6 Affordable International Gaming Servers

This guide will cover the top affordable gaming servers that you can use as your game and create gaming groups to have more while you play.

(Newswire.net — February 28, 2024) — Whether you are a professional or amateur gamer, you want to ensure you have an international gaming server to make it easier for you to play all your games while also connecting with other players from all over the world. 

You want to make sure the game server you choose can support the games you play while also having its own dedicated server. This ensures that you are safe while playing the game and that none of your information can get stolen or hacked. 

You should also try and choose a server that has a VPA plan and that is affordable according to the budget you are on. 

This guide will cover the top affordable gaming servers that you can use as your game and create gaming groups to have more while you play. 


This international gaming server only takes about 5 minutes to set up. It has 2-8 CPU cores depending on your needs and you can also get 2 or 3 dedicated IP addresses to use for yourself. The basic package starts at $14.99 but you can also choose premium plans if you want to pay more money and get more features. 

The most common plan for gamers is the managed VPS hosting plan as it offers more security as well as 4GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and unlimited bandwidth which is amazing for not having any lag times or downtimes while playing. 

The managed VPS hosting plan costs more though so you will need to be prepared to pay about $30 a month if you want to go with this plan. 


This is one of the most affordable international game servers as the most basic plan begins at $5.99 a month. Their customer support system speaks many different languages which is perfect if you are connecting with other players from other countries as they can quickly get their issues solved by contacting customer support. 

It only takes about 7 minutes to set up this hosting plan and it offers 1-8 CPUs as well as a wide range of storage from 1 GB to 32 GB. 

Most gamers will recommend that you upgrade to the Level One plan as it offers more features like 4 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 4 TB bandwidth, and 450 GB SSD storage. It has a higher cost at $9.99 a month but the extra cost is worth it for the better bandwidth and more storage. 


Bluehost is one of the most expensive servers on the list but it’s still extremely affordable at $19.99 a month. It’s one of the best VPS plans and it is also one of the best servers for playing Minecraft on so you will see many Minecraft players recommending this server to you. 

The top plan is called the Ultimate VPS Plan and the price begins at $59.99 a month. This price tag is a little heftier compared to other plans on this list but if you plan to begin playing for a long time or you want to get more into the gaming world, this price is worth it. 

One of the best parts about the plan is that it offers Root Access which is needed for Minecraft installations. 

It comes with 8 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 120 GB SSD storage, and 3 TB bandwidth. If you want to add your own domain, you can do so for free and it even comes with a free SSL certificate. 


Hostwinds is one of the most basic and affordable servers making it a great choice for those new to the gaming world because it allows you to begin gaming at a really great price. The most basic plan is only $4.99 a month and it offers automatic nightly backups as well as upgrades without any downtime. 

If you want to specifically use the server for Minecraft you might want to upgrade to the Minecraft Server Hosting plan which is $38.99 a month. It offers 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, and 150 GB SSD storage. You also get 3 TB bandwidth. 

The plan also comes with very high-performance hardware and the option to add on root access which makes installing and using Minecraft very easy. 


OVHcloud is one of the top recommended international gaming servers and it offers many different options for dedicated servers with specific plans made just for gamers. It’s currently being used by over 1.5 million developers. 

You can also get a VPS server with them to ensure all your games are secure and that no one has access to any of your information. 

The prices start at just $5.50 a month which is extremely affordable. You can also add on some features if you want including an additional IP for just $2 a month and a manual backup plan for just $1.20 a month. 

No matter what plan you choose, you will get a dedicated server that can operate at peak performance all the time. All servers are simple to use and allow you to have unlimited traffic. 


Hostinger is extremely affordable whether you are using their basic plan at $5.99 a month or one of their upgraded plans. They offer 1-8 CPUs with a large range of RAM from 4 GB to 32 GB. 

Most gamers use the Creeper Plan which is $15.95 a month. It supports many different games including Minecraft, Tekkit, Paper, CraftBukkit, and Project Rainbow. 

The Creeper Plan comes with 4 CPU cores, SSD storage, 4 GB RAM, and a game panel. You can also operate on many different software and different versions of Java. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right international game server is very important because you want to ensure it has all the features you need and that it can support the games you want to play. How much storage the plan has and the number of cores is also important. 

Affordable international servers are key to being able to game within a budget and to be able to play well in a comfortable environment. 


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