InMotion Hosting Pricing 2024: What Plan to Pick?

InMotion Hosting Pricing 2024: What Plan to Pick?

InMotion Hosting is a top provider that delivers affordable services without diluting quality. The web host uses top-notch technologies in its plans and sells at reasonable pricing. But what are the prices of its plans and how powerful are they in hosting a site or multiple websites? Let’s have a quick breakdown of InMotion Hosting’s plans across all categories to see their prices and what they offer.

Breakdown of InMotion Hosting Shared Plans Prices

This is the hosting type with the cheapest pricing on InMotion. Here, you will share server resources with other users. Hence, it is suitable for small projects or sites with less traffic and little need for outstanding performance. Nevertheless, InMotion provides excellent servers on these plans. The packages available are Core, Launch, Power, and Pro.

Generally, you will get free SSL certificates, email hosting via webmail, unlimited bandwidth, hack & malware protection, DDoS protection, a website builder, a one-click app installer, and cPanel on these plans.

In addition, the packages include UltraStack server configuration for high performance, choice of data center, customer management tools, live chat support, and support for Python, Node.JS, Ruby, and GIT version control.

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The Core package costs over $2 per month for a 3-year subscription and renews at about $9 monthly. You will be able to host two websites with 100 GB SSD storage. You will also get ten email addresses and 2 times UltraStack performance.

On the other hand, Launch costs around $5 per month and renews at $12 monthly. This plan allows you to host unlimited websites and comes with a free domain name for the first year. Additionally, you can create unlimited email addresses and enjoy 6 times UltraStack performance. Moreover, it comes with unlimited NVMe storage space, giving faster data transfer speeds than Core.

Power costs about $5 per month and renews at almost $16 monthly. It has the same features as Launch but with 12 times UltraStack performance, advanced caching, and phone support.

The last package in the InMotion shared hosting category, Pro, costs almost $13 monthly with a renewal price of $23 per month. Aside from Power features, it has a dedicated IP for faster site speeds, pro support with service level agreement (SLA), and 20 times UltraStack performance.

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WordPress Hosting Plans and Pricing

InMotion Hosting’s WordPress plans have higher pricing than the shared category. While they are also shared servers, they perform better than the other category. Thus, they can speed up your WP site.

InMotion Hosting has four packages in this category, including WP Core, WP Launch, WP Power, and WP Pro.

All the plans have the same general features as shared hosting packages, with a few additions for higher performance. They all support W3 Total Cache plugin for better performance and come with free migration tools with native backups. Furthermore, they have PHP workers that determine the number of uncached requests your site can process simultaneously.

InMotion Hosting WordPress Plans
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The pricing of the WP Core plan starts at $4 per month, and the renewal is at about $12 monthly. This plan mirrors all the features of Core, but it uses NVMe SSD instead of ordinary SSD. Additionally, it comes with 2 PHP workers per site and 10 times UltraStack performance.

The WP Launch plan costs about $8 per month and almost $16 monthly for renewal on a 2-year subscription. Aside from the features on Launch, it has 20 times UltraStack performance, 3 PHP workers per site, and advanced caching.

WP Power costs about $8 per month and renews at almost $21 monthly. It has Power features, 4 PHP workers per website, and a dedicated Opcode Cache Pool for faster performance. Furthermore, it has 30 times UltraStack performance.

InMotion Hosting’s latest WordPress plan, WP Pro, has an introductory price of $16 per month and renews at almost $30 monthly. Further, it has a dedicated Opcode Cache Pool, 6 PHP workers per site, 40 times UltraStack performance, and all of the Pro plan features.

If you’re looking to create a high-performance WordPress site, you’ll be interested in the offers presented here.

InMotion Hosting WordPress VPS Prices Explained

The next InMotion Hosting packages whose pricing we will be discussing are under the WordPress VPS category. Like the WordPress hosting category, these packages provide a high-performance environment for WP sites.

As the name implies, all the servers are VPS and are better than standard shared servers since they use isolated resources. They are all equipped with 40 times UltraStack performance and can host only one site. Hence, such a site will enjoy the full power and performance of the server. They use InMotion Central, a proprietary control panel that increases productivity and team collaboration.

At the same time, you will get free website backups, SSL certificates, a dedicated IP address, DDoS protection, FireWall via Modsec, brute-force protection, BoldGrid website builder, and WP plugins like Total Upkeep & W3 Total Cache.

What’s more, you will get the Snap feature which allows you to create a new site using the plugins and themes from another website in one click. Besides, you will get Playground Environments or a staging tool where you can create copies of your site and test new features before publishing them. The servers use NVMe SSD, load balancing, and PHP-PFM for high performance. You will also get WordPress site migrations.

