7 Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools and Free Options

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Do not know where to start when seeking to identify an email sender? Do not look elsewhere! In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best reverse email lookup tools you can buy.

Even if all you know is the sender’s email address, these tools will make it quick and straightforward for you to determine who sent the email. Thus, these tools will help you regardless of whether you’re looking for an old acquaintance or need to confirm someone’s contact identification. Enter the fray!

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BeenVerified – Best Reverse Email Lookup Overall

Even the spam filter doesn’t always catch everything in email inboxes, which can quickly load up with messages from unknown senders. Our best selection for reverse email lookup is BeenVerified, which offers useful details about an ambiguous email address to assist you in determining whether the sender is authentic or a potential fraudster.

Entering the email address is all required to access the service, and BeenVerified will scan its sizable database for pertinent data. Any social media profiles connected to the email, the sender’s name, and other private information about the sender may be included in the results.

The reverse email lookup tool is a useful tool that is far more efficient than a straightforward Google search for anyone wishing to confirm the identity of an emailed sender.


  • Devoted customer service
  • Good mobile apps
  • Well-defined pricing structure
  • Searches for people produce thorough


  • Search results can take a long time to load
  • Results aren’t always reliable
  • No free trial


Reverse email search service is absent on BeenVerified as you can only buy full reports by subscribing to a plan. BeenVerified has two subscription plans available:

You get unrestricted access to all reports for every feature with either of the pricing options. The seven search types are also available to you. You can also choose to receive notifications whenever a specific report changes.

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PeopleLooker – Best for Fast Results

Spam made for about 20% of daily emails that the average person received. Spam emails were also frequently sent to businesses. PeopleLooker is dedicated to reducing spam emails by making it simple to identify the sender.

This reverse email lookup service can also protect your information from prying eyes. To provide you with the most precise and recent personal information, PeopleLooker compares millions of data points from hundreds of sources.

Simply enter the data you already have about the person, and PeopleLooker will search public databases to discover the real name, contact information, and background information of the owner.


  • The search results observe privacy
  • It’s simple to use
  • Android and iOS mobile applications
  • Attractive user interface


  • Processing requests take a long time
  • On some of the information, there are additional fees
  • No functionality for live chat


PeopleLooker offers no reverse email search option but two different pricing tiers from which you may select the one that best suits your needs.

  • A month is covered by the initial plan. For this package, they demand $18.28 a month. You get several benefits with this package, including limitless reports, sex offender searches without limits, property searches, phone and email lookups, criminal records, etc.
  • The following plan is for three months. It costs $14.62 per month. The monthly fee is less expensive than the one-month plan because you’re charged for 3 months at once.

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TruthFinder – Best for Non-Digitized Searches

Based on a person’s email address, the TruthFinder reverse email lookup discovers and reports facts about the person. It accomplishes this by looking through public records, or data about individuals accessible online and via public data sources.

Any public member has the right to access the information in public records. The two most crucial factors to consider when using reverse email lookup tools are the volume and quality of the information.

Many of the solutions on this list can help you find names, but they aren’t particularly excellent at helping you find precise information about the sender. Because it has a sizable database with over 150 million records, TruthFinder tops the list for that kind of search.

In addition, to reverse email lookup, TruthFinder also provides reverse phone lookup and thorough background checks. We recommend this website because it can identify the real person hiding behind an email address and since it compiles a significant amount of data about that person.

To find reliable information, TruthFinder searches social media, court records, police files, and other public sources. TruthFinder searches personal databases for pertinent facts, making it a standout tool.

Read our TruthFinder review for a detailed look at this email address search site.


  • Self-monitoring device
  • Searching the dark web
  • Reports that are extremely thorough


  • Available only in the US
  • Report preparation takes a short while


To access TruthFinder’s features, you must pay for the full membership plan.

  • Two-month unlimited plan: $23.28/month ($46.56 every 60 days)
  • Unlimited one-month plan: $28.05/month

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Instant Checkmate: Best for Detailed Searches

Instant Checkmate can be a terrific option if you want something accurate and reasonably priced. This people search tool allows you to look for specific information about a person by name or phone number.

You’ll require more information than simply an email address, but this is a fantastic option if you do.

Unlike other choices, Instant Checkmate is lightning-quick and provides a sizable public records database. Its reports include details on marriage and assets, criminal histories, court records, and every other publically accessible official database.

Every package with this search engine allows endless searches. You don’t have to worry about hiding your identity when looking for someone because Instant Checkmate cherishes users’ privacy immensely.


