10 Tips to Improve Your Aim in Fortnite & Fix Aim Assist

10 Tips to Improve Your Aim in Fortnite & Fix Aim Assist

Are you a new Fortnite player struggling to keep up? Perhaps you’re an established player, but the game suddenly feels more difficult. It’s not your imagination. Over the years, Epic Games has made significant changes to Fortnite’s mechanics, and they might affect how you play.

While most of these updates improve gameplay and give players new items and strategies to enjoy, one is controversial — and has been for years: Epic Games’ decision to nerf aim assist for console players.

It may seem like a slight, but it’s given rise to many questions in the Fortnite community. Was it necessary? Is it fair? Why is it so buggy? Does Epic Games favor PC players, or even care about its fan base at all? Most importantly, what can controller players do to aim better in Fortnite without it?

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Fortnite’s Aim Assist Controversy Explained

To fully grasp the Fortnite Aim Assist scandal, we must understand why aim assist even exists. Fortnite was one of the first battle royale games to support cross-platform gameplay, meaning console and PC players have always been able to play with and against each other. 

The problem is, in skill-based games, keyboard-and-mouse setups have a competitive advantage. They’re far more customizable than controllers and they offer players a greater range of motion, giving an edge in accuracy and speed. Fortnite’s aim assist was implemented to offset the handicap for console and controller players.

At first, controller players were still at a disadvantage. In the Fortnite World Cup in 2019, 90% of qualifying players — and the champion, Kyle Giersdorf — used keyboard-and-mouse. Then, in 2020, the competitive community seemingly migrated to controllers overnight, and this is when the plot thickened.

Exploiting Aim Assist

In no time, players noticed an exploit. When aiming down sight (ADS) for better accuracy, aim assist would automatically kick in and focus on nearby targets. By repeatedly hitting their left trigger for ADS, aim assist would lock on to moving and invisible targets, and make them much easier to find, see, and hit. 

What’s more, the efficacy of Fortnite’s aim assist was boosted by the game’s frame rate. Since PCs, by default, have much higher frame rates than consoles, all it took for aim assist to become formidable was for a player to connect a controller to their PC. This, combined with ADS spamming made PC players who used controllers virtually unstoppable.

A screenshot of a twitter user disputing ADS spamming in Fortnite
The video was, unfortunately, removed, but @FNBRLeaks has a point.

In turn, it sparked a huge debate in the Fortnite community. Keyboard-and-mouse players felt aim assist was too powerful, unfair, and akin to cheating. Controller players argued aim assist was necessary for them to compete, and that even with the exploit, a keyboard and mouse still had the advantage.

Ultimately, Epic Games listened to the discourse and tried to appease its player base, but in so doing, opened a new can of worms.

PC players discovered an exploit of their own. By connecting a controller for aim assist, but playing with a keyboard and mouse regardless, they got the best of both worlds — the buffs of aim assist with the precision and versatility of KBM.

The Saga Continues

 In 2019, Epic Games attempted to segregate console and PC players, but instead rolled out a skill-based matchmaking system. Later, it updated controller options, giving players the option to customize their analog sensitivity for more accuracy. This update also brought in an all-new aim assist — one that got rid of ADS spamming.

Except it didn’t, thanks to a glaring oversight. Controller players could still access the old, brutally overpowered aim assist by simply reverting to “Legacy” settings. Epic took note, and in March 2020 announced plans to sunset its legacy option, and in April, updated Aim Assist once more — this time to tackle the frame rate exploit.

Yet again, it sparked controversy when professional players expressed the new aim assist was even more over-powerful than it was before. Some pro players chose to pull out of tournament play or abandoned Fortnite entirely, while others felt they had no choice but to migrate to controllers to stand a chance.

Fortnite’s aim assist drama didn’t end there. From 2021 onward, the game faced various issues including complaints of aim assist turning off mid-game, not working at all for Nintendo Switch players, and a game-breaking glitch that occurred because the mirror prop was too large and canceled out aim assist.

Fornite screenshot

How to Fix Fortnite’s Aim Assist

A new issue emerged late in 2022, and it’s yet to be resolved. Controller players reported aim assist appeared to fail in-game and had become useless. Many assumed Epic Games had deliberately nerfed or disabled it, and urged the devs to take action.

