Top 5 Public Minecraft servers

Players are free to express their creativity, go on exhilarating adventures, and interact with others from across the world in Minecraft’s expansive universe. Numerous public servers have appeared as interest in the game has grown, each providing a different experience. Among this wide range of servers, a select few have distinguished themselves from the others and won the loyalty of millions of fans.

This article explores the five best public Minecraft servers, which are well-known for their superb gameplay, active communities, and cutting-edge features. These provide a wide range of gameplay options to suit the preferences of every Minecraft player.

The list ranges from the prison-themed realm of PurplePrison to the limitless creativity of Hypixel, the interactive experience of Complex Gaming, and the space-themed server of Vortex Network, to the nostalgic adventure of Pixelmon Realms.

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Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s views.

Top Minecraft servers that are open to the public

5) PurplePrison

IP Address:


PurplePrison is one of the best public Minecraft servers out there. Those who sign up are immediately immersed in a distinctive online community with a jail atmosphere.

Each set of warps on the server has its own unique set of tasks and missions for players to fulfill. With painstakingly created prison structures and a carefully thought-out financial system that motivates participation in various activities, PurplePrison amazes with its attention to detail.

The server also has a thriving community. To keep its player base interested and enthusiastic, PurplePrison frequently holds events and competitions. The devoted staff team on the server makes sure that everyone has a fun and fair time playing.

This is a top pick for gamers searching for an interesting and immersive prison-themed server. It has amazing features, a vibrant community, and dedication to delivering an exceptional Minecraft experience.

Average player count: 500 – 2,500

4) Vortex Network

IP Address:


Do you feel up for an exhilarating space-themed adventure? If yes, you need look no further than Vortex Network, a dynamic gaming server that provides a singular experience. The unique game modes offered, which include the fan-favorite Skyblock, Survival, and Prison, ensure infinite hours of entertainment and adventure.

The distinctive space motif of Vortex Network is one of its most notable aspects. In contrast to conventional servers, it transports users into the infinite cosmos. Each game mode is made more thrilling by the vivid space-themed action. Vortex Network not only has fun gameplay, but also a welcoming and lively community.

In order to accommodate various playstyles, Vortex Network provides a wide variety of game modes. Players can try their luck in jail, a novel take on the classic jail server concept, or they can test their abilities and survival instincts in the difficult Survival mode, where supplies may be sparse. Whatever your preference, Vortex Network has something for you, whether you like to construct and craft in Skyblock or plan an escape from jail.

In order to complete tasks and foster camaraderie, players can work together with friends or form guilds. The diligent and committed staff members of the server are always accessible for help, and make sure that gamers have a seamless and pleasurable experience. Vortex Network is a top option for anyone looking for an exciting and immersive Minecraft experience.

Average player count: 1,000 – 3,000

3) Pixelmon Realms

IP Address:


Minecraft server Pixelmon Realms offers a distinctive take on the standard experience by fusing it with the well-known Pokémon series. The server offers the Pixelmon mod, which enables users to catch, raise, and engage in Pokémon combat in the world of Minecraft.

Players can select from a range of gameplay modes, including survival, adventure, and competitions. They frequently work together to explore the environment, trade Pokémon, and engage in thrilling battles. The Pixelmon Realms community is renowned for its welcoming and helpful nature.

All players can enjoy the gaming because it is fair and balanced thanks to the server’s committed staff.

Average player count: 200 – 500

2) Complex Gaming

IP Address:


Complex Gaming stands out as one of the best Minecraft servers. It provides a wide range of game modes, such as factions, skyblock, survival, and more. Each has been painstakingly created to provide players with a variety of creative challenges and opportunities.

Complex Gaming has something to offer everyone, whether players want to test their building prowess in creative mode or go on epic survival adventures with pals. The emphasis on establishing a strong feeling of community is one of the most notable characteristics on offer.

The server has a thriving and friendly player community, and committed staff members work hard to provide a welcome and fun environment for everyone. Regular gatherings, competitions, and challenges that promote communication and cooperation further strengthen this element. Whether you’re an experienced player or brand new to the game, Complex Gaming offers a friendly and inviting environment to gather around and have fun.

If you’re interested in another Pixelmon server, Complex Gaming has a popular branch for that as well; it also receives new updates every single day. If you want a server that offers countless hours of entertainment, this is definitely the one for you.

Average player count: 1,000 – 2,000

1) Hypixel

IP Address:


Hypixel is, unquestionably, one of the most well-known Minecraft servers ever. It is a favorite among players due to its wide variety of game types and excellent gameplay. The minigame selection on the server is astounding, and each one has its own special mechanics and goals.

Hypixel offers a wide range of gameplay options to accommodate various interests, from time-honored favorites like Capture the Flag and BedWars to cutting-edge inventions like SkyBlock and SkyWars.

This server has a growing player base in addition to a large library of minigames. Players are very active and enthusiastic about the games they can play, which makes it simple to make friends and form groups for thrilling excursions.

One of Hypixel’s unique qualities is how frequently its game modes are updated and added to, making sure that players are never short of fresh obstacles to overcome. It offers something for everyone, solidifying its position as one of the top Minecraft servers in the gaming industry, whether ones like relaxing and constructing in creative mode or taking part in tough PvP combat.

Average player count: 20,000 – 100,000

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