The 10 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services in 2023

The Top 10 Best Cheap WordPress Hosts Ranked

Below is a quick glance at the top 10 providers that offer the best cheap WordPress hosting, with DreamHost leading the way. Further down, we’ll individually review all these providers, looking at the core features, pricing, and more, but for now, here’s the main reason each one has made it to our list:

  1. DreamHost $2.59/month — Overall, the best cheap WordPress host, thanks to its excellent 100% uptime guarantee and useful built-in website WordPress builder
  2. BlueHost $2.95/month — A reliable cheap WordPress host that offers excellent tools for e-commerce brands, such as unlimited products and secure payment transactions
  3. InMotion $3.99/month — A popular service that offers excellent website security features, like a pre-installed firewall, malware protection, and DDoS protection
  4. Liquid Web $17.50/month — A strong cheap WordPress host that has a ton of optimized plans that can scale alongside your business
  5. A2 Hosting $3.99/month — One of the fastest cheap WordPress hosting tools that offers lightning-fast page load speeds of just 0.285 seconds
  6. IONOS $3/month — Useful hosting service that offers customers detailed reports and analytics to improve website performance
  7. HostArmada $2.49/month — The best for US-based customer support should you run into any issues when launching your website
  8. NameCheap $19.55/month — Intuitive WordPress hosting site that features useful tools for building your own WP website, including themes and a drag-and-drop interface
  9. HostPapa $2.95/month — A reputable provider that offers a whopping 100GB of SSD storage on its cheapest paid plan
  10. $2.49/month — A user-friendly option for beginners with an easy-to-use cPanel

Is Cheap Website Hosting Reliable?

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘cheap.’ Just because these providers are well-priced and budget-friendly, it doesn’t mean they skimp on the features, and you’ll get an uptime guarantee of at least 99%.

Plus, depending on what you plan on using the page for, there’s no reason this should cost you or your business thousands of dollars a year. Sure, big fancy e-commerce stores would likely need a more premium service – but providers on this list can offer that as well, at a fraction of the price.

With that being said, whether you’re just looking for a webpage to display details, just having an online presence, or even for an e-commerce platform, all these providers can guarantee you a well-hosted website.

Should I Opt for Cheap or Free Web Hosting?

Now, cheap is one thing, but free is an entirely different box of frogs. With 100% free companies, they have to make money somehow, or it’s simply unsustainable for them. One of the ways they do this is through ads and not the kind that’ll benefit you.

Instead, they’ll be displaying ads on your website from third parties or themselves, as this way, they can earn some money. This may not seem like the end of the world, but for visiting customers, it’s not always a great look, and it may even put some users off entirely.

You’re also likely to get very little in the way of customer support, as, again, you’re not paying, so you’re not their priority. There are a host of other reasons why we wouldn’t recommend free web hosting services, but now we’ll focus on why you should go for cheap instead.

Firstly, there are no annoying ads for customers, and you’ll get excellent customer support should something go wrong. You’re also likely to get a much higher uptime guarantee, which is essential for e-commerce platforms that make their money from online stores.

That, coupled with improved security like installed firewalls and analytical features, make it a no-brainer – budget-friendly over free every day. So not only are the providers on this list cheap hosts, but most feature in our list of the best WordPress hosting services on the market – that’s how good these are.

The 10 Cheapest WordPress Hosting Services Reviewed

It’s now time to take a deeper dive into the 10 cheapest WordPress hosting services, and we’ll kick things off with our top pick, DreamHost. In these reviews, we’ll provide you with all the key information you need to make an informed decision, looking at uptime guarantees, customer support, and security, amongst others.

1. DreamHost – Overall, the Best Cheap WordPress Host

DreamHost is one of the most recognizable faces in the WordPress or shared hosting world, with a glowing reputation that’s been earned for its reliable uptime guarantees, cutting-edge features, and resolute security.

It even offers VPS or private server hosting for larger projects and businesses. In terms of features, DreamHost includes everything you’d expect to find on one of the top WordPress hosting services, including a free domain for your business or personal website.

Beyond this, you’ll also get unlimited traffic allowance, so you can rest assured your website can handle all the foot flow you expect, as well as a free SSL certificate to confirm authenticity.

DreamHost Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$2.59/month 30GB 100k-1M Yes 100% 1.54 seconds

Whilst none of these features may blow you away, what DreamHost really excels in is getting the basics done right, all for a very fair monthly price, as all of these features are included in the low-cost Shared Starter plan.

