5 Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile & Lite in 2024 (Working in India)

An average ping of 109ms is impressive, especially over a distance of 3,000km+. We didn’t detect any lag while using ExpressVPN, and our gameplay remained smooth throughout the match.

Frustratingly, we couldn’t record the exact ping for our local connection as the lowest ping PUBG Mobile can display is 20ms. Regardless, a ping lower than 20ms is an excellent result and guarantees that you won’t experience any lag.

We were able to play PUBG Mobile with ExpressVPN without encountering any issues.

If you’re based in India, you can reliably use ExpressVPN’s Singapore server to bypass the PUBG ban.

If the Singapore server experiences congestion or downtime, you can connect to a number of other virtual servers in Asia. All of ExpressVPN’s Asian virtual servers are physically located in Singapore, so you can expect a stable ping of 109ms regardless of where you connect to.

ExpressVPN is our top choice for mobile too. It’s our top rated VPN for iPhone and the best overall VPN for Android.

We found ExpressVPN’s mobile apps easy to use, allowing us to find a match without any issues.

2. NordVPN: Best VPN for PUBG Mobile on iPhone

NordVPN’s iOS app integrates seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, providing fast speeds and strong security features.

Pros Cons
Optimized for iOS using built-in Apple automations Higher ping than ExpressVPN
The fastest VPN for iOS
Intuitive, simple app for iPhone
Physical servers in Asia

Overall PUBG Rating: 8.3/10

This overall score is based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our PUBG VPN testing methodology.

Average PUBG Ping Time: 8.0/108.0

PUBG Server Locations: 8.4/108.4

Privacy & Logging Policy: 8.8/108.8

Additional PUBG Features: 8.0/108.0

NordVPN has one of the best designed iOS apps of any VPN service. It integrates Apple automations, like Shortcuts, for a simpler, easier to navigate, user interface.

It’s also the fastest VPN for iOS we’ve tested, averaging a 2% loss in download speed when connecting to a local server.

Although it doesn’t have any servers near India, Asia is still well-covered with physical servers in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Playing PUBG Mobile while connected to a Singapore NordVPN server

NordVPN performed second best out of the paid VPNs.

Our ping on a local VPN connection remained firmly below 20ms.

We recorded an average ping of 112ms when playing PUBG Mobile on NordVPN’s Singapore server. This is an excellent result, only narrowly behind ExpressVPN.

3. PIA VPN: Best VPN for PUBG Mobile on Android

Private Internet Access’ Android app supports the WireGuard Protocol, customizable DNS servers, and split tunneling, perfect for mobile gaming.

Pros Cons
Advanced Android app optimized for online gaming Higher ping than ExpressVPN and NordVPN
Serviceable ping times across its server network US Jurisdiction
Virtual server in Sri Lanka via Singapore
Cheap on long-term plans

Overall PUBG Rating: 8.3/10

This overall score is based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our PUBG VPN testing methodology.

Average PUBG Ping Time: 7.0/107.0

PUBG Server Locations: 8.2/108.2

Privacy & Logging Policy: 9.7/109.7

Additional PUBG Features: 10/1010

Private Internet Access (PIA) has the best Android app for PUBG Mobile. It’s also a great cheap option for PUBG Mobile at only $2.03 per month over two years.

The Android app supports a wide range of VPN protocols including the exceptionally fast WireGuard, ensuring your ping is kept as low as possible.

It also supports port forwarding, custom DNS servers, and a dedicated VPN IP address, allowing you to optimize your connection for online gaming.

As with all our top-rated PUBG VPNs, PIA remained below the 20ms threshold on local connections. We didn’t detect any changes to our framerate or screen quality, either.

Playing PUBG Mobile while connected to a Sri Lanka PIA server

PIA never exceeded 20ms on local VPN connections.

On longer-distance connections, PIA performed worse than ExpressVPN with our ping reaching 117ms on PIA’s Sri Lankan server (via Singapore). Despite this, gameplay was consistently smooth and free from lag.

PIA hasn’t got the best server coverage either. You can only connect to Singapore directly or connect to Sri Lanka via Singapore.

4. Proton VPN: Best VPN for Secure Matchmaking

Proton VPN provides an advanced suite of security features, keeping your connection safe in online matches.

Pros Cons
Open-source and audited apps Higher ping than ExpressVPN and NordVPN
Secure Core servers for enhanced security Operates some third-party servers
Serviceable ping times across all servers

Overall PUBG Rating: 8.2/10

This overall score is based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our PUBG VPN testing methodology.

Average PUBG Ping Time: 7.0/107.0

PUBG Server Locations: 8.0/108.0

Privacy & Logging Policy: 9.5/109.5

Additional PUBG Features: 10/1010

Proton VPN goes above and beyond to keep your online connection secure. The service uses open-source apps and trusted AES-256 encryption.

You can route your connection through Proton VPN’s ‘Secure Core Servers’ for added security. This sends your traffic through a second VPN server, protecting against malicious online attacks and ensuring your personal IP address remains private.

This creates a Double VPN connection which can increase your ping due to the added ‘bounces’ to the gaming server and back.

Playing PUBG Mobile while connected to a Singapore Proton VPN server

A ping of 117ms won’t affect your gameplay, even in vehicles.

On nearby connections, Proton VPN stayed below the 20ms benchmark without any drop in quality. Connecting to the Singapore VPN server, resulted in a ping of 117ms.

We were able to play PUBG without any lag with this ping time, even when driving vehicles and playing on the highest graphics.

5. CyberGhost: Best PUBG VPN for Beginners

CyberGhost supports an impressive server network alongside easy-to-use mobile apps and a generous 45-day money-back guarantee.

Pros Cons
Multiple server options close to India iOS app doesn’t support OpenVPN
Easy-to-use, simple mobile apps Operates some third-party servers
No questions asked 45-day money-back guarantee
Cheap on multiple plans

Overall PUBG Rating: 7.6/10

This overall score is based on the following category ratings. To learn more, read our PUBG VPN testing methodology.

Average PUBG Ping Time: 6.5/106.5

PUBG Server Locations: 9.0/109.0

Privacy & Logging Policy: 8.6/108.6

Additional PUBG Features: 6.0/106.0

CyberGhost is a great option if you’re new to VPNs.

Its mobile apps use simple user interfaces with minimal extra features. You can also take advantage of its generous 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsure about purchasing the VPN service.

This guarantee only applies to subscription plans longer than six months, though. Refund requests are then processed within 5 to 10 working days with no questions asked.

If you need a cheap VPN for PUBG Mobile, CyberGhost is an excellent choice. At only $2.03 per month over three years, CyberGhost is one of the cheapest VPNs we’ve reviewed.

CyberGhost has an excellent spread of VPN servers covering 91 countries and 114 cities. This includes virtual servers in Pakistan and Sri Lanka which are routed via Singapore.

When connecting to a nearby CyberGhost server, our ping comfortably stayed below the lower limit of 20ms.

Playing PUBG Mobile while connected to a Singapore CyberGhost server

CyberGhost’s high ping didn’t affect our graphics or maneuverability.

Connecting to CyberGhost’s Singapore server caused a significant increase to 120ms. This is disappointing compared to other top VPNs but it didn’t noticeably impact our gameplay whatsoever.


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