NVIDIA GeForce Now is Down Globally, Cloud Gaming Server Issues

One of the top-rated cloud gaming services in the world, NVIDIA GeForce Now, is down, and users all over the globe are experiencing this issue and is not only isolated in one place. Massive reports were sent to DownDetector’s platform and gamers are sharing their experiences via social media, and for hours on end, the company is still investigating this issue.

The company already acknowledged the issues its cloud gaming service is facing, but no further information or updates have been shared since then.

NVIDIA GeForce Now is Down Globally

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Users on DownDetector immediately flagged NVIDIA for having Server Connection and Game Play problems on its renowned cloud gaming service, NVIDIA GeForce Now. The reports received by the platform claim that users globally have been encountering said issues, stemming from around three to four hours ago, and it is yet to be fixed by the company.

The company’s X account for GeForce Now also acknowledged the issue, citing that it is “aware” of the problems that its members are facing. However, the company did not reveal the reason/s behind it, only sharing its status page for users to monitor.

GeForce Now’s status page confirmed that it was indeed a global outage, already claiming that it is investigating the matter and is working on a fix at around 12:29 PDT. Three hours later at around 3:05 PDT, the company shared that it already implemented a fix but no further updates were shared.

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Cloud Gaming Server Issues from NVIDIA

For now, gamers have to await further information or updates from NVIDIA regarding the GeForce Now outage, especially as it has already been an hour since the company claimed that the fix had already been applied. As per NVIDIA, it is still monitoring the results, but this does not guarantee that services will resume immediately.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Services

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service was first launched as a beta in 2015, with the company only taking it public in 2020 when this type of experience was on the rise. One of the most significant experiences of NVIDIA GeForce Now is its availability on various platforms like PCs, mobile smartphones, and televisions like Samsung Smart TVs.

It was regarded as one of the most powerful and expansive cloud gaming services in the world, offering various titles and experiences available under its two subscription tiers.

At one point, NVIDIA licensed the games from Xbox PC Game Pass for its GeForce Now service, and this leverages the titles from the platform, available for all eligible devices.

The Santa Clara-based company prides itself on GeForce Now’s service, which is among the top platforms available in the world, leveraging massive titles and an adept experience available.

However, it is currently down, and this outage stems worldwide, users are already complaining about how widespread it is, with NVIDIA yet to update gamers about when will GeForce Now’s services will return and what the issues were all along.

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