What did blow us away is the promise of a 100% uptime guarantee. If they fail to hit this target, they’ll compensate the customer. That’s really putting your money where your mouth is.

If you’re looking for a bit more oomph, then you can always opt for the Shared Unlimited plan, which introduces free daily backups to ensure the safety of your website, as well as automatic WordPress updates, so your website is always optimized using the latest WP version.

That said, one feature that caught our eye was the built-in WP website builder, which makes getting your website up and running a breeze. With this, you get access to an easy site creator wizard, a ton of professional templates to speed things up, and a useful drag-and-drop editor to fully customize your masterpiece.


We’re thrilled to see a host of dedicated WordPress plans on offer from DreamHost, and these plans give you the peace of mind of knowing your business can scale alongside one of the many plans on offer – an essential tool for e-commerce brands.

DreamHost Pricing

For the best value, we’d suggest opting for either the WordPress Starter or WordPress Unlimited plans, with the best savings coming if you opt for a whopping 3-year plan.

The Starter plan offers support for one website with a free domain, unlimited traffic, and free SSL certificates, whereas the Unlimited plan allows you to create as many websites as you want and includes unlimited emails for your domain.


  • Offers an excellent feature-to-price ratio
  • Includes a 97-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting
  • Promotes a 100% uptime guarantee, or compensation will be paid
  • Free domain, domain privacy, SSL, and daily backups included
  • Easy WordPress integration can be done in one-click


  • You have to pay extra for certain features, like the malware protection tool

2. BlueHost – Best Host For E-Commerce

BlueHost logo

BlueHost is a host trusted by hundreds of thousands of WordPress users. It offers a range of cheap shared hosting solutions with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, generous amounts of SSD storage on all plans, and a ton of custom WP templates to build your dream website.

Feature-wise, BlueHost truly excels at keeping your website safe and secure with top-notch security measures. Unlike other providers, you get a solid suite of tools to keep your business up and running, including malware scanning, domain privacy, and a free SSL certificate.

BlueHost Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$2.95/month 10GB 50k-500k Yes – $5.45/month 99.9% 0.8 seconds

You can also benefit from one-click WordPress installs, which is great if you’re new to web hosting, WordPress, or if you’re just not that tech savvy. This, combined with the aesthetically pleasing cPanel and custom dashboard, makes BlueHost an attractive option for both seasoned professionals and newbies.

We should also mention that for those willing to spend a little more or for users who envision their website and business demands scaling rapidly, BlueHost has some other plans that offer an impressive range of additional plugins, mainly aimed at e-commerce use.

These include the option for unlimited products, secure online payments, shipping labels, and gift cards – so it’s tailored for an e-commerce business to thrive and scale alongside it. All this can be found in the Online Store plan, but none of these plugins are available on lower-tiered plans.


BlueHost has a good range of plans for WordPress hosting, some tailored toward e-commerce use and others for more simplistic websites, but each of them includes the same core features like SSL certificates, malware scanning, and a free domain.

BlueHost Pricing

You’ll need to spend a bit more if you want the useful plugins in the Online Store plan, but if your business is selling online, it’s really a no-brainer, especially as the plan can scale alongside your growth.

The best value for money is again with a long-term plan; in this instance, 3 years – although the prices above are at a discounted rate, and afterward, the prices will auto-renew at the regular rate, so don’t get caught out.


  • Includes a free domain and SSL certificate on all plans
  • Great tailormade options for e-commerce brands
  • Offers one-click WordPress installation
  • Brilliant and knowledgeable customer support team, useful for beginners


  • Prices jump after renewal and can get expensive

3. InMotion Hosting – Best for Website Security

InMotion Hosting Logo

InMotion Hosting is a top cheap solution for WordPress hosting that boasts reliable and stable performance for your website all year round with its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

They’re known for having excellent US-based customer service and their range of WP plans that can scale seamlessly alongside any website and business. It’s worth pointing out that this is one of the more expensive options on this list, but it does have some strong features that make it worth the money.

For starters, you get a suite of marketing tools, like a WP website builder, email, free advertising credits, and solid customer management tools.

