Review: Secure File Sharing Feature Protects Healthcare Collaboration

Review: Secure File Sharing Feature Protects Healthcare Collaboration

Patient care requires collaboration and information sharing between different departments or between primary care physicians and specialists. But protecting patient privacy and security is paramount, which can make file sharing a lot more difficult than attaching a health record to an email and pressing send.

Healthcare-related files can also be quite large, especially if they include items such as X-rays, MRI results or a complete medical history that might span years or even decades. The file sizes would likely get capped by the server; if they were allowed to go through, it might even outright crash the email system.

Now a standout feature of Webroot Email Message Privacy, secure file sharing was unified to address those challenges that can be found in healthcare. The newly merged Webroot solution offers secure file sharing using email channels along with an entire email security platform.

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Webroot Platform Offers New Integrations and HIPAA Compliance

In terms of file sharing, the Webroot platform works very much like the previous Zix version did. It can be added as an extension to an Outlook installation for users, or a dedicated web portal can also be set up.

Once in place, the platform lets healthcare workers send files or groups of files up to 100 gigabytes in size. The platform handles the transfer outside of normal email channels, so although users can easily send files using their email clients, they won’t actually bog down email servers.

With HIPAA compliance in mind, the platform also offers strong digital rights management options. This includes filters for specific regulations and the ability to add restrictions based on file type or the kind of information the files contain. Advanced options even let administrators restrict mail forwarding, limit viewing time or recall documents after they have been shared.


Sure and Secure File Sharing for Healthcare

After incorporation with the Webroot platform, file sharing has gotten even safer. Information sent using the platform is fully encrypted using policy-based, bidirectional Transport Layer Security with secure failover. Anyone who manages to intercept the file transfer will not be able to read or unencrypt any of the information.

The platform even acts as a backup for email systems, archiving up to 30 days of emails and allowing administrators or authorized users to access it even if the main email server is down. Organizations looking to back up their email without having to purchase dedicated backup systems could use the Webroot platform without incurring additional hardware expenses. It also could be used as a backup to the backup, offering redundancy for email systems critical to hospital operations or patient health.

Finally, a dashboard offers administrators or auditors detailed reports on how the system is being used and proof of compliance with all relevant regulations, laws and requirements.

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Product Type: Secure file-sharing application and email security platform
Works with: Outlook email extension or dedicated web portal
Maximum File Size Transfer: 100GB
Encryption Method: Policy-based, bidirectional TLS with secure failover
Additional Features: E-signature collection and validation, administrator usage and compliance reports

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