InMotion Hosting WordPress VPS Pricing
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Now, let’s see the price of each InMotion Hosting WordPress VPS plan and its specific features. The company has eight servers in its WordPress VPS category.

  • Server Level 1 costs $5 per month or $50 annually. It has 1 vCPU, 0.5 GB RAM, 10 GB of SSD storage, 1 TB monthly bandwidth, and 3 PHP workers. At the same time, you will have access to only one PlayGround Environment, and support is available to you only via chat & ticket.
  • Server Level 2 costs around $10 per month or $100 yearly. It is similar to Server Level 1 but has 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD, and 6 PHP workers.
  • Server Level 3 costs $15 monthly or $150 yearly. It has 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe SSD, 2 TB bandwidth, and 10 PHP workers. Further, it has Redis Persistent Object Cache, which improves the performance of your WordPress site and one PlayGround Environment. You will get support via ticket, live chat, and phone calls as well.
  • Server Level 4 costs around $20 per month and $200 yearly. It is configured like Server Level 3 but with 3 GB RAM, 75 GB NVMe SSD, 3 TB bandwidth, and 15 PHP workers.
  • Server Level 5 costs about $30 monthly and $300 per year. It has 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB NVMe SSD, 4 TB bandwidth, 15 PlayGround Environments, 20 PHP workers, and other features in Server Level 4.
  • Server Level 6 costs $60 monthly and $600 yearly. It is configured like Server Level 5 but has 3 vCPU, 6 GB RAM, 120 NVMe SSD, 40 PHP workers, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Server Level 7 costs $80 monthly and $800 annually. Aside from Level 6 features, it has 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 150 NVMe SSD, and 60 PHP workers.

The last WordPress VPS plan on InMotion Hosting, Server Level 8, has a monthly price of $160 or $1600 yearly. In addition to the features on Server Level 7, it has 8 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 360 GB NVMe SSD, and 80 PHP workers.

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Note: From Server Level 3 to 8, you can double your vCPU for $5 per additional vCPU monthly.

Breakdown of the Prices of Cloud VPS Packages

The next type of hosting we’re going to detail is Cloud VPS. These servers are similar to those on WordPress VPS but are not limited to hosting a WP site alone. They allow for easy scaling and give you an optimized environment to host any project.

The Cloud VPS category has nine distinct server configurations with some similar features. Irrespective of the server, you will get a free dedicated IP address, server snapshots, and SSH access. What’s more, you can choose your preferred data center and operating system between CentOS, Ubuntu, Alma, or Debian, monitor your server’s performance, and run automated tasks via Ansible.

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Additionally, you will get full root access, 24/7 server monitoring, and of course, Top-Tier 1 Network, which means a faster and more reliable connection between your visitors and the server.

InMotion Hosting Cloud VPS Prices
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Here is a quick summary of the available servers and their configurations:

  • Server 1: It costs around $7 monthly. It is configured with 1 vCPU core, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB NVMe SSD, and 2 TB bandwidth.
  • Server 2: It costs $14 per month. Its configuration includes 2 vCPU cores, 3 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, and 3 TB data transfer.
  • Server 3: The configuration is as follows; 2 vCPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 60 GB disk space, and 4 TB bandwidth. It costs around $21 monthly.
  • Server 4: It costs about $28 per month. It has 4 GB RAM, 4 vCPU, 100 GB storage, and 5 TB bandwidth.
  • Server 5: It costs $36 monthly. It is configured with 6 GB RAM, 6 vCPU cores, 120 GB disk space, and 6 TB monthly data transfer.
  • Server 6: It has 8 vCPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 150 GB disk space, and 7 TB bandwidth. It costs $56 per month.
  • Server 7: The price is currently pegged at $78 per month. It has 12 GB RAM, 12 vCPU cores, 280 GB disk space, and 8 TB monthly bandwidth.
  • Server 8: It costs about $112 per month and is configured with 16 vCPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 360 GB storage space, and a 9 TB monthly transfer.
  • Server 9: It is configured with 32 GB RAM, 32 vCPU, 540 GB disk space, and 12 TB bandwidth. It costs around $224 per month.

Note: There is no control panel on any of the plans. You must make do with root access and the command line interface (CLI) for server or site management. Thus, it is not recommended for a beginner.

Pricing of InMotion Hosting VPS Plans

VPS plans are the next InMotion Hosting packages we will analyze regarding pricing and features.

These are similar to the Cloud VPS plans in all general features, but they have a control panel and are fully managed by InMotion Hosting. Besides, you will get a free domain name for the first year, SSL certificates, server optimizations, and site migrations. The chance to choose your preferred data center and control panel with cPanel and Web Panel is included.

