HostBet Cloud Technologies Introduces Cutting-Edge Servers to Revolutionise Shared Hosting Experience – ThePrint – ANIPressReleases

HostBet Cloud Technologies Introduces Cutting-Edge Servers to Revolutionise Shared Hosting Experience – ThePrint – ANIPressReleases


New Delhi [India], March 27: HostBet Cloud Technologies Private Limited, India’s fastest-growing Shared hosting provider and a frontrunner in web hosting solutions, is significantly striding to enhance the shared hosting user experience and performance. HostBet is thrilled to introduce its next-generation servers, strategically situated in Frankfurt, Germany, specifically engineered to redefine shared hosting services. These servers leverage cutting-edge technology, featuring:

* AMD EPYC 7302 Processors: Experience exceptional hyper-processing power for seamless website operation and efficiently handle even the most demanding tasks.

* DDR4 ECC RAM: Benefit from enhanced system stability and superior data integrity. This translates to minimized downtime and a worry-free hosting experience.

* Samsung NVMe SSD Storage: Unleash unparalleled data access speeds. Witness significantly reduced website loading times and a significant boost to your user experience.

Unveiling Unprecedented Performance and Reliability

The next-generation servers from HostBet are specifically designed to offer exceptional performance and rock-solid reliability:

Lightning-Fast Processing Power:

The AMD EPYC 7302 processors ensure your website runs smoothly as butter, even with spikes of heavy traffic or complex workloads. Experience efficient multitasking without performance bottlenecks.

Improved Stability and Enhanced Data Protection:

DDR4 ECC RAM Advanced memory technology automatically detects and corrects errors in real-time without impacting site performance, significantly ensuring that there is minimal chance of data corruption and downtime so that your website runs as smoothly as butter.

Blazing-Fast Speeds:

Samsung NVMe SSD storage delivers hyper-speed data access. This ensures that your website loading speeds two times faster than your competitor’s website speed, keeping your visitors happy and engaged.

Effortless Management and Feature-Rich Environment

HostBet understands how important user-friendliness is. For this reason, they’ve equipped their servers with a DirectAdmin control panel or LiteSpeed Web Server:

* Intuitive DirectAdmin Control Panel: You can easily manage your hosting environment with hassle-free websites, domains, and email accounts with the user-friendly DirectAdmin control panel.

* Unmatched Speed with LiteSpeed: LiteSpeed is the fastest web server that uses its advanced caching technology to cache files of websites and make them load faster. It boosts website speed.

Elevating Shared Hosting Standards

HostBet goes beyond cutting-edge hardware technology, combining it with the world-leading industry of software to maintain a constant focus on the user’s website’s loading speed, reliability, and affordability. This powerful synergy empowers businesses and individuals to excel online.

“We have recently switched to DirectAdmin from cPanel because, after some research and reviews by some of our users, we found DirectAdmin to be more easy-to-use, reliable & efficient than cPanel. Considering cPanel’s price hikes, we decided to switch to DirectAdmin. It will give users a better experience with the new control panel and give us more ability to expand.

Our website builder allows you to create readymade static websites within just a few clicks, All you have to do is just purchase web hosting & domain from HostBet, Login to your DirectAdmin Control Panel, Go to HostBet Website Builder, select the theme you like and install it. That’s it, no coding is required. We have more than 850+ themes for different categories and the builder is powered by SitePad.” said HostBet Founder & CEO Piyush Ladhar.”

HostBet Cloud Technologies Private Limited is a leading Shared Hosting, Dedicated, or VPS provider of web hosting and cloud computing solutions. Their dedication offers superior loading speed, smooth performance, reliability, and exceptional customer service. With a continuous focus on new innovation and a customer-centric approach, HostBet continues to push its boundaries in the web hosting industry. They are committed to equipping their clients with the tools and technology needed to achieve online success.

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