Atom Keylogger – The Budget Friendly Malware For Aspiring Cybercriminals

This article provides an overview of keyloggers, stealthy malware that records keystrokes and other user activity. It specifically looks at Atom Keylogger, an inexpensive and easy-to-use keylogging tool being sold on cybercrime forums.

Recent breaches like LastPass highlight the dangers of keyloggers. In the LastPass incident, a keylogger installed via a remote command execution (RCE) vulnerability allowed hackers to steal credentials and decrypt cloud storage data.

Keyloggers are malicious software programs that secretly monitor and record all keystrokes made by a computer user. This allows cybercriminals to steal sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal data.

Atom Keylogger is marketed as an affordable keylogging solution for novice hackers and criminals. It can record keystrokes, websites visited, chats and instant messages, emails, screenshots, and more.

atom logger overview
atom keylogger features

Atom Keylogger only costs around $15, making it appealing for criminals on a budget. It accepts payment through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for anonymity. The keylogger is being advertised and sold on underground cybercrime forums frequented by hackers and scammers.

underground forums

Conversations on these forums indicate Atom Keylogger is being used maliciously. With its low cost, ease of use, and stealthy capabilities, Atom Keylogger poses a real threat as a tool for cybercrime and identity theft. Keyloggers like Atom allow even unskilled criminals to easily steal sensitive information.

Organizations and individuals need effective security measures to detect and block such malware attacks. Despite the low entry price, cybercriminals are clearly satisfied with it as evidenced by the positive testimonials available in the sales thread.

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The Atom Keylogger Seller

We wanted to find out more about the user called ‘Ombra’ advertising Atom Keylogger on the cybercrime forum.

keylogger seller

‘Ombra’ has been active on this forum for over a decade. His profile states he owns two websites: RogueMarket and SharedServers.


RogueMarket seems to exclusively sell hacking tools and malware, including Atom Keylogger. The low pricing indicates an appeal towards budget-conscious criminals.

shared servers

SharedServers provides anonymous shared hosting with unlimited websites. This likely facilitates malware distribution and command-and-control centers.

Ombra forum threads

Actors such as ‘Ombra’ play an integral role as experienced middlemen, bridging malware developers and end-users in the cybercriminal underground. Their activities directly enable the proliferation of stealthy commodity threats by facilitating the sale and spread of accessible tools like Atom Keylogger through dedicated marketplaces and forums. Notably, Ombra’s influence is highlighted by the attention his threads garner, with his recent discussions amassing over 200,000 views alone.

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