VPS Malaysia as an affordable and effective tool for companies

VPS Malaysia as an affordable and effective tool for companies

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In 2012, Kon Jew Chung struggled to find an affordable VPS provider for his projects, and he knew from his experience that things didn’t have to be so costly.

Did you know: A VPS—or virtual private server—is a virtual machine that provides virtualised server resources on a physical server that is shared with other users. 

Think of a VPS server like reserving a private room at a restaurant to celebrate an event like your birthday. Instead of eating at a table in the restaurant with other patrons (shared server), you can enjoy a separate and more reliable dining experience in a private space that can be customised to your needs.

So, he created his own, called VPS Malaysia.

VPS Malaysia’s affordability and quality services quickly gained traction in the market, and by 2023, it served over 30,000 companies in at least 71 countries.

To showcase VPS Malaysia’s impact, we interviewed users benefiting from its Forex VPS and Linux VPS services.

Providing a smooth forex trading ground

The forex market is highly volatile. A delay or lag in the network could result in the shift of a desirable rate.

Experienced forex traders often opt for fast networks with low latency, ideal routes, and stable servers to run their trades.

When opening or closing a trade, a forex VPS can provide traders with near-instantaneous executions. The communications between the forex VPS and the broker are routed through private networks, ensuring no packet loss and minimal delay during transmission.

Did you know: Packets are small units of data transmitted over a network from a particular source to a destination. Packet loss occurs when a network packet fails to reach its expected destination, resulting in information loss.


Understanding such demands, VPS Malaysia strategically located their Forex VPS servers in Amsterdam, New York, and Malaysia, which are close to major stock exchanges.

This can be seen through RONIN47 EA FX’s experience using VPS Malaysia’s Forex VPS since 2017. Founded by Azlan, the platform offers robo-advisor forex trading and has managed about 400 MT4 accounts to date.

Did you know: MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by speculative traders for online retail foreign exchange.

Image Credit: RONIN47 EA FX

Azlan needs to rely on a VPS service that can provide 99.9% SLA (service level agreement) guaranteed uptime to be capable of executing rapid trades. 

By leveraging VPS Malaysia’s services, Azlan can trust in the stability of his trading platform without the need for continuous monitoring. This streamlined approach reduces the menial tasks for his team, enabling them to concentrate on safeguarding the welfare of their customers’ accounts.

Azlan also commended VPS Malaysia’s 24/7 support team for promptly addressing technical issues with their VPS service, highlighting their reliable expertise and quick responsiveness.

Prioritising computational power through its CPU and RAM

Furthermore, VPS Malaysia provides high-performance servers vital for handling peak traffic demands. They achieve this by meticulously choosing optimal ECC REG RAM and Intel Xeon frequencies that align with CPU models. 

This ensures reliable performance, enhancing both user experience and application speed.

VPS Malaysia’s 7% performance gap between the lowest and highest ECC REG RAM frequencies underscores the real-world benefits of choosing higher RAM. 

This decision can affect website load speed and database query efficiency. It’s particularly advantageous for forex traders aiming to reduce latency and for ecommerce websites ensuring high uptimes, especially during promotional campaigns.

Image Credit: VPS Malaysia

Meanwhile, VPS Malaysia ensures smooth operation for hosted services and applications with its Intel Xeon CPU providing computational power. Emphasising raw power efficiency helps prevent server overloads, a common issue for ecommerce sites during peak seasons.

The team believes that this approach differs from industry standards, where CPU selection typically prioritises performance-per-watt for cost-effective hosting. 

“Focusing on raw performance, our CPUs are chosen based on capabilities, even if they are more power-hungry and come at a higher cost,” they explained. “Our goal is to deliver blazing-fast and reliable services, ensuring our clients’ hosted applications run smoothly.”

Offering a stable and reliable cloud connection

Image Credit: Unsplash

Ishman Izhar uses VPS Malaysia’s Linux VPS for his venture of creating a cloud CRM (customer relationship management) platform, aimed at helping agents better manage their clients.

Linux VPS and Windows VPS are cost-effective solutions for hosting websites, applications, and services while ensuring resource isolation and efficient management, fitting the needs of software developers.

The scalability of the system allows users to upgrade plans to match their growth.

This is because efficient management coupled with intelligent resource isolation allows software developers to freely implement updates and host cloud-native applications.

The VPS service offers complete root access for clients. That means clients have complete control of the virtual environment.

Ishmar also finds that VPS Malaysia’s Linux VPS provides him with ample resources. The RAID 10 SSD allows Ishmar to guarantee the safety of his data by reducing drive failure rates, whilst benefiting from its fast speeds.

Did you know: RAID 10 SSD is a way of setting up a storage system using fast SSDs where your data is both duplicated for safety and split for speed, giving you a good balance of performance and reliability.

Image Credit: VPS Malaysia

Both Ishmar and Azlan are just two of VPS Malaysia’s clients benefiting from its services. VPS Malaysia also serves users across the fields of data science, ecommerce, and application hosting.

Ensuring scalability, performance, and security for SMEs

Ultimately, using a VPS offers businesses scalability, ensured performance, and security that can be crucial for those anticipating growth or facing fluctuating traffic patterns.

This ensures that enough resources can be allocated to the system, providing a smoother user experience.

That said, VPS Malaysia understands that businesses may lack the technical know-how to implement advanced IT infrastructure. To address this, their customer support offers tailored advice, ensuring even clients with limited IT expertise can effectively benefit from VPS services.

Despite their commitment to top-notch RAM and CPU options, VPS Malaysia maintains hosting solutions at prices similar to the market average. Essentially, you’ll receive a high-performance server at a rate that’s value for your money.

“This approach aligns with our high price-performance positioning. We aim to deliver the best possible performance without burning a hole in our customer’s pocket,” they emphasised.

Additionally, the team at VPS Malaysia is consistently investing in state-of-the-art technology, regularly updating their offerings to meet evolving client needs.

“This commitment extends to the development of improved plans, pricing models, and special promotions designed to appeal to a global audience,” added its founder.

To showcase this dedication, VPS Malaysia is launching their free cloud hosting beta test, now open for signups and limited to the first 100 customers.

Image Credit: VPS Malaysia

Participants in the beta test will get the opportunity to gain firsthand experience with the new features offered. This allows users to test out the latest in cloud hosting technology and contribute to its refinement and improvement.

As for VPS Malaysia’s regular plans, here’s a breakdown of their features:

Forex VPS (Standard) Linux VPS (Basic) Windows VPS (Basic)
2 Cores vCPU 1 Core vCPU
50 GB SSD Disk 40 GB SSD Disk 30 GB SSD Disk
1 Gbps Bandwidth 2 TB Data Transfer
Unlimited MT4/5Pre-installed MT4/5 100 Mbps Bandwidth
Multiple DevicesUnlimited Users VPS Control Panel
1 Dedicated IP
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