5 Popular Reseller Hosting Myths Debunked

Running a web hosting business is a challenging job. Fortunately, reselling hosting comes into play, lifting all the load off your shoulders. With this option, you can resell the services of an established web host to your end users while giving the impression that you are a genuine web hosting firm.

Yet, before deciding to become a reseller, you should first explore the industry. Then, you can read more and research how to offer the best reseller web hosting services.

Yet, unfortunately, the reseller-hosting industry is surrounded by many myths and unanswered questions. So, for you, we will debunk and burn them to the ground so you can take part in one of the most successful online businesses. Let’s start!

Becoming a Reseller is Tough

Becoming a web hosting reseller may initially seem intimidating, but it’s the best option to launch your own web hosting company. Starting your web hosting business from the beginning might be challenging, but you don’t have to be concerned about these risks with reseller hosting.

In reseller hosting, the hosting provider takes full accountability for purchasing hardware, constructing an infrastructure, hiring personnel, etc. That takes a huge weight off you because you merely rent a server or a portion of it, set the packages and prices, and charge customers for the resources.

Becoming a reseller for you means all you have to do is serve as a middleman between the primary hosting provider and the hosting seekers. That isn’t a complex process, as many think.

Technical Knowledge is a Must

Many people believe that you must be an expert to resell hosting. But that’s not particularly true. All you need to start a web hosting business is a basic understanding of the server architecture, fundamental server settings, and RAM provided by the company.

Of course, you don’t need to know the finer details, such as how your drive spins. It is enough to understand the various drive kinds, the storage space required for a simple website, and the different web hosting services you are to sell.

Furthermore, a high level of knowledge won’t be requested from you. Even if a customer barrages you with requests for information regarding the strategy and how it will operate, you can just ask the host to respond.

It’s a Competitive Sector with Low Profits

One of the widespread misunderstandings about reseller hosting is that it is challenging to succeed as a hosting reseller in a competitive environment. In addition, there are so many web hosting companies on the market that might discourage you from starting your hosting business.

On the other hand, as more companies establish an online presence, there is a greater need and demand for hosting companies. This opens your path to making a profit mainly because these smaller companies demand specialized web hosting services that big hosting firms can’t provide.

As a result, this existing myth is untrue. You can become a successful hosting reseller and turn a profit if you develop original hosting solutions and offer committed support.

You Can’t Build a Brand of Your Own

Another common myth is that once customers find out you are a reseller, they will cease using your reseller hosting services. Meanwhile, you’ll have virtually little chance of obtaining consumers since people prefer direct business-to-business relationships.

That’s untrue because you grow your brand separately from your hosting provider.

In reality, web hosts allow resellers to market their services independently as hosting providers while maintaining complete anonymity from the actual hosting business using a feature named ‘’white label’’.

Customer Support Is a Challenge

As a reseller, you must technically assist and support your clients, and technical support is a crucial challenge you should handle alone. But, yet again, this is totally untrue. Another misconception crossed off the list of many. Offering your customers support will not pose a challenge for you.

On the contrary, your hosting provider must offer support staff to deal with server setup issues, service updates, reboot issues, and more. You may contact them for any technical issues concerning your clients. Just make sure your hosting provider provides technical support for reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting makes it simple and affordable for people to launch their web hosting business. So, you must eliminate all misunderstandings and myths about reseller hosting.

Most tasks, including server management, security upgrades, and customer support, are handled by your chosen hosting provider company. That leaves you concentrated on expanding your web hosting reseller business. Yet, keep in mind that picking a trustworthy host is essential, as not all reseller web hosting companies are made equal!


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