Solution detailed for ‘’ e-mail issues |

Solution detailed for ‘’ e-mail issues |

Longtime residents and former customers of the original Kerrville Telephone Company may be experiencing issues with sending and receiving e-mails.

If your e-mail address ends in “,” please take note.

James Craft, owner of JCGraphix and internet technology specialist, has been busy assisting customers who had lost access to their respective e-mail accounts.

“Over the past week I’ve had calls from several clients stating their e-mail address no longer receives or sends messages. Some have spent two or more hours on the phone with a Windstream tech support person with no resolution,” Craft said.

According to Craft, was the email server for Kerrville Telephone Company (KTC) when it started its e-mail service. As the years went by, he said, KTC was purchased by a variety of companies with Windstream being the latest, now called Kinetic.

“Up until recently, persons having a e-mail address could access their email, and send emails, via the e-mail servers, although this was not recommended by Windstream. The perfered servers were, which e-mail address were aliased through,” Craft said. “Though I cannot state this as a fact, I believe that Windstream or Kinetic recently shut down the e-mail servers resulting in persons having e-mail servers in their e-mail client software, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc., could no longer receive or send e-mails.”

Diligently serving his clients, Craft has determined the solution to the e-mail problems.

Using the Windstream support page, Craft said the problems can be resolved by updating the mail server preferences for e-mail accounts ending in by using the following:

Incoming servers

port: (SSL) 993


port: (SSL) 995


Outgoing servers

port: (SSL) 465

port: 587

“Both the incoming and outgoing servers will need to verify folks full email address and password to work correctly, so be sure you enable authentication on the outgoing server as well,” Craft said. “I hope this helps folks.”

The Hill Country Community Journal was one of the original KTC customers who began experiencing e-mail issues and contacted Craft for help.

Publisher Tammy Prout said, “Everyone needs access to their e-mail accounts, but businesses, like ours, were virtually paralized. It was brief for us, luckily, because we have had a longstanding relationship with James Craft, who quickly solved our problem.”

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