VPS is the latest brand created by Racknation S.A. to market and develop a differentiated virtualization product with ultra-high performance. It offers virtual private servers in Costa Rica and Panama and provides super high-performance VPS servers in SSD or NVMe storage, and servers can be deployed in as fast as 60 seconds.

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