Fortnite streamer Upshall was the first to discover Epic Games wasn’t at fault, and the broken aim assist was on account of a silly bug. It turns out the problem is caused by a discrepancy in displayed information. When the game brings up damage feedback, it overrides aim assist.

Fortunately, Upshall shared a simple solution. If aim assist isn’t working for you, try the following:

  1. Open Your Settings.
  2. Navigate to Game UI.
  3. Under Reticle & Damage Feedback, set Damage Numbers to Cumulative.
  4. Scroll down to Reticle Damage Feedback and set it to Off.

Doing so will ensure the game doesn’t force damage details to pop up, thereby leaving room for aim assist to run without interference.

What If It’s Not A Bug?

Don’t lose hope if Upshall’s method doesn’t work for you. You can try a number of tricks to get aim assist working again.

Follow Epic Games Advice

If you’re having trouble with aim assist, Epic Games suggests making sure it’s turned on. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Controller Options > Sensitivity.
  3. Turn Advanced Options on.
  4. Adjust your Aim Assist Strength. Epic recommends setting it to 100%.

Reconnect or Relaunch

Aim assist won’t work if you don’t have a controller connected, and sometimes it bugs out because of login issues. Try closing the game and launching a new session. Doing so might automatically reset aim assist and get it working again. Be sure to connect your controller before you launch the game, or else aim assist might not kick in.

Reboot Aim Assist

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Follow Epic Games’ instructions above, only this time, turn Advanced Options off, wait a moment, and turn it back on. Keep in mind doing so might mess with other settings and affect your gameplay. As a workaround, you can refresh aim assist by setting its Strength to 0% before turning it back up.

Is Aim Assist Cheating?

No. Aim Assist is a feature many games add for controller players to take advantage of. Even so, Epic’s continuous trial and error has led many disgruntled players to turn against it, on the grounds it’s ruining Fortnite.

Ninja — arguably the most popular Fortnite player of all time — once compared aim assist to hacking, and implied it’s no different to using an aimbot.

Screenshot of Ninja's tweet decrying aim assist
The King of Fortnite has spoken

Not everyone agrees. Although scores of Fortnite players, professional and amateur alike, are not pleased with aim assist’s power, many defend controller players. 

screenshot of a Twitter user defending Fortnite's aim assist
The Platform War has no end in sight.

Some argue mouse-and-keyboard players still have an obvious advantage, while others say aim assist helps but can’t turn you into a better player if you’re bad at Fortnite. Some even believe Fortnite should segregate Aim Assist players from everyone else.

Screenshot of a reddit thread discussing Fortnite's aim assist
To nerf, or not to nerf?

Whether or not Epic Games should once again nerf aim assist, isolate controller players, or remove the feature entirely is up for debate and only time will tell if Fortnite ever finds a middle ground between console and PC players.

Still, regardless of opinion, the fact remains aim assist isn’t cheating but some players— like those who ADS spammed— use it to cheat, which isn’t fair to the community.

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How to Aim Better In Fortnite: 10 Tips

1. Start with Good Form

Esports have grown to such heights, doctors now recommend we treat gamers as we do traditional athletes. Evidence suggests video gamers are at risk of a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as eye strain and nerve impingements, like carpal tunnel, and even headaches and thrombosis, among other ailments.

You’ll have to form good habits if you want to learn how to aim better in Fortnite, hone your gaming skills, and protect your health. Here’s what you should do:

    • Warm up before you play. You could shake your hands out, wriggle your fingers, use finger resistance bands, or follow sets of warm-ups. It only takes a few minutes to get your blood flowing for faster fingers and to prevent strain injuries and discomfort.

    • Improve your posture. Investing in an ergonomic gaming chair will work wonders on your form, but if you don’t have one you should still practice good posture. Your monitor or TV should be at least 2 feet away and at eye level. Don’t slouch, and try not to sit crossed-legged. Don’t curve your wrists, regardless of your peripherals. 

2. Set Yourself Up For Success

You don’t need fancy gear to rock at Fortnite, but a decent set-up will make a difference in how you play.

