Adam Silver admits Lakers ‘opted out’ of co-hosting 2026 All-Star Game with Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are set to be the home of NBA All-Star Weekend for 2026. Steve Ballmer was happy to announce that they will host it at Inglewood’s Intuit Dome. However, the annual event is always held per city which means that the Los Angeles Lakers could have an opportunity to also invest their time and resources in helping the other team near them. Adam Silver outlined that this was possible but Jeanie Buss‘ team opted out, via Law Murray of The Athletic.

“There were other events booked at Crypto. So, they opted not to be part of this All-Star experience. I’m sure, at the end of the day, there are things that the Lakers will be doing to host events over the course of the All-Star week. The Lakers will find ways. Also, using their huge fanbase to directly connect with the NBA All-Star activities here in 2026,” Adam Silver said about the decision.

There is still no certainty whether or not Jeanie Buss’ Lakers will co-host some events with the Clippers. Nonetheless, Steve Ballmer’s team is ready to host. They are also ecstatic to get everyone in the NBA fanbases to come around their venue two years from now.

Although, they have to take care of the opening of Intuit Dome first. It will be open for events in August of 2024 which is right in time for the next NBA season.

Lakers-Clippers’ shared NBA All-Star history

Both teams from Los Angeles have shared a lot of things together. They have been in the same arena for a period of time and even share some of their fans. One thing that was a staple in all of this was the fact that they also shared hosting duties for NBA All-Star weekend. The Lakers and Clippers co-hosted three weekends together. Particularly, they did the ones for 2004, 2011, and 2018.

Now, this event seems to only be hosted by Ballmer’s Clippers. It is still up to question whether or not the Lakers will be of assistance in logistics or any other department in the lead-up and preparation for 2026. However, it could also mean an end to this shared history together.

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