Desborough beat Banks Bowling Association but Berkshire’s VPs have the upper hand – Photo 1 of 1

Bruce Adams

Desborough welcomed Banks Bowling Association to Green Lane this week for a four-rink friendly and claimed victory by 29 shots (97-68).

The rink skipped by Jeff Simpson returned a winning scorecard and captain on the day Graham Rogers skipped his side to a draw, leaving top rink honours to Clive Dawson, Peter Colton, Helen Payne, and Bruce Adams who by a huge margin (37-8).

Rink scores: B FaulknerI Bond B HarrisJ Simpson 21 – 20; J GibbsJ MackF AshmoreD Perriman 21 – 22; C DawsonP ColtonH PayneB Adams 37 – 8; M GibbsD Isaacs C Northover G Rogers 18 – 18.

Desborough were given a much tougher test by the Berkshire VPs in another five-rink friendly this week, going down by 28-shots (94-122).

The rink skipped by Helen Paynes managed to draw, which left all the glory to the home side’s one winning rink of Janice Gibbs, Sam Stack, John Munnelly and Dave Perriman who won 19 -15.

Rink scores: S Page R Bridgen J Palmer S Hall16 – 24; R Palmer C Northover T Slark J Simpson12 – 22; J GibbsS StackJ MunnellyD Perriman19 – 15; M GibbsS StewartN PhoenixT Buckley17 – 19; B FaulknerJ WardM LoaderT Philpott10 – 21; P WinstanC PhoenixA JonesH Payne20 – 20.

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