    • Adjust your settings. If you feel like your controller or mouse has a mind of its own, try changing your sensitivity. How high you set it to is entirely up to you, so stick with what’s comfortable and what works.
    • Play around with DPI. You can’t change your DPI in-game, but if you’re using a gaming mouse, the manufacturer might have software you can use to adjust your DPI and other settings. In Fortnite, the standard — and recommended — DPI is 800.
    • Modify your controller. Aiming might be unnecessarily tricky if you use a controller, even with aim assist enabled. You could purchase add-ons to make your controller a bit more responsive and easy to use. Consider getting analog extenders for more range and precision.
    • Upgrade your hardware. Spending more on flashy hardware won’t improve your skill, but outdated, subpar, or cheaply-made gear could be a hindrance. You don’t have to rebuild your PC or buy the latest console, but a good mousepad, professional controller, and higher specs are bound to make a difference in smooth gameplay.
    • Ditch wireless peripherals. Even though they look snazzy and are extra convenient, wireless controllers, keyboards, and computer mice have transmission delays. It’s barely noticeable, but it could be the difference between a hit and a miss in-game. Wired is always superior in battle royale games, and if you’re serious about Fortnite, making the switch will make your life so much easier.

3. Keep Game Mechanics In Mind

Fortnite has some interesting mechanics you can (and should) make use of to get more kills and remain in the game.

    • Bloom: Your crosshair changes size depending on what you’re doing. When you jump, it will expand, giving you a wider but less accurate target. Standing still will reduce your crosshair, meaning you get more precision. Crouching will steady your aim and make it easier to focus on a target.
    • Bullet Drop: Sniping is powerful, but it comes with bullet drop — meaning the further away you are from your target, the lower the bullet will fall, making your hits a bit difficult to predict. It’s only a concern if your target is more than 100m away, but be sure to aim a little higher if you’re hoping for headshots.
    • Ranged Attacks: Speaking of headshots, they’re handy because you’ll get the damage multiplier, but there’s no need to try for them every single time. Aiming for the center of the target’s body from further away is much easier to pull off. You’ll also be harder to hit.

4. Try Different Weapons

Fortnite has a variety of weapons you can choose from, and it’s up to you whether you’d like to be a jack of all trades or a master of one. Either way, understanding how they work is a surefire way to get more hits.

    • Assault Rifles are the standard and also the most versatile, as they’re great for close, medium, and long-range attacks. A huge perk to using an assault rifle is First Shot Accuracy. So long as you stand still and fire one bullet at a time (tap-fire), your shots will have 100% accuracy, and you won’t have to worry about bloom. You get this bonus with pistols as well.
    • Explosive Weapons are difficult to control, but they will do a ton of damage when they hit. You’re welcome to use them against other players, but they’re best left for bulldozing buildings.
    • Shotguns are super effective when used up close, but their rate of fire is quite low and they don’t hold much ammo, so you might want to use them sparingly.
    • Sniper Rifles are excellent for ranged attacks but they take some getting used to. They’re not the most efficient weapons because you have to reload after every shot, and aiming is tricky since you have to account for bullet drop. 
    • Submachine Guns have a high rate of fire, so you get more chances to hit your target. The downside is they have a strong recoil, and aren’t very useful if your enemies are further away.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you’re set up, focused, and familiar with the various quirks in the game, the next step is to play more Fortnite! Practice makes perfect, as they say, and the more you play, the stronger your coordination, muscle memory, and gamer instincts will become.

You could practice your aim while waiting in the lobby, or you can jump right into the deep end and learn as you go. Another option is to take advantage of Fortnite’s practice maps.

6. Try Different Play Styles

In the age of content creation, it’s easy to fall into a copycat mindset, but sometimes it does more harm than good. Learning from other players and pros is helpful, but don’t pressure yourself into playing a certain way if you’re struggling or not having fun.

Fortnite is full of variety, and you can use different tactics to improve your rank. If going in guns-a-blazing doesn’t do it for you, focus on stealth. If you’re not confident confronting your targets, grab a sniper rifle and get them from afar. 

Also remember, learning how to build and evade attacks are just as helpful, and sometimes more useful than going for headshots every time. The more you play, the more you’ll grow into your own style and develop strategies that work for you.

