RNC slams Clinton’s ‘pursuit of secrecy’ after late-night email release

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is asking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “call on the State Department to commit to a more open process” in their release of emails from her four-year tenure with the department.

“In the interest of transparency, Hillary Clinton must call on the State Department to commit to a more open process – releases in the middle of the night and on holidays are an obvious attempt to hide the truth,” Priebus said in a statement Friday.

“So much for the self-declared ‘most transparent person in public life’ and ‘most transparent administration in history,” he added, echoing phrases Clinton has used to describe herself and the Obama administration.

The State Department released 2,900 pages of Clinton’s emails around 1 a.m. Friday after missing its initial deadline of 10 p.m. Thursday evening. With 45 of Clinton’s latest emails containing classified information, the latest batch brings the total number of classified records among her email server to more than 1,300.

“The more we learn about Hillary Clinton’s secret server the worse it gets,” Priebus charged, adding that the Democratic presidential front-runner’s “pursuit of secrecy at the expense of national security was undeniably reckless and shows she cannot be trusted in the White House.”

“What’s more, Hillary Clinton said she wanted the public to see her emails but instead they’re getting buried by her friends in the Obama administration,” he said.

The State Department is expected to release a final batch of emails before Jan. 29.


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