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Bare Metal Email emerges as a formidable Outlook alternative, challenging the status quo and ushering in a new era of professionalism and reliability. BME presents a compelling case for businesses seeking unparalleled performance, mastering deliverability, service, and support. But how does it compare to Outlook?

Bare Metal Email stands out in several ways compared to Outlook. Firstly, it excels in email deliverability by assigning dedicated IP addresses to each customer, thereby enhancing the likelihood of emails reaching their intended recipients. The concept of an email server with a dedicated IP address lies at the heart of Bare Metal Email’s proposition. This unique offering ensures that the IP of your emails is exclusively yours, safeguarding your reputation from the pitfalls of shared IPs. In an era where shared IP addresses can compromise deliverability, the exclusive IP feature offers a strategic advantage and distinct value. On the other hand, Outlook shares IP addresses with other users, which can result in lower deliverability rates.

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Additionally, Bare Metal Email offers a warmup service for new accounts, a crucial tool for establishing trust with email servers and improving deliverability, while Outlook lacks this service, potentially causing new accounts to face lower initial deliverability rates.

Furthermore, Bare Metal Email provides superior value per inbox with its comprehensive feature set, including custom email domains, advanced spam filtering, and email archiving, surpassing what Outlook offers. Bare Metal Email provides a streamlined approach with one simple low price, delivering unlimited inboxes, unlimited email sending, and an unlimited subscriber base. This simplicity contrasts starkly with the intricate pricing models of traditional providers, offering clarity in email service expenses. Boasting impressive bandwidth, Bare Metal Email allows for up to 150 free inboxes and addresses that users have access to forever. Simplifying each step with ease, the platform does the work for you, employing skilled and distinguished engineers to handle your business and personal email account integrations. 

When it comes to support, Bare Metal Email offers dedicated assistance to its customers, ensuring prompt help with email issues. In contrast, Outlook provides general support for all its products, potentially resulting in longer response times.

Beyond these advantages, Bare Metal Email boasts additional exclusive features. One is its refusal to allow blacklisting to occur. Bare Metal Email is one of the few in the space deliberately checking and monitoring spam for ultimate protection and invaluable peace of mind. Crucially, Bare Metal Email takes a bold stand against shared IP models, maintaining the integrity of its IP ranges by swiftly addressing and removing any problematic senders. This commitment sets it apart from industry giants like Microsoft Outlook, making it a commendable contributor to heightened security. 

The core philosophy of Bare Metal Email revolves around the six layers of email deliverability: network, IP, domain, ESP, heuristic, and HTML. Understanding and controlling each layer forms the foundation of Bare Metal Email’s next-generation approach. 

Bare Metal Email’s dedication to clean networks is a game-changer. The company provides adept solutions to common hindrances competitors like Outlook face. In an industry grappling with forced 2-factor authentication, Bare Metal Email offers a more sophisticated approach to account security, rejecting the imposition of cumbersome security measures. It understands the unique needs of its clients, providing a level of service that transcends the norm.

Carving out an impactful presence in email advancement, Bare Metal Email envisions itself growing into even more of a powerhouse going forward. The company aims to position itself as the only serious Outlook alternative. Bare Metal Email stakes its claim on superior deliverability, service, and support from the moment you create your email and beyond. Establishing a sterling reputation, Bare Metal Email is the unrivaled alternative to Outlook for those demanding best-in-class deliverability.

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