  • Access to a vast quantity of public records
  • Findings that are accurate
  • Advanced search filters


  • There aren’t any single reports available
  • High subscription cost
  • Slow process of searching


Although Instant Checkmate isn’t the least-priced background check site, it provides good value if you use it for a while. Only complete subscription levels are available, giving you access to its services.

Read our Instant Checkmate review for a detailed look at this email address search site.

  • 3-month subscription with unlimited reports for $27.82 per month
  • $34.78 for a month’s worth of limitless reports

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Intelius: Best for Checking Educational Information

Even though Intelius lacks a reverse email lookup feature, it’s handy if you need information about a certain email. Intelius can assist you in contacting the sender of an email once you have their name, contact number, or residential address.

Emails that are real and that you can check should contain the sender’s name and company address. The most reputable brand in the sector is Intelius. This lookup site differs from others because it concentrates on presenting the educational background of the individual you’re looking for.


  • Offers education and history
  • Produces outcomes rapidly
  • Reputable business


  • US-only findings
  • Expensive
  • Plans for pricing are opaque


A quick and easy way to search for basic information is provided by Intelius. It offers various subscriptions. For subscribers who subscribe to Intelius unlimited person reports, the following plans are available.

Read our Intelius review for a detailed look at this email address search site.

  • Plan for every two months: Beginning at $21.125 per month (billed at $42.25 every two months)
  • Beginning at $24.86 per month for a monthly plan

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Spokeo: Best for Long-term Use

If you require more in-depth information than just the identity of the person sending an email, Spokeo is our top recommendation. Strong email lookup features are combined with various other search services, including name, address, and phone number searches, on Spokeo. 

Underneath an email address, you may get a lot more information outside just the person’s name. Using social media databases, and historical, corporate, consumer, and court information, Spokeo collects data from billions of documents.

This reverse email lookup tool searches its database when you look up an email to find every piece of information that might be pertinent to it. With a simple-to-use interface, this is a flexible email lookup service but has no free reverse email lookups.

Even though Spokeo is a top-notch reverse email address lookup tool, it provides its services at the most competitive rates.


  • Offers thorough checks
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to use


  • Social media usage is too prevalent
  • US exclusive
  • Results could occasionally be wrong


The least expensive email lookup service is known as Spokeo. You can use all the search capabilities, including name, address, and phone number lookup, at no additional cost with its membership levels. Reverse email search free service is absent, but the monthly membership fees are listed below:

  • $34.95/month for a three-month plan
  • $19.95/month for a one-month plan

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PeopleFinders – Best for Affordability

The quick and simple approach to learn more about an unidentified email address and the person using it is to conduct an email search at PeopleFinders. Find out quickly if an email address is associated with someone you know.

You might discover its provenance is dubious, making it a target for phishing or some other email scam. Say, on the other hand, that all you have for a person’s contact is their email address.

If so, you can use it to look out for that person’s other contact details, such as a current address, phone number, and social media profiles.

Billions of public records and information, including social media handles, email addresses, and more, are available in PeopleFinders’ database. You can try to learn more about someone by using their email address besides their name, address, and phone number.

In the US, email is used frequently by more than 250 million individuals. Although it’s not always the case, most of them have an email address that is personally associated with them.

People can create email accounts using false names and other personal or commercial information, as creating email addresses does not need identification verification.

Evaluating the data and tracking out the owner of an email address involves data aggregation expertise similar to PeopleFinders. This is why PeopleFinders’ reverse email lookup tool is so successful at thwarting scams; without free reverse email lookup.


  • Cheap
  • Simple to use
  • Enormous database
  • Several search possibilities


  • Need to subscribe
  • Inadequate data for certain email addresses
  • Not all of the information is current


With its reverse email lookup service, PeopleFinders offers a variety of price plans. They provide a one-time lookup and several subscription options. A summary of their price is shown below:

  • You can conduct unlimited searches with this plan for a monthly cost of $24.78
  • One-time lookup: For $4.95, this option enables you to run a single search for an email address

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Ranking Methodology for the Best Reverse Email Lookup

We considered the following elements when ranking the top reverse email lookup tools:

  • Database size: An email address’s information is more likely to be present in a larger database.
  • Information accuracy: Information regarding the email account’s owner should be correct and current, according to the tool.
  • Search options: To maximize the likelihood of locating information, the tool should include a variety of search choices.
  • User-friendliness: The program should be simple to operate and navigate.
  • Additional features: A background check or dark web surveillance are optional capabilities that specific programs may provide.
  • Price: The software ought to be inexpensive and provide a selection of subscription plans.
  • Customer Support: When you encounter problems, the tool should have good customer service that can help.