InMotion Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$3.99/month 100GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 1.19 seconds

They go one step further and even offer you a ton of bundled-in security tools. Most providers on this list include SSL certificates as standard, but with InMotion, it’s a lifetime SSL, and you also get hack and malware protection to keep your website safe, as well as DDoS protection.

These extra features go a long way to justifying the slight increase in price over some of the other top providers on this list, and it has a few more tricks up its sleeve. For example, there’s W3 Total Cache supported, which basically improves page load times with a high-performance plugin.

So is it worth the extra money? We think it justifies its price tag pretty well, as you get all the above and unlimited storage and bandwidth on the Launch, Power, and Pro plans. It may be too much for some new businesses or individuals to pay straight away, but if your purse strings can be stretched, it’s worth the money.


As mentioned throughout our review, InMotion Hosting can cost a little more than some other providers on this list, but it still can be considered a cheap WordPress hosting service.

InMotion Pricing

Each plan from Launch to Pro offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as emails, meaning you do really get good value for money. You’re also protected by a generous 90-day money-back guarantee.

The prices displayed are for a 3-year plan, and these will mean you get the best value for money if you can fork out the upfront cost – we’d definitely recommend doing so, as they can also scale up your plan should your business need extra support.


  • Excellent page loading times and overall performance
  • Offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for a hassle-free purchase
  • Useful integrated website builder for WordPress
  • Includes useful marketing tools like customer management options


  • US-based servers might be an issue for some

4. LiquidWeb – Great for Scaling With Your Business

LiquidWeb logo

LiquidWeb earns its spot on our list of the best cheap WordPress hosting providers, despite being on the higher side of budget-friendly. With that being said, the Spark plan is reasonably priced and offers some excellent features.

With it, you’ll get a near-perfect uptime score of 99.9% and an integrated firewall to keep your website free of malware and hackers. But the price may be off-putting for those who really want to save some money, and that’s fine.

There are other providers on this list that offer similar features and security, all for less money. However, we felt inclined to include Liquid Web, as it does offer a lot, whether you’re a growing e-commerce brand or just need a neat landing page.

LiquidWeb Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$17.50/month 15GB 50k-1M Yes 99.9% 1.4 seconds

What really compelled us, however, was the excellent 99.9% uptime guarantee on offer. For a provider that falls into the affordable category, this is fantastic. That aside, you also get 20 auto-scaled PHP workers per site, which means your website will run as smoothly as possible.

Beyond all this, you’ll get a decent amount of SSD storage (15GB on the Spark plan) to play around with, although we were disappointed to see no unlimited bandwidth – but you never really get unlimited, so the 1TB on offer with the Spark plan is good enough.

A couple of extra quirks include the Plugin Performance Monitor, which basically reports how well each plugin is working, so you can make any amendments, as well as iThemes Security Pro, another plugin to secure and protect your WordPress website.


As has been referenced throughout this review, LiquidWeb is right on the cusp of affordable, but we think it leans on the side of cheap. That being said, some of the plans are expensive, but this shouldn’t put you off.

LiquidWeb Pricing

All this means is that if your business and website continue to grow, you have a web host who can scale alongside you, which is a huge benefit for any business. Each plan increases the number of websites, storage, and bandwidth, making growing alongside them a breeze.

We’d recommend starting with the Spark plan, which is the lowest-priced plan, and includes generous storage and bandwidth, but it’s good to keep in mind that it can cover just one website.


  • Offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by SLA
  • Includes server management on all plans
  • Top-notch customer service team who can help with a range of issues
  • Allows you to choose between cPanel, Plesk, and InterWorx for hosting


  • Slightly more expensive than most providers on this list

5. A2 Hosting – The Fastest Cheap WordPress Host

A2 Hosting logo

A2 Hosting has been in the game for many years and offers its customers lightning-fast servers, great customer support, and excellent all-around security.

It was one of the first providers to offer SSD storage, something that’s now commonplace amongst all the best cheap WordPress hosting services. This aside, your website will run on what A2 Hosting refers to as ‘turbo servers‘ – which sounds very impressive, and it is.

A2 Hosting Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$3.99/month 50GB 50k-1M Yes 99.9% 0.285 seconds

The speeds on offer are very good, and WordPress-based websites will run seamlessly. They also offer free SSL certificates on every plan, as expected, and also give you a minimum of 50GB NVMe SSD Storage on all plans, with the number rising with the tier of the plans.

