World first kill of Kil’jaeden

World first kill of Kil’jaeden

European World of Warcraft guild SK Gaming has become the first in the world to kill Kil’jaeden – the final boss of the Sunwell Plateau raid dungeon, released in the Fury of the Sunwell update two months ago.

The feat, accomplished on Saturday, brings the second cycle of the game to a close. Blizzard will be adding no more major raid dungeons to WOW before next expansion Wrath of the Lich King is released, so Kil’jaeden represents the ultimate end boss of the Burning Crusade era.

It took three days from the gates to Kil’jaeden being opened on SK Gaming’s server, Vek’nilash, to SK Gaming claiming the first kill. No US guild has yet downed the big boss of the Burning Legion, despite the gates being open a day longer Stateside. Go Europe!

SK Gaming’s achievement ends an impressive run by Nihilum, another European guild. Nihilum had previously been the first guild in the world to take down every end boss in WOW since C’Thun, god of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, two years ago.

For those who care, loot was Hammer of Sanctification, Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets, Cover of Ursol the Wise, Cover of Ursoc the Mighty and Hand of the Deceiver. SK Gaming used a line-up of one feral druid, three hunters, one mage, two paladins, four priests, three rogues, five shamans, four warlocks, and two warriors.

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