Hillary Clinton still blaming others for her idiotic decision to run an email server from her bathroom

Hillary Clinton is still angry that she got caught. In other words, she’s a true Clinton.

In Clintonworld, It’s always someone else’s fault. The real victim is always the Clinton being investigated.

The Justice Department’s inspector general revealed Thursday that former FBI Director James Comey used a personal email account to conduct agency business, a big no-no for DOJ officials since 2016. The former director claims he never used personal email for classified or sensitive information.

Clinton, who was investigated during the 2016 election by Comey’s FBI for running an unauthorized homebrew email server from a bathroom in suburban New York when she worked at the State Department, seized on the IG’s report as an opportunity to suggest once again that she is the victim of a vicious political double-standard:

Her tweet, which has been shared by more than 70,000 social media users, is a play on a bitter post-2016 meme suggesting she lost the election in part because of the negative press that her unauthorized email server drew.

Look, I don’t particularly enjoy analyzing stupid tweets, especially when they’re focused-grouped and run through about a dozen different handlers, but this stupid “burn” is weirdly illustrative of everything that was wrong with Clinton as a candidate.

First, this “But my emails” thing is a reminder that consideration for supporters is always an afterthought for the former secretary of state. Allow me the italics to emphasize the following point: No one forced Clinton to skirt State Department protocols and defeat Freedom of Information Act requests by setting up an email server in her bathroom. The investigation was completely of Clinton’s own making.

The way she tells it, however, everyone else is to blame for the shady, morally dubious behavior that cast a negative cloud over her disastrous campaign. You’d think by now she’d be a bit more contrite before the people she let down, rather than aggressively deny the truth that she’s 100 percent responsible for her own messes.

Second, this dumb tweet is a reminder that Clintonworld is home to outwardly petty and vindictive people, including Robby Mook, who tweeted after the IG report’s publication, “The bad judgment. The hypocrisy. The irony.”

Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager added in reference to a face-saving op-ed Comey submitted to the New York Times Thursday, “Comey did an oped to prebut the IG report. But he neglects to mention or explain the IG’s finding that Comey himself used personal email for official business.”

Mook’s remarks lead me to the final point, which is: This Clinton tweet is a testament to the incompetence of her communications teams. Her response here to Comey amounts to little more than, “I can’t believe this person who investigated me for doing a stupid and unethical thing on steroids is himself guilty of a much smaller instance of the same stupid and unethical thing.”

In the world of public communications, that’s almost as terrible a message as her 2016 campaign’s discarded “because it’s her turn” slogan.

Yes, MAGA-land and Clintonworld have much in common, especially when it comes to pettiness and legally dubious behavior. But if there’s one thing the election revealed, it’s that they’re miles apart when it comes to messaging.

Trump is running around telling everyone he wants to make America great again, while Clinton is over in her corner telling everyone that she and Comey are guilty of the same slipshod, unethical behavior and that that’s, um, unfair or something.


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