Plus, there’s a host of optimized WordPress features to go with this, including SEO tools, so you can make sure your website is consistently at the top of Google’s web rankings. We’re also pleased to see Jetpack free included on the lowest tier plans, something other providers often make you pay for.

What this essentially offers you is heightened security through Jetpack, which offers backups, easy restores, malware scanning, and much more. All of this helps keep your website running smoothly and free from any hackers.

However, if you want a dedicated IP address or the ID Protection options, you’ll have to pay extra for these, no matter what plan you settle on. This may not be a huge issue for some, but as this provider is slightly on the pricier side, it would be nice to see some of these bundled into at least one plan.


Like most other providers on this list, A2 Hosting offers the best value for money with a 3-year subscription, and we’d recommend opting for the Run or Jump plans.

A2 Hosting Pricing

These offer 50GB to 100GB of storage and a ton of WordPress-optimized features, including SEO tools. They may be slightly more expensive than a few of the other options on this list, but you’re still getting reasonably good value for money.


  • Excellent page load times for a smooth customer experience
  • Has servers on 3 different continents
  • Offers free daily backups
  • Very user-friendly, suitable for beginners
  • Easily one of the fastest WordPress hosts


  • No free domain included
  • One of the more expensive ‘cheap’ WordPress hosts

6. IONOS – Offers Great Analytical and Reporting Features

IONOS logo

IONOS is perhaps the most affordable of the lot, with some incredibly cheap plans for new businesses looking to launch their first website. They even include a free domain in your first year, which is amazing, seeing as prices start from just $1/month.

On the base plan Start, you get 25GB of SSD storage and 9GB of RAM, which is more than enough to run a basic website, blog, or something similar – however, it may not be enough to run a small to midsize e-commerce website, so bare that in mind.

IONOS Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$1/month 25GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 2.5 seconds

You also get a free SSL certificate and domain, which is pretty standard, even amongst cheaper providers. Yet, IONOS goes one step further and throws in malware scanning to keep your website safe and some useful site analytics, which allows you to measure the success of your website and make alterations as needed.

Usually, both of these features are reserved for higher-tier plans, or you have to pay for them – so kudos to IONOS for offering these in their cheapest plan. We should also mention that the other plans are well-priced and offer stepping-stones for growing businesses, as the plans can scale alongside your requirements.

However, there are some features that are only available on the more expensive plans, including Jetpack free and a caching plugin that helps improve page load times and website performance. But that’s one of the few differences in the plans, besides some extra storage, RAM, and more email addresses.

We would have liked to have seen some bonus features for the more premium plans, like SEO or marketing tools – but given the overall cost of IONOS plans, we think we can let that slide.


IONOS’s introductory offer means you can get your hands on a reliable WordPress host for just $1/month – by far the best value-for-money provider on this list – even the renewal prices are incredibly affordable.

IONOS Pricing

There may not be quite as many features to shout about as top providers like DreamHost, but with malware scanning and a useful cashing plugin available in the Grow plan, there’s still a lot to like.


  • Incredibly affordable plans, great for small businesses
  • Free domain and SSL certificate with every plan
  • Offers plans for Linux users, a rarity for cheap web hosts


  • US-based servers only for shared hosting
  • We found support response times are a little slower than most

7. HostArmarda – Best for Customer Support

Host Armada logo

HostArmada is another useful and cheap WordPress hosting service that combines a wide range of useful features, like 1-click WP installation and a reliable 99.9% uptime guarantee with low-cost plans starting from just $2.49/month.

This budget-friendly price looks even better when you add in the extra security features that are included, including a built-in firewall to prevent any attacks, malware removal for when your website may be vulnerable, and a virus and malware scanner to prevent them.

HostArmada Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$2.49/month 15GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 1.5 seconds

It also offers 24/7 human support when you first launch your website, as things can go wrong in the early stages, so having a dedicated support member can really ease this process.

You also get a 1-click WordPress installation to save time, freeloading speed optimization to improve customer experience, and an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder.

On the more premium plans by HostArmada, there’s a group of features called ‘Speed Reaper‘ – these offer you 3x more CPU and RAM, the LiteSpeed Web Server, and HTTP/3. All of this means a rapid website and the best possible experience for your website visitors, which is ideal for online stores.

All this can be accessed through a combination of a custom dashboard and cPanel setup, which we found to be highly intuitive and pretty user-friendly. From the cPanel, you can work on your website’s SEO settings, access your email settings, and add useful tools like a spam filter.


