CVG Airport Testing New Solar-Powered System To Fulfil FAA’s 2023 Safety Standards

CVG Airport Testing New Solar-Powered System To Fulfil FAA’s 2023 Safety Standards

“CVG Airport is a city within a city and provides an ideal location to serve as the VPS testbed. Spanning across 7,700 acres, CVG has an unrelenting commitment to safety and has always been on the front end of Innovation and sustainability.”

Solar-Powered System 

A solar-powered wireless network called the Volan Positioning System, or VPS, monitors construction workers and their vehicles at airports using secure locators and beacons. If someone ventures too close to a runway or taxiway or outside of their designated area, the system notifies workers, escorts, and other airport officials.

Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer of CVG, added that:

“We’re optimistic that VPS will enable us to comply with FAA rules by improving our span of positive control, while at the same helping us save money by not requiring us to divert airport employees from other dues simply to monitor construction crews working near sensitive areas of the airport.”

Beginning in May 2023 and anticipated to last around six months, construction workers must wear a VPS locator the size of a badge on a lanyard anytime they enter their designated work area.

Additionally, construction trucks and equipment, such as bulldozers and forklifts, are equipped with locators. Every locator’s location is continuously tracked by VPS, which notifies employees, safety observers, and operations if someone approaches a prohibited area—such as an active runway—too closely or leaves their designated work zone.

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Michael Betua, CEO of Volan, said

“One of the ways VPS saves airports money is because they can use fewer people for construction safety monitoring while increasing security and safety,

It’s also incredibly easy and fast to set up; our technicians installed the entire system at CVG in hours, and it only took us thirty minutes to train the airport staff on how to use it.”

About Volan

With its main office in Hoboken, New Jersey, Volan Technology, Inc. developed the Volan Positioning System to assist airport managers in maintaining airport security, adhering to FAA regulations, and optimising financial resources.

VPS ensures that accompanied construction staff stay within authorised zones, enhancing airport officials’ positive control span and increasing safety and security.

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By automating a significant portion of the construction escort process, spotting operating inefficiencies, and offering useful data that promotes more energy-efficient buildings, VPS helps airports reduce expenses. Visit Volan to learn more about Volan and the various applications of VPS.

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