InMotion VPS Hosting Plans
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Here are the pricing and the included features of VPS plans on InMotion Hosting:

  • VPS 4 GB RAM: It costs around $15 per month and renews at $45 monthly. It has 4 vCPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 90 SSD, 2 TB bandwidth, live chat support, and 2 dedicated IPs.
  • VPS 8 GB RAM: It is configured with 4 GB RAM, 8 vCPU cores, 150 GB NVMe SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and 3 dedicated IP addresses. You will also get live chat and phone call support. This server costs around $25 monthly and renews at $72 per month.
  • VPS 12 GB RAM: It costs almost $35 per month with a renewal price of $92 monthly. It is configured with 12 vCPU cores, 12 GB RAM, 210 GB NVMe SSD, 5 dedicated IP addresses, and VPS 8 GB RAM features.
  • VPS 16 GB RAM: It costs around $45 monthly and renews at about $112 per month. Its configuration includes 16 GB RAM, 16 vCPU cores, 360 GB NVMe storage space, and 10 dedicated IP addresses. Besides, it has VPS 12 GB RAM features.

Reseller Hosting Packages: Complete Breakdown

Reseller web hosting is another option available on InMotion. This allows you to resell your server resources to your clients and earn money.

Each hosting plan contains Web Host Manager (WHM), which helps you manage and allocate your server resources to each client for free, including the billing system. Additionally, you will get free SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses, live chat support, a backup manager, NVMe SSD, total security & marketing suite, and cPanel with a one-click app installer.

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All plans support PHP7, PHP8, Unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases, Fast CGI, RoR, Perl, Python, cURL, CPAN, GD, and ImageMagick. In addition, you will get free unlimited email hosting and DDoS protection. You can also register domains for clients and enjoy white-labeling hosting. That is, clients wouldn’t know you are using InMotion resources. Besides, your server will have 40 times UltraStack performance.

InMotion Hosting Reseller Plans Prices
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Now, let’s see the prices of InMotion reseller hosting plans and their specific features.

InMotion Hosting has four reseller plans which are R-1000N, R-2000N, R-3000N, and R-2000N.

  • R-1000N: It costs almost $16 monthly on a 3-year subscription and $36 per month for renewals. The server has 80 GB SSD, 1000 GB bandwidth, 25 free cPanel licenses, and 1 dedicated IP address.
  • R-2000N: It costs about $25 monthly and $56 on renewals per month. It has 160 GB NVMe SSD storage space, 2000 GB bandwidth, 50 free cPanel licenses, phone support, and 2 dedicated IP addresses.
  • R-3000N: The plan includes 200 GB NVMe SSD, unlimited bandwidth, phone support, 80 free cPanel licenses, and 3 dedicated IP addresses. It costs almost $43 per month and renews at about $86 monthly.
  • R-4000N: It has phone support, 300 GB NVMe SSD, unlimited bandwidth, 100 free cPanel licenses, and 5 dedicated IP addresses. It costs around $51 per month and renews at about $110 monthly.

InMotion Hosting’s Dedicated Server Plans

Another hosting type available on InMotion is dedicated server. The host provides this service in two versions. You can decide to purchase bare metals or managed servers.

The bare metal servers are just like the Cloud VPS. InMotion Hosting does not manage them, and they have no control panel. Additionally, you cannot get support via live chat, phone call, or ticket. You will get help when something is wrong with your server physically on site.

The managed servers, on the other hand, are like the managed WordPress VPS and VPS plans. In addition to managed WordPress VPS and VPS features, they have custom firewalls and rebootless upgrades.

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Managed dedicated servers cost between $90 to $740 per month. Whereas bare metals cost between $70 to $700 monthly. In either category, you can get 16 GB to 512 GB RAM, 1 TB to 2×3.2 TB SSD storage space, 4-core to 32-core CPUs, 1 to 30 dedicated IPs, 10 GB to 1 TB backup storage, 10 to 100 free cPanel licenses, and 10 GB per month to 10Gbps unlimited bandwidth.

Domain Name Registration: How Much Does It Cost?

The domain name registration price on InMotion is a bit expensive and uniform across all available extensions. You can register Top-Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, and .info for almost $20 per year.

Conclusion: Is InMotion Hosting Worth the Price?

Definitely! InMotion Hosting does not only have affordable hosting plans, but it offers excellent value for money as well. Thus, you won’t regret spending the dollars.

However, if you try InMotion and you are not satisfied (highly unlikely), it has up to a 97-day money-back guarantee. That is how confident the host is in its services. Are you ready to speed up your site at an affordable price? Take up the offer by clicking the link below.

Here is a detailed review of InMotion Hosting that may help you decide if it is the right host for your project overall.

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