Tata Workers Union Election: General Secretary, two VPs among 56 elected unopposed 

Tata Workers Union Election: General Secretary, two VPs among 56 elected unopposed 




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Jamshedpur, Jan 25: In a surprising turn of events, the Tata Workers Union elections, has taken a dramatic twist. President Sanjeev Chaudhary Tunnu finds himself ensnared in an electoral whirlpool within his own department, as 56 committee members, including high-ranking officials like General Secretary Satish Singh, Vice President Shahnawaz Alam, Vice President Sanjeev Tiwari, and Assistant Secretary Ajay Chaudhary, have emerged unopposed.

The majority of these unopposed committee members align with Team Tunnu, indicating a significant consolidation of support within the union for the current leadership. The development has been openly embraced by Team Tunnu, further solidifying their stance.

However, the election narrative took an interesting turn when Mantosh Rai, a candidate from the Lime Plant Department under President Sanjeev Choudhary Tunnu, purchased a nomination paper. This move has added a layer of competition, with three candidates now vying for two seats in what was initially expected to be an uncontested victory for President Tunnu in the Lime Plant Department.

Notably, committee member Mr. Khalko, who previously supported President Tunnu, refrained from filing a nomination in favor this time, possibly to ensure a smooth, uncontested victory. Despite these efforts, Mantosh Rai’s last-minute entry has disrupted the established dynamics.

Adding a personal touch to the electoral saga, Mantosh Rai, accompanied by his wife, personally visited the Tata Workers Union to procure the nomination papers. The distribution of nomination papers took place on Thursday, and candidates have until Saturday to submit their nominations. The scrutiny of nomination papers will follow, leading to the declaration of elected unopposed candidates.

The list of unopposed candidates includes various individuals from different departments, such as Blast Furnace, Coke Plant, Sinter Plant, Aviation, Medical, Store, CRM, LD 2, LD 3, Capability Development (SNTI), HSM, ER & Services, Safety, Planning, R&D, Corporate, T&D, Engineering Services, EMS, FMD, Power House, and more.

Among the notable figures declared unopposed are former Vice President Shivesh Verma and former Assistant Secretary Dharmendra Upadhyay. The final list of candidates will be published on January 30, marking a crucial juncture in the Tata Workers Union elections and shaping the future leadership of the union.


Unopposed candidates for committee members:

Raju Mahato – A to F Blast Furnace

Rajesh Kumar Singh – Coke Plant

Deep Raj Rajak – Coke Plant

Sanjay Kumar Pandey – Coke Plant

Uday Kumar Jha – Coke Plant

Pramod Kumar Singh – Sinter Plant

Avinash Singh – Sinter Plant

Rakeysh Kumar Singh – Sinter Plant

Santosh Kumar Pandey – Sinter Plant

Shivesh Verma (Former Vice President) – Sinter Plant

Dilip Kumar – Aviation

S S Prasad – Medical

Umesh Kumar Singh – Store

Binod Kumar Singh – Store

Sandeep Behera – CRM

Saroj Pandey – CRM

Ajay Chaudhary (Assistant Secretary) – CRM

Barabalaji Bhagat – CRM

Barashyam Babu – LD 3

Shivaranjan Kumar – LD 3

Rajeev Kumar Chaudhary – Capability Development (SNTI)

Mohan Singh – HSM

Niranjan Mahapatra – HSM

Ajay Kumar Mishra – HSM

Rakeysh Kumar – HSM

Aamod Dubey – LD 2

Mangal Mahato – LD 2

Rajesh Kumar Jha – LD 2

Gurusharan Singh – LD 2

Shahnawaz Alam (Vice President) – LD 2

Dharmendra Upadhyay (Former Assistant Secretary) – LD 2

Subhash – LD 2

Sanjay Kumar Pandey – LD 2

Pradeep Sarkar – ER & Services

Santosh Kumar Singh – Safety

Vimal Kumar – Planning

Satish Kumar Singh (General Secretary) – New Bar Mill

O P Singh – R&D

Sanjay Kumar Pandey – Corporate

R K Singh (Former Assistant Secretary) – T&D

J S Singh – Safety

Bijendra Kumar Shah – Engineering Services

Rajkumar – EMS

Binod Thakur – EMS

Paritosh Kumar Singh – FMD

Praveen Kumar – FMD

Rakesh Kumar Singh – Power House 3

Dinesh Kumar – SMD

Subroto Sinha – RMM

Daddan Sharma – RMM

Sanjeev Tiwari (Vice President) – Blast Furnace

Dhananjay – Tube

Brajesh Kumar Singh – Tube

R R Singh – Tube

R P Dubey – RMM

Shamsher Alam – RMM



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