Two EuroDuals from European Loc Pool: A Milestone for VPS in Sustainable Rail Freight Transport

European Loc Pool (ELP) focuses on innovative six-axle hybrid locomotives from Stadler, thereby setting new standards in European rail freight transport. The EuroDual and Euro9000 locomotives revolutionize European Rail Freight with their combination of electric and diesel operation, also enabling seamless last-mile and shunting operations.
The EuroDual, as a forerunner in the portfolio of European Loc Pool, is a game-changer in rail freight. With its tractive effort of 500 kN and a performance of up to 2.8 MW in diesel and 6.2 MW in electric operation, it offers up to 40% higher loading capacity. The EuroDual is already successfully in operation in Germany, Austria, France, and Scandinavia and was recently approved in Serbia. Slovenia and Croatia will follow in the first quarter of 2024.
The Euro9000, the ‘next generation’ locomotive, stands for peak performance in the European rail industry. With a tractive effort of 500 kN and a performance of up to 1.9 MW in diesel and 9 MW in electric operation, it enables up to 40% higher loading capacity. As a hybrid multi-system electric locomotive, the Euro9000 expands the geographical deployment and efficiency on the European Rail Network. In addition to the advantages in last-mile- and shunting operations, the Euro9000 distinguishes itself on 3kV DC tracks with a special capability: it features a ‘boost’ capability, enabling it to combine its electric power with the diesel engines, leading to an impressive total performance of 7.7MW at the wheels.
As the ‘launching customer’, European Loc Pool ordered the first ten Euro9000 locomotives from Stadler already in May 2019, and since mid-2023, the ‘next generation’ locomotive has been operating in Europe. The Euro9000 is approved in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Italy will follow in 2024.

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