Namecheap Hosting Review- Known For Domains, What About Web Hosts?

Namecheap Hosting Review- Known For Domains, What About Web Hosts?

If you are looking for a web hosting solution that does not pinch your pocket a lot, you will find this Namecheap hosting review worth reading.

Namecheap is an immensely popular name in domain names. No matter what type of website you are looking to build, you must require a domain name and a web host.

That’s the reason, most hosting companies offer domain registries along with different types of hosting plans.

In this article, you will come to know about a popular name in the segment Namecheap. Even though the name is widely associated with website names, it also offers some less expensive hosting plans. So, if you are looking for web hosting along with a reputed hosting provider, you can read this review of Namecheap.

Ok, let’s not make it monotonous and get started with the article,

What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is primarily known for registering domain names for most people. The company manifested itself as a domain registrar in 2000, with the aim to offer customers the best domains at great pricing.

By that time, they brought various hosting solutions, website security tools, managed WordPress hosting services, and more on Namecheap.

The company has employees in over 18 countries all across the globe. The company claims to manage over 16 million plus domains on its network. According to a rating on the basis of 2 million people on their platform, Namecheap has given a 4.7 customer satisfaction rating out of 5.

However, now let’s come to,

Namecheap hosting solutions:

Namecheap offers to host solutions for all purposes. Such as,

  • Shared.
  • VPS.
  • Dedicated.
  • Managed WordPress.
  • Reseller.
  • Email Hosting.

Namecheap shared hosting:

If you have a tight budget on hosting, or just trying your hands on the internet, shared hosting is right for you.

Namecheap offers three shared hosting plans for users.

  • Stellar.
  • Stellar Plus.
  • Stellar Business.


The stellar plan is only for strictly newbies. This plan offers only entry-level features and functionalities. It offers.

  • 3 website hosting.
  • 20GB SSD storage.
  • 30 Domain-Based Mailboxes.


When you choose the yearly plan, the Stellar plan costs you $2.15 per month. The total cost is $25.88. 

Stellar Plus:

This plan offers relatively higher features and functionalities. According to Namecheap, this shared hosting plan is the most popular.

It offers features such as,

  •   Unlimited website hosting.
  •   Unmetered SSD storage.
  •   Unlimited Domain-Based emails.
  •   Auto backups.


This plan starts at $2.98 per month and you need to pay$34.88 at once as a yearly package.

Stellar Business:

If you are looking for higher resources in shared hosting, you can choose the Stellar Business plan. It has features such as,

  •   Unlimited website hosting.
  •   50GB website hosting.
  •   Unlimited Domain-based Mailboxes.
  •   Auto backups and cloud storage.


As the plan offers much higher specs, it will cost quite a bit higher. This plan costs a little less than double the Stellar Plus plan.

You can avail of the plan at $4.98 per month when paying annually.

All the shared hosting plans include features such as,

  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • CDN.
  • Free website builder.
  • The domain name and privacy protection.
  • Free Automatic SSL installation.
  • Free 24 hours website migration.

Now let’s come to the VPS section that offers more flexibility, security, and of course privacy. VPS stands for virtual private servers. Most people start their journey in the field with shared hosting and if their endeavor brings success, they usually move from shared hosting to VPS hosting. VPS web hostings are not as expensive as dedicated servers but offer much more than a  shared web host.

However, moving forward,

Namecheap VPS hosting:

Namecheap has three different VPS hosting plans.

  • Pulsar.
  • Quasar.
  • Magneter.


If you are looking for the cheapest VPS hosting solution in Namecheap, Pulsar is for you. The features you get such as,

  • 2 CPU cores.
  • 2 GB RAM.
  • 40GB SSD RAID 10.
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth.


The Pulsar plan starts at $ 6.88 per month when you pay yearly. That means you have to pay $82.56 at once.


Quasar is the most popular VPS hosting plan in Namecheap VPS hosting lineup. It offers,

  • 4 CPU cores.
  • 6GB of RAM.
  • 120GB SSD RAID 10 storage.
  • 3000 GB bandwidth.

V P S Hosting Plans In Namecheap


The Quasar plan costs $12.88 per month when you buy it for 12 months. That costs you $ 154.56.