You may thoroughly rank the best reverse email lookup tools and select the one that best suits your needs by taking these aspects into account.

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Free Reverse Email Lookup Methods 

Free reverse email lookup can be done using a variety of methods:

Social media search: Reverse email search free is on social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can learn more about the owner if the email address is connected to a social network account.

Google search: Reverse email search is in Google to see if any results are returned. This can include posts on internet forums, social media profiles, and personal websites.

Email header analysis: Reverse email search free can be applied where you can examine the email header to learn the sender’s IP address and email server. Sometimes, this data might be utilized to locate the sender.

Reverse email lookup services: These services can give you some basic details about the owner of the email address, including the domain and whether the email address is authentic.

Searching on forums or message boards: Several people publish their email addresses in discussion boards and forums. Reverse email search free search can be done on those sites to see if you can identify the person behind it.

Because the owner of the email address may not have made that information publicly available, some reverse email search methods may not be completely accurate or reveal much information on the owner of the email address.

What Is a Reverse Email Lookup

An internet application called a reverse email search service can assist users in determining who may be emailing and why? Also, it can be used to gather more information about the applicants you’re considering hiring or prospects (for marketing and sales professionals) you hope to transform.

The data might be something like this:

  • Whether they have any aliases
  • Complete name of the sender
  • Senders’ images
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles
  • Current address in full

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For three main reasons, email lookup tools are used:

  • Marketing: Verifying the validity of the email addresses that marketing or sales teams have gathered is crucial. Verify that you’re working with actual people as soon as possible because you don’t want your email marketing newsletters to bounce.
  • Background Checks: Typically carried out by professionals who want to learn more about a friend, or a love interest. For every conceivable reason, some people ask for them, including finding out more about a new romantic interest, getting to know someone who randomly contacted them, or, regrettably, cyberstalking.
  • Risk Analysis: Small and large enterprises can utilize reverse email search to find out more about their users in preventing fraud, evaluating risks, and maintaining cybersecurity.

Although the aforementioned specialists are most likely to use them, these technologies occasionally serve a purpose for private individuals and other fields. Not every one of these answers is the same. Let’s look at some things to think about before registering.

What Are the Limits of Reverse Email Lookups?

The first restriction is related to the freemium business model used by several email search engines. One of these businesses’ main uses is that while there’s free reverse email lookup, getting results is not free.

Thinking you’ve found a free reverse email lookup service just to find out it directs you to a paid one is another irritating problem. Verifying webmail addresses might be challenging or unavailable, which is another item to consider, especially for marketers. For instance, hunter.io is quite upfront about the fact that it solely supports professional domains.

After that, there are speed-related concerns. The only choice, for example, is to integrate an email analysis API into your system if you run an e-commerce store and need to instantly validate the email addresses of a big number of customers.

Using risk analysis techniques yields results almost immediately. Some services need you to enter addresses one at a time and wait for the results for up to five minutes. Aside from that, avoid confusing email finders or email search engines with reverse email search tools. 

Contrary to what one might expect, an email address search tool is made to locate an email address based on a name. A wide variety of products are available on the email search market.

The issue of data quality comes last. In a perfect world, you would desire current and fresh data. A simple test reveals that many of the programs indicated above, however, must search through quite old databases to obtain their users’ data, which defeats the purpose.

You may find that using a search engine to manually enter the email address will yield greater results with some background checking.

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The fact that email addresses are linked to a wealth of information is one benefit of using email to investigate user information. Because of this, utilizing these tools is sometimes known as performing an email background check.

They are also much more focused than, for instance, looking up a device or IP address.

Email Address Validity

Whether the email address is authentic can be determined using a reverse email search as a starting point. The SMTP check is used to confirm this.

In essence, the program asks for the email address’s domain (such as @gmail.com or @yahoo.co.uk) and then determines whether the address is valid.

Email Domain Type and Quality Verification

There are certain domains that are of a high caliber and those that are less reliable. The difficulty of opening an account on them is the key factor. For instance, it’s simple and free to sign up for gmail.com, even though it sounds trustworthy.

As a result of their stricter verification procedures, like SMS verification, other providers are more secure.

Afterward, you may look up the email address’s age. That could seem more suspicious if it were just made. Unless it has been made public in a data breach, a more established address could indicate that it is safer (check below). 

You can also determine the domain registration date if it does. This is typical for personal websites and business emails, but scammers can also use those.

