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If you’re eager to get started in VPS hosting but prefer to pay month-to-month, InterServer might be the best VPS solution for you. Along with most top VPS providers, InterServer gives you complete control over your website, including root access. Unlike other solutions, with InterServer you get to choose the exact level of CPU cores, memory, storage and file transfer capacity you want.

Pricing varies depending on your resource needs and whether you go with Linux or Windows VPS hosting. InterServer calls its plans “slices,” and there are 16 slices available for Linux VPS, Storage VPS and Windows VPS.

You can get started with Linux VPS hosting for as little as £4.58 ($6) per month; that starter slice comes with one CPU core, 2GB of RAM, 30GB of storage and 2TB file transfer capacity. You’ll pay £7.64 ($10) per month for the same resources with Windows VPS. Scale up or down by adding or removing slices at any time. Slices top out at £73.35 ($96) per month for Linux and £122.25 ($160) per month for Windows.

The starting price for Storage VPS with InterServer is £4.58 ($6) per month and scales up to £73.35 ($96) per month. CPU cores range from one to 16 cores, RAM from 2GB to 32.8GB, storage from 1TB to 16TB and file transfer speeds from 2TB to 32TB.

InterServer offers DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk control panels for easy VPS management and monitoring. You’ll pay a license fee ranging from £6.11 ($8) to £34.38 ($45) per month for most control panels.

*Converted on the 17 July 2023

Who should use it:

If you want to get started with VPS hosting but prefer to pay month-to-month, InterServer offers reliable and affordable options that will likely suit your specific resource needs.


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