Powering the Future of Hosting with SolusVM

got.net, a reputable Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a rich 30-year history, has recently unveiled its latest Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings, aimed at delivering enhanced flexibility and performance to its clientele. The introduction of these services marks a significant expansion in got.net’s hosting solutions, leveraging the SolusVM platform to support a diverse array of operating systems such as AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows (Evaluation version). This move underscores got.net’s commitment to providing tailored hosting solutions that cater to the varied requirements of its customers.

Customizable VPS Packages for Every Need

got.net’s VPS offerings span a wide range of configurations to suit different hosting needs and budgets. The entry-level VPS3 package, priced at an affordable $5 per month, includes 1 Core, 3GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 1 IPv4, and a 10Gbps Uplink with 2TB Transfer. For more demanding applications, the service scales up to offer configurations with up to 6 Cores, 64GB RAM, 750GB SSD, with options extending further to 8 Cores, 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD. This scalability ensures that got.net’s VPS services are a viable option for websites and applications of all sizes, from small personal blogs to large-scale enterprise systems.

Strategic Data Center Location

The strategic placement of got.net’s data center in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), is a testament to the ISP’s dedication to network independence and reliability. Owning its hardware, controlling its IP space, and customizing solutions like VMWare, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, alongside Colocation and fully managed solutions, got.net positions itself as a versatile and dependable hosting provider. Clients are invited to test the network’s performance using the Test IP or the Looking Glass tool available on their website, ensuring transparency and confidence in service quality.

Forward-Looking Hosting Solutions

got.net’s launch of new VPS services, facilitated by SolusVM, is not just an expansion of its product lineup; it represents a forward-looking approach to hosting solutions. By accommodating a variety of operating systems and offering the option for customers to use their ISO, got.net caters to the modern needs of developers, businesses, and IT professionals seeking flexibility, performance, and reliability in their hosting environments.

This initiative by got.net reaffirms its status as a pioneer in the ISP industry, continually adapting to technological advancements and customer preferences. With its new VPS offerings, got.net is set to redefine hosting standards, promising a blend of performance, flexibility, and reliability that meets the evolving demands of today’s digital landscape.


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