The pricing for HostArdama is pretty straightforward, and there are 3 main plans for you to choose from, each offering great value for money and all protected by a 45-day money-back guarantee.

HostArmada Pricing

For access to the Speed Reaper feature set, you’ll need to go for the Speed Reaper plan, as this isn’t included in either of the lower-tier options. All plans include useful malware protection and scanner tools, though.


  • Easy to use dashboard with cPanel integration, great for beginners
  • Handles traffic very well with impressive speeds
  • Has servers in 9 data centers worldwide


  • Expensive renewal prices can catch people out
  • LiteSpeed is only available on the highest-tier plan

8. NameCheap – Offers Great Web Building Services

Namecheap logo

NameCheap is actually one of the more expensive providers – but it still offers enough features, like a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a useful maintenance mode for when your website isn’t quite ready to launch, and lightning-fast page load times.

Each NameCheap plan also comes with a free Content Delivery Network (CDN), which boosts your website’s speed and performance. Alongside this, you’ll get One Dashboard, where you can build your own WordPress site with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

NameCheap Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$19.55/month 10GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 2 seconds

We were also impressed to see that the cheapest plan on offer can support web traffic of up to 50k users, which is pretty good considering the price. Each plan adds more, with a total of 500k visitors to your site on the top-tier plan.

This means NameCheap can be used for e-commerce brands and any other business website you can think of. Also, one new feature that’s worth mentioning is the Free PositiveSSL.

This brings improved encryption, validation, and trustworthiness to your WordPress website, which is provided by Sectigo. This includes 256-bit encryption, an industry standard that’ll protect your website from just about anything.


As mentioned elsewhere in this review, NameCheap is on the more expensive side of cheap, and that’s why it finds itself further down our list. However, it does offer a useful 30-day free trial, should you wish to test the service before signing up for a paid plan.

NameCheap Pricing

It does feature an excellent uptime guarantee and useful security measures, too, as well as boasting some of the best web page speeds we’ve seen – but we feel that other providers, like DreamHost or A2 Hosting, offer similar, if not more, for a better price.


  • Offers an excellent 99.9% uptime guarantee, 100% on shared hosting plans
  • Great web page loading speeds to improve customer experience
  • Includes a free domain and migration


  • No specialist plans for online stores
  • Pay extra to use non-US data centers

9. HostPapa – Offers a Huge Amount of Storage

HostPapa Logo

HostPapa offers an excellent range of plans, including those optimized for WordPress, so you know you’re getting good features here. Even the lowest-tier plan includes Jetpack Free, and they also offer 100GB SSD storage and email support.

Alongside this, your website is protected by a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so performance is unlikely to be an issue. There are also some excellent WordPress-specific features like a free SSL, domain, and email account.

Plus, you’ll get some more unique offerings, such as a firewall, malware scanners, and automated backups up to 10GB.

HostPapa Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$2.95/month 100GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 0.86 seconds

The latter features can be found in the highest-tier plan, WP Ultra, but the pricing is still incredibly affordable. The WP Ultra plan also includes the WP Ultra Suite, which offers you unlimited MySQL Databases for all your projects and up to 8x more CPU for a lightning-fast experience for customers.

These features are geared more toward online stores or larger businesses, but with the way the plans are structured, it’s easy to see how seamlessly HostPapa can scale alongside your business. In terms of looks, the server provides a basic cPanel and a straightforward native account administration dashboard.

The latter is user-friendly and appropriate for beginners, but there are some more advanced features for professionals to sink their teeth into. Everything from installing WordPress and making backups to adding a domain name or email account can be done from there.


HostPapa’s optimized WordPress plans offer users great value for money, whichever plan you opt for. We’re also delighted to see Jetpack included on every plan, not just the upper tiers – something we wish all providers would offer.

HostPapa Pricing


  • Includes a free domain with every plan
  • Offers 100GB storage on the cheapest plan
  • Has data centers in 3 different countries


  • The interface is slightly outdated and slow
  • Charges for add-ons like SEO tools can make it a lot more expensive

10. – Best for WordPress Hosting Beginners Logo offers pure simplicity when it comes to WordPress hosting, with just one plan costing $2.49/month billed annually. With this plan, you get a one-click installation, unlimited bandwidth, and storage, as well as a free SSL.

