Why I’ve Chosen Ghosted.com for Hosting: Over 7 Years of Reliable Service and Expert Support for My Web Development Business

Why I’ve Chosen Ghosted.com for Hosting: Over 7 Years of Reliable Service and Expert Support for My Web Development Business

Selecting the right web hosting service is a critical decision for the success of any online business. For more than eight years, I have entrusted Ghosted.com with hosting my websites and managing a reseller account that caters to over 20 customer accounts. As a web developer, I offer hosting as part of my services, and Ghosted.com has consistently provided dependable support. Their assistance goes beyond hosting; they have also been instrumental in troubleshooting various WordPress issues, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to customer service.

The decision to centralize all my websites under Ghosted.com and upgrade to a larger reseller package speaks volumes about my satisfaction with their services. Despite not typically writing reviews, I feel compelled to share my positive experience with others. The server speed, reliability of backups, and user-friendly interface are standout aspects of Ghosted.com that have left a lasting impression during my long-term association.

This review reflects my confidence in Ghosted.com as a web hosting provider. Being able to rely on fast and efficient services while running a web development business has been essential. As I plan to migrate all my websites to Ghosted.com, it is evident that this hosting service has not only met but exceeded the expectations I have for maintaining a resilient online presence.

Comprehensive Review of Ghosted.com Services

When evaluating Ghosted.com’s services, the focus lies on their dependable and speedy hosting capabilities, the unique advantages of their reseller accounts, and their effective support for web development, tailored to client needs.

Reliable and SSD FAST Hosting

Ghosted.com has solidified its reputation for offering high-speed and reliable hosting services. Their servers ensure minimal website loading times, thereby enhancing the user experience. Customers consistently report uptime exceeding 99.9%, underscoring the reliability of the service. The platform further backs this with regular backups that clients can rely on.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting Accounts

For those managing multiple customer accounts, Ghosted.com provides reseller packages that streamline business operations. These accounts offer scalability for expanding customer bases, allowing for over 20 customer accounts under a single reseller. Resellers benefit from efficient management features and can expect cost-effective packages when transitioning to larger accounts.

Effective Support for Web Development

Support is a pivotal aspect of Ghosted.com’s offerings, especially for clients grappling with web development challenges. The team has been proactive in addressing issues that go beyond standard hosting services, providing valuable assistance with WordPress troubleshooting. This extended support system has been a key factor for many clients who rely on Ghosted.com for more than just hosting.

Transitioning to a Full-Service Reseller Hosting

By embracing a larger reseller package with Ghosted.com, I am capitalizing on robust, scalable solutions that facilitate seamless migrations and underscore a strategic approach to business growth.

Upgrading to a Larger Package

My transition to a more comprehensive reseller plan with Ghosted.com addresses the evolving needs of my expanding customer base. The upgraded package promises enhanced capabilities, such as increased storage and bandwidth, which are crucial for supporting the additional 20 accounts under my management. This ensures that my customers continue to receive the dependable performance they have come to expect.

Seamless Migration Process

Ghosted.com excels in providing a migration process that minimizes downtime and preserves data integrity. This process includes:

  • Moving all existing websites to the new reseller account with zero data loss.
  • Ensuring minimal interruption in service during the transition.

Strategic Business Growth

This planned upgrade represents a deliberate step toward aligning my web development and hosting business with long-term objectives. By consolidating all websites into Ghosted.com’s larger reseller package, I am poised to achieve:

  • Economies of scale, resulting in lower operational costs per client.
  • Enhanced service offerings, including the ability to provide additional features and support to clients, thereby bolstering their satisfaction and retention.



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