Top 10 web hosting companies in Kenya

Top 10 web hosting companies in Kenya

The Internet has been the greatest transformation in media since radio and television and currently is powered by over one billion websites. The concept of the internet came almost three decades before web hosting services came into being in 1991 borne out of the idea of networking. The National Science Foundation (NSF) a body based in Virginia, United States decided to lift commercial restrictions on the web in 1991, and with the birth of electronic commerce, many companies anticipated a bright future in web hosting services.

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In the same year, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN ) released the world wide web(www) onto the world, which included Tim Berner-Lee’s new HTML computer Language. HTML acronym stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and uses specifications for Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). This eventually became the universal standard for locating websites addresses.

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As technology is advancing Website hosting, has become affordable and much less sophisticated than the initial stages when it began. It started when big companies decided to rent out extra space on their servers and have now transformed into big business in itself. There are scores of companies that offer web hosting at the moment. This can be attributed to the increasing trend of online shopping and e-businesses.

What to Look for in Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies in Kenya have registered an upsurge due to the rate at which small businesses are signing up for web hosting services. This is also because Kenya has invested heavily in ICT proper infrastructure coupled with active domain registries that are also provided by web hosting companies in Kenya. A domain is a particular name which identifies an internet site, and it contributes to promoting an organization including the brand.

A business should ensure that they research to select the right web hosting company which can reach their audience and will generate revenue. It is, therefore, important to have a checklist to help you identify the web hosting company to associate with as suggested below.

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1. Joining fee versus Renewal fee

Competition has brought the prices down so you might get a discount for joining but down the line, the renewal fee might be higher. More important is the quality of service they offer.

2. Refund Policy

Read the terms of service thoroughly before doing business with the company this is because some would even charge you cancellation fee during the trial period. Avoid dealing with such companies to avoid being inconvenienced.

3. Technical Support

There should be a technical department readily available 24/7 to assist whenever the need arises.

4. Disk Space

Factor in the space needed for the website, this depends on aspects such as graphics, databases etc., that needs to be included. Consider Bandwidth which is attributed to the visitors to one’s space and the number of downloads of graphics and features that occur during visits.

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5. Add on Domains

Top web hosting companies in Kenya offer additional add-on domain for a single hosting account. Depending on the add-on domain in one’s current hosting plan then a purchase of an equal or greater hosting package specifications is recommended to meet the add-on domains.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

6. Back up plan

In case you’ve lost your content suddenly deleting the files find out from the web hosting company what their backup plan contains. Some charge customers an extra fee to recover the backup and this could be after the hosting account period expires.

7. Downtime

Any businessman would not tolerate their website to be down for a minute since a few seconds serve downtime could cost hundreds of shillings lost in revenue. To counter this use the various server testing tools that offer a free trial account to check the preferred web hosting company to rate their uptime score.

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8. Reviews

Check for review sites of the best web hosting companies in Kenya that permit users to share personal experience using the service and also editorial recommendations for your preferred choice.

9. Hardware in use

The kind of hardware in use could either make or break the web hosting service provider’s performance and by extension your website. Research on the kind of machines in use to ascertain whether state of the art machines are in use or not.

10. Terms and Conditions

It is important to read the terms and conditions spelt out since this can help you avoid possible legal action against you and knowing the use of products and services being purchased.

Top web hosting companies in Kenya also provide shared hosting which is basically a less expensive web hosting installation where several parties share one web server to host their websites on a server firmly. This refers to the resources of shared server mainly bandwidth, database, space, FTP accounts and emails shared by the number of websites hosted by that specific server. Most web hosting providers in Kenya offer domain, registration, email hosting services. The biggest advantage of shared hosting is the cost factor since it is offered at unusually and affordable rate simply because of the mentioned resources above they also share the computer processor, memory and maintenance costs of the server. On the flip side the disadvantage of shared hosting is the security challenges that the server faces that are susceptible to hacking attacks and any activity that the server experience affects the entire network of websites using the server. Reseller hosting is another service provided by web hosting providers where the companies provided with web hosting services can act as web hosts for other businesses. In other words, the reseller purchases hosting services wholesale and sells to customers.

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List of Top 10 Webhosting companies in Kenya according to Alexa Ranking Feb 2018

Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

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  1. Sasa Host
  2. Bitsimba
  3. Hostbora
  4. True Host Kenya
  5. Kenya Web
  6. Host Yetu
  7. Lenasi
  9. Movetech Solutions
  10. Naisoft

Technology, as we know, is advancing at a fast pace, progressing computers and the internet. With every new development, there are bound to change towards the way business of website hosting is packaged to suit the customer needs. It doesn’t matter how noble the idea is, product or service that you are trying to market; it becomes difficult to succeed without leveraging the influence of the internet and social media. As a company in the 21st century, you need to have an online presence where you can market your products and services including attention they deserve to be competitive. This is where web hosting services play the main role.

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