You also get access to a boatload of plugins and themes to customize your WordPress site, with security add-ons, as well as tools for improving your page load time. We also really like that there are plugins specifically for online stores featuring SEO tools. Dashboard

Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
$2.49/month Unlimited 25k-500k Yes 99.9% 2.5 seconds

There’s also a very beginner-friendly feel to, and the interface seems to have been designed with simplicity for newbies in mind – making this a great choice for those building or hosting their first website.

You’ll even get specialist support from one of the useful team members, who will also handle any migration for you. To finish, you’ll get an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee, so whenever a visitor wants to view your website, they can do so without any issues.

If you want to improve performance via any add-ons, you can use the one-click installer Softaculous.

Pricing only offers one WordPress hosting plan, which does leave us wondering if it can support natural growth – you do get the basics, but straight off the bat, this isn’t really tailored for e-commerce use. For small websites and businesses that want their first homepage on the internet, this might be for you. Pricing


  • All plans come with a free domain
  • Strong uptime guarantee of 99.9%
  • Offers unlimited storage


  • Slower page load times than other providers on this list
  • No 24/7 live chat support

The Top 10 Budget WP Hosts in 2023 Compared

Now that we’ve taken a look at each of the top cheap WordPress hosting services in detail, it’s time to compare them against each other using the data from the tables above. This will help you visualize which is cheapest, which host can handle the most traffic, or which has the fastest page load times:

Software Cheapest Plan Storage Traffic Free Domain Uptime Average Page Load Time
DreamHost $2.59/month 30GB 100k-1M Yes 100% 1.54 seconds
BlueHost $2.95/month 10GB 50k-500k Yes – $5.45/month 99.9% 0.8 seconds
InMotion $3.99/month 100GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 1.19 seconds
LiquidWeb $17.50/month 15GB 50k-1M Yes 99.9% 1.4 seconds
A2 Hosting $3.99/month 50GB 50k-1M Yes 99.9% 0.285 seconds
IONOS $3/month 25GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 2.5 seconds
HostArmada $2.49/month 15GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 1.5 seconds
NameCheap $19.55/month 10GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 2 seconds
HostPapa $2.95/month 100GB 50k-500k Yes 99.9% 0.86 seconds $2.49/month Unlimited 25k-500k Yes 99.9% 2.5 seconds

Factors to Consider When Choosing WordPress Website Hosting on a Budget

If you’re just starting to think about hosting your own WordPress website, you may not be aware of what to look for in terms of features, pricing, etc. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key components of any good WordPress hosting service.

  • Features: You should be able to easily install WordPress with just one click, and WordPress-optimized services should also include cache, staging, free site migration, and other helpful features. Professional email accounts, free SSL certificates, and limitless bandwidth are also good additions.
  • Pricing: In our reviews, we looked at the monthly price of each provider to ensure you get a good features-to-value. Although these are cheap WordPress hosts, never base your decision solely on the cost, as you might end up with poor service.
  • Performance: Even if the host provides the most cost-effective feature package, it’s worthless without outstanding performance. We thoroughly evaluated each one to guarantee that any host we provide has excellent average response times and at least 99.99% uptime, and this should be what you’re looking for.
  • User-Friendly: Each hosting service we’ve included has an intuitive interface for beginners but offers enough advanced options for pros too. This is crucial, as many may be building their first-ever website, so having a simple interface is a huge advantage.
  • Customer Support: Time is of the essence while operating a website, so you should be able to get immediate assistance if something goes wrong. Because of this, all of our chosen hosts provide 24/7 customer service via live chat, email, phone calls, or other means.

Other Hosting Guides Worth Reading

If you’re still not sure which host you’d like to use, our team of tech experts has compiled various other hosting guides to help you on your quest to find the best one for your needs. We recommend giving these a read if you’re still on the fence:

Conclusion | What is the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Solution in 2023?

The most effective WordPress hosting options don’t have to be expensive, our list proves that. Many companies provide affordable, top-notch WordPress hosting, and they give you a ton of WordPress-specific functionality, ensure excellent speed, and make management simple.

Overall, DreamHost is our top option if you don’t want to sacrifice quality but yet want to stay within your budget. Its monthly costs start at $2.59, and you get a 99.99% uptime guarantee, fantastic support, simplicity of use, and many features that improve WordPress.


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