Now, the highest VPS hosting plan,


The Magneter plan offers you the most features and performance for your websites. Let’s look at the features,

  • 8CPU cores.
  • 12 GB of RAM.
  • 120GB of SSD RAID 10 storage.
  • 6000GB bandwidth.


The Magneter plan price starts at $ 24.88 per month. You can get this discounted price if you pay $298.56 at once which is the yearly cost.

However, Namecheap offers some common features that come with all VPS hosting plans. Such as,

  • Full root access and options to select the operating system as per your preference.
  • High-level security.
  • Free website transfers to Namecheap.
  • Complete flexibility and control.

However, let’s come to the dedicated part. Dedicated hosting is the whole server where all the shared and VPS hostings are located. The shared and VPS hosting get their resources from a whole server. That means multiple websites are hosted from a single server. But when you choose a dedicated server, you are the boss.

Let’s check out,

Dedicated hosting in Namecheap:

According to the resources, Namecheap offers servers according to the levels. They have three levels. Such as

  • Entry Level.
  • Medium Level.
  • Advanced level.

According to your needs of resources, traffic, and usage, you get a wide range of servers to choose from. You can filter the servers according to, 

Now, let’s come to the WordPress section. Nowadays, most companies offer dedicated hosting for WordPress websites and Namecheap is no exception either.

Namecheap WordPress hosting:

Namecheap offers three WordPress website hosting plans.

  • EasyWP Starter.
  • EasyWP Turbo.
  • EasyWP Supersonic.

EasyEP Starter:

If you are going to kick-start your first-ever WordPress website, this plan is right for you.

Features you get with this plan are,

  • 10GB SSD storage.
  • 50k monthly visitors.


When you choose the yearly plan, the plan costs you 14.88 per month.

EasyWP Turbo:

If your website gets popular and starts receiving visitors into it, you will require higher resources and performance. Then you can choose this EasyWP Turbo plan for you. This plan offers,

  • 50GB SSD storage.
  • Can handle 200k monthly visitors.
  • 1.5X more CPU and RAM.
  • Free CDN.
  • Free SSL.


EasyWP Turbo plan costs $28.88 per month.

Namecheap Managed Word Press Hosting Solution

EasyWP Supersonic:

If your requirement is quite big, have a big website where you are getting a good amount of traffic, If you already have a business and you are looking to scale it up, then this plan is suitable for you. This plan offers,

  • 100GB SSD storage.
  • Can handle up to 500k visitors a month.
  • 2X more CPU and RAM.
  • 99.99% website uptime guarantee.
  • Free CDN and SSL certificate.

 Let’s come to another part.

Namecheap reseller hosting:

Reseller hosting is nothing but hosting that you can rent to your customers pretending yourself as a hosting service provider. People who have deep knowledge of hosting, especially technical knowledge, can resell hosting to customers. That is a very lucrative business model by which you can make a handful of cash easily. However, many hosting companies offer to host to resell. By opting for reseller hosting you get additional tools, white-label branding, and many more. Namecheap offers three reseller hosting packages.

  • Nebula.
  • Galaxy Expert.
  • Universe Pro.


This is the starting reseller hosting plan in Namecheap which offers,

  • cPanel accounts.
  • GB SSD storage.


This hosting plan costs $19.88 per month.

Galaxy Export:

This plan is the next plan in the reseller hosting segment and is also popular. Galaxy Export offers

  •  100cPanel accounts.
  • 90GB SSD storage.


This reseller hosting plan costs $39.88 per month.

Explore Reseller Web Hosting Solution In Namecheap

Universe Pro:

The Universe Pro plan is the most expensive reseller hosting plan in Namecheap which offers,

  • 150 cPanel accounts.
  • 150GB SSD storage.


You can get this plan at $58.88 per month.

These are the hosting solutions in Namecheap. However, you get email hosting too which is also very affordable and comes with all the necessary features and benefits.


Namecheap offers quite an affordable web hosting solution compared to others companies. They offer industry-leading uptime, advanced security, and performance. So, if you are looking for a reliable hosting solution in affordable cost, you can choose Namecheap web hosting.

Thanks for reading. Explore more web hosting-related articles,

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