Trump doesn’t belong back in White House


In response to “Why would anyone oppose returning Trump to office?” (Reading Eagle, Sept. 8), he did the following:

• Attempted a coup to stay in power.

• Absconded with classified documents, lied about it and refused to give them back when the feds asked nicely.

• Tried to blackmail Ukraine into manufacturing dirt for his 2020 campaign.

• Contemplated withdrawing the U.S. from NATO.

• Separated migrant parents from their children, locked the kids up and failed to reunite he families.

• Touted injecting disinfectant, ultraviolet light exposure, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as COVID-19 cures.

• Discouraged people from wearing masks to cut down the spread of COVID-19, even though masks work.

• Discouraged COVID-19 testing.

• Built an incomplete border wall that doesn’t work, wasn’t needed and wasn’t paid for by Mexico.

• Repeatedly embraced racism.

• Lied all the time. (And still does.)

• Embraced and amplified QAnon conspiracy theories.

• Got impeached twice.

• Passed huge tax cuts for the wealthy and massively grew the national debt.

• Called American military members who died in the line of duty “losers” and “suckers.”

• Was accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women.

• Dismissed any bad news about himself as “fake.”

• Lied about voluntarily turning over his tax returns.

• Described white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., as “very fine people.”

• Used private communication services extensively after arguing that Hillary Clinton should be jailed for having a private email server.

• Went to Puerto Rico and threw paper towels at people desperate for hurricane aid.

• Four indictments with 91 felony charges.

I could go on, but there’s a word limit.

Denny Wayne

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