Gamers urged to make two important ‘ping’ checks to instantly boost Wi-Fi speeds – say goodbye to buffering

GAMERS have been urged not to miss two important checks that ensure they have the right “ping” setup for online gaming.

Ping is an important thing for gamers to get right. Here’s why – and how you can fix it.


If the ping number is too high, players will experience lag and may even drop out of an online gaming server entirelyCredit: Alamy

Ping measures the time it takes for the signal to transmit from a computer or console to a server.

So, it’s very important for online gaming, across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles.

Measured in milliseconds, a ping rate over 150 milliseconds (ms) generates noticeable lag that impacts gameplay.

Professional gamers consider a ping rate under 50 ms to be ideal.

If the number is too high, players will undoubtedly experience lag and may even drop out of the online server entirely.

But how can gamers get the right ping levels?

Check your speeds

Well, according to Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions at Sky Broadband, the answer lies in how sturdy your Wi-Fi connection is.

He told The Sun: “First and foremost, ping will naturally be affected by the quality of your broadband package.

“You need to make sure you are getting the strongest connection for your gaming needs.”

Gamers should make sure whichever console they’re gaming on – or room they’re playing in – that it has an internet speed over 61Mbps, Bhatti explained.

This speed is “perfect for dedicated online and PC gamers,” he said.

Most network providers offer packages with these speeds.

But there’s all kinds of things that can interrupt a connection, such as thick walls or even mirrors.


Hardcore gamers should also consider hooking their console up to the ethernet.

The ethernet socket allows you to hard wire your gadgets right into the fibre cables.

“Aside from your package, if possible, you could consider using an ethernet cable to connect to your router,” Bhatti said, adding that it “will provide the best connection and help keep ping low.”

Sky isn’t the only network provider to encourage the use of an ethernet cable, it’s widely promoted across the industry.

To set it up, simply find the ethernet plug and insert one end of the ethernet cable into one of the yellow slows on the back of the Wi-Fi hub.

Next, insert the other end into your chosen device and watch the fast speeds flood in.

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