Email Address and Social Media Lookup

Checking to verify if an email address has been used to join any social media platform is one of the most effective ways to confirm the validity of an email address these days. This procedure, also known as social media profiling, will examine the address to see whether it has been used on other websites like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

This is because a proper social media lookup tool will also include information like the person’s name, location, and bio.

Email Address Found on Data Breaches?

A useful tool can check the address against those discovered in data breaches. Discovering an address in one of those breaches gives us an idea of how long the email address has been used and how frequently, but it may also indicate improper use if a fraudster gains access to it.

Email Blacklists Check

Searching for that email address on public spam blacklists is another technique to determine whether scammers have already used it

Because the account holder may no longer have access to the mailbox if they register with a known spammer address, you may wish to block them or manually check their other information (even worse, it could be a malicious address).

Email Address Quality Evaluation

One fascinating data element that can be difficult to evaluate is the possibility that the email address was created by a human user instead of a fraudster or bot, both of whom need to act swiftly. This has to do with the real quality of the email name.

String analysis should allow a capable email profiling tool to identify whether the email address appears authentic or was just generated automatically. For instance, using many special letters or numbers can be suspicious. If the account name and handle are different, the same applies.

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Best Practices to Avoid Phishing Email Scams

Everyone who emails you might not be a friend. Your mailbox will periodically see phishing attempts, regardless of how good your spam filter is. Cybercriminals are some of those who are seeking to steal private data like credit cards and social security numbers.

Some people want to infect your website with a virus, after which they’ll demand money to access your data. The equivalent of vandals online are certain people who intentionally cause harm for no other reason than to see if they can.

Thankfully, phishing scammers share several characteristics, making them relatively easy to spot and avoid.

  1. If the email’s sender is someone you don’t know and trust, never click on a link or attachment inside the email. (This is among the strongest justifications for using a reverse email lookup to figure out who is emailing you.) Your device may become infected by some malicious links. Some seem to lead to a trustworthy company’s address, but remember that the URL you see on the screen isn’t always the one the link will take you to. If you can keep your finger from slipping, you can hover over the link to reveal the destination.
  2. Watch out for emails that claim your credit card has been used fraudulently or that your card information needs to be updated. They frequently involve phishing to trick you into giving bad guys private information. When you open one of these fraudulent emails, the sender’s address usually gives it away. It’ll be a person’s name or a random string of characters. If you believe there may be a problem with your Visa account, close your email, launch your browser, access the official website of your Visa provider, and sign in as you would to view your statement.
  3. Do not ever divulge your password. No trustworthy organization will request it.
  4. Avoid using the same password on several critical accounts and change your passwords frequently.
  5. Maintain your phone or other equipment regularly. Although tedious, the most recent updates offer the most advanced defense against malicious attempts.
  6. Never do commerce on unprotected websites. Secure websites have names that begin with //https: and a padlock icon. It’s unsafe if the domain name begins solely with //http.
  7. Utilize antivirus programs that have anti-phishing add-ons. Many popular security software programs offer it, and it examines attachments and other files to look for viruses.

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Where Does Reverse Email Lookup Information Come From?

The vast majority of email address finders use open-source database enrichment (OSINT). A device, Internet Protocol, and social media data are all collected by reverse email lookup.

To be legal and comply with the regulations in the EU, the finest reverse email search ensures that the data gathered is GDPR-compliant.

Will the Person Know I’m Searching for Them?

The aforementioned reverse email search poses no risk to the user. Using a service like LinkedIn, remember that users may be alerted if they see your profile directly, depending on their privacy settings.

What Does an Email’s Domain Type Actually Tell Me?

Remembering that the domain might provide context to the presented data is important. Since disposable domains are used for temporary email accounts, they’re especially vulnerable. 

Further scrutiny may be required of custom domains because of the possibility that fraudsters would use this tactic to obtain a whitelist.

There are various options on the market when it comes to the top reverse email lookup programs. The best tools are BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, TruthFinder, PeopleFinders, Spokeo, and Intelius, to name a few.

These programs include a variety of capabilities, including complete search results, precise and current information, user-friendly interfaces, several search choices, dark web monitoring, background checks, and more.

Yet, there are other free reverse email lookup choices. Reverse email search free service examples are social media search, and Google search. It’s important to remember that some of the best tools are not free.

However, the free reverse email lookup techniques could not be entirely precise. Reverse email search free might also not offer much information on the owner of the email address.

The greatest reverse email lookup tool for you’ll ultimately depend on your unique requirements and financial constraints. Before choosing a tool, examining and evaluating its features and reviews is advised.

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