Moving’s Lee Jung Ha and THE BOYZ’s Younghoon join NMIXX’s Sullyoon in new MC poster for Music Core

New hosts of MBC’s weekly music show ‘Show! Music Core’ are set to make their debut this week, ushering in their official tenure with the customary first performance. The updated main poster, unveiled on November 9, showcases the new trio of hosts Younghoon from THE BOYZ, Sullyoon from NMIXX, and actor Lee Jung Ha.

About the new additions to the MC line of the Show! Music Core

The recently unveiled poster on the 9th features the newcomers standing alongside the emblematic ‘Show! Music Core’ logo, striking a pose with a microphone to represent the show. Younghoon, who entered the K-pop scene as a sub-vocalist for THE BOYZ in December 2017, is adored by fans for his visual appeal that resembles a character straight out of a comic book.

Furthermore, actor Lee Jung Ha, who shared hosting duties on the program, recently portrayed the character Kim Bong Seok in the fantasy drama Moving, leaving an impression on viewers with his endearing and charming performance. Having debuted in a web drama in 2017, Lee Jung Ha has gained recognition and showcased his enthusiasm for K-pop, even participating in a past idol audition program.

The dynamic trio: THE BOYZ’s Younghoon, NMIXX’s Sullyoon, and Lee Jung Ha

Talking about being chosen as the new MCs of the Show! Music Core, Younghoon shared, “Taking on the role of a regular MC for Show! Music Coore fills me with excitement and nerves. I aim to embrace the tension and showcase my best self to both the audience and viewers. I see myself as the one responsible for brightening up K-pop fans’ Saturdays in the times ahead, and I’m determined to achieve that.”

Expressing his feelings, Lee Jung Ha stated, “Being the MC for Show! Music Core feels like a dream. Despite the nervousness and concerns, I’ll maintain a positive attitude and give it my all. Recognizing my shortcomings, I hope for your understanding and support as I embark on this journey.”

Sullyoon who previously worked alongside NCT’s Jungwoo and Stray Kids’ Lee Know as the MC conveyed, “I’m committed to putting in effort and approaching this opportunity as a chance to learn and grow. Anticipate a Sullyoon who continually evolves in the future. Fighting!”

Catch the special performance featuring current host Sullyoon and new hosts Younghoon and Lee Jung Ha on Show! Music Core on November 11. There’s anticipation to witness how Younghoon, blending striking visuals with skills, Sullyoon, with a gentle yet distinct voice, and Lee Jung Ha, making a return to the stage after six years since participating in a previous idol audition program, will resonate with fans.

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