Fincantieri Marine Group hit by cyberattack impacting computer systems

  • A cybersecurity incident has disrupted email and some networked computer operations and Fincantieri Marinette Marine Group.
  • Company is working with federal agencies to investigate incident while it works to restore full functionality to affected systems.
  • Company said no indication employees personal information was compromised by incident.

MARINETTE – A cybersecurity attack last week has disrupted computer systems at commercial and defense shipbuilder Fincantieri Marine Group.

The company on Thursday acknowledged the incident in a statement to the Green Bay Press-Gazette but did not provide details about the type of attack that occurred. The statement indicated the company’s email server and some network operations remain off-line and that it is working with federal agencies and partners to investigate the incident.

“Fincantieri Marine Group experienced a cybersecurity incident last week that is causing a temporary disruption to certain computer systems on its network. The company’s network security officials immediately isolated systems and reported the incident to relevant agencies and partners,” the company statement said. “Fincantieri brought in additional resources to investigate the incident and to restore full functionality to the affected systems as quickly as possible.”

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