7. Take Breaks

Fortnite is fun, and it’s natural you’ll want to play for hours, but sitting down for extended periods could be doing a number on your performance. Fatigue and strain wreck your mental clarity, accuracy, and reaction times, so your aim will suffer.

It’s recommended you take a 5-20 minute break every 90 minutes. Get up, stretch your legs, hydrate, and rest your eyes to beat mental fatigue and stay on top of your game.

8. Never Use Cheats

It may be tempting to use Fortnite aim hacks, mods, aimbots, and other cheats to make the game easier, but you’ll run into a lot of trouble if you do. Fortnite will only run if you have Easy Anti Cheat installed, so you’ll probably get caught. Since Epic Games is synonymous with zero tolerance, chances are you’ll be perma-banned.

Aside from losing your account, cheating in Fortnite won’t make you a better player, and it’s not fair to other players in the community. Besides, you’ll feel so much better about your victories when they’re earned.

Not to mention, Fortnite aim hacks are one way cybercriminals reel you into their scams, so you could lose a lot more than your Epic Games account.

9. Play Other Games

It may sound counter-intuitive, but playing other shooter or battle royale games could teach you how to aim better in Fortnite. You’ll develop your muscle memory, accuracy, reactions, and gamer instincts no matter which FPS you’re indulging in, and those skills will carry over.

Aim Lab (available on Windows, iOS, and Android) is often touted as the best aim practice game out there. In it, you can customize your arena, crosshair, and recoil, and track your progress so you can get a clear idea of what you need to work on.

Otherwise, games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, and Overwatch will pit you against live enemies. Since their mechanics and gameplay are vastly different from each other, you’ll have to think on your feet—and might pick up a few handy skills you can use to dominate in Fortnite.

10. Use Aim Assist

It seems obvious, but it has to be said. If all else fails, nothing is stopping you from going back to basics. Remember, aim assist doesn’t count as cheating, and there’s no shame in using it.

Regardless of the many complaints and debates, it’s there for a reason — so controller players are on equal standing to mouse-and-keyboard gamers. It evens out the playing field, and sometimes it’s best not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

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Go Get ‘Em!

Aim assist is a hot topic in Fortnite, but if you’re a controller player, don’t be deterred. It’s a valid mechanic, and you’re at full liberty to use it to your advantage. 

That said, Epic Games is somewhat unpredictable in how it handles the aim assist debate. Don’t rely too heavily on it, as you never know when they’ll shake things up again.

If you don’t want to switch to controller to reap the benefits of aim assist — or, if you don’t want to use aim assist at all — the best thing you can do is practice and find a playstyle that works for you. 

Take your time, enjoy the game, and remember what’s important: games are meant to be fun, so try not to take it too seriously.

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How can I improve my aim in Fortnite?

The best way to improve your Fortnite skills is good old practice. Try exploring Creative Maps — many are designed specifically for target practice, and in some of them you can even play against AI if you’re not ready to take on other players.
You can also try your hand at different in-game settings, weapons, and strategies to discover what works best for you. Taking frequent breaks will improve your focus and accuracy, while good posture will impact your mobility and reaction times. 
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How do I aim better in Fortnite with a controller?

Fortnite’s aim assist is quite powerful, and controller players can enable and customize it as they see fit. If you’d rather not use it, you could modify your controller with analog extenders, and adjust your sensitivity settings for more accurate gameplay.
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Did Fortnite fix aim assist?

Yes, but they may have done it a little too well. Many players believe it’s too overpowered, and are calling for Epic Games to step in and nerf it.
If you’re still having trouble with aim assist, navigate to Advanced Options in your game settings, and make sure Aim Assist Strength is set to 100%. Damage Numbers should be set to Cumulative, and Reticle Damage Feedback should be off. If all else fails, try reconnecting your controller, or relaunching the game.

How do you get the best aim assist in Fortnite? 

Fortnite only has one aim assist and it’s built into the game. If you’ve stumbled upon downloadable aim bots do not install them — they’re illegal in the game and are almost guaranteed to be malware or a scam. At best you’ll be perma-banned, and at worst you’ll have your data stolen.
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