10 Best Domain Registrars Of 2023 – Forbes Advisor Australia

10 Best Domain Registrars Of 2023 – Forbes Advisor Australia

When choosing a domain name registrar for your business, it’s vital to consider a variety of factors. For example, you not only want a registrar that offers the domain name extensions (e.g., .com or .biz) you’re looking for, but also offers competitively priced domains (for your first year and every year thereafter), and includes money-saving extras.

Here’s what to consider when choosing a domain name:


Most registrars offer discounted rates for the first year, making the initial purchase quite affordable. However, the renewal rates for subsequent years can sometimes be significantly higher. This increase can catch you by surprise, especially if a registrar doesn’t send a notification beforehand that you’ll be charged. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the full pricing structure, including both the introductory and renewal rates, before making a decision.


Most domain registrars will offer top-level domains (TLDs). For example, .com or .org. However, if you’re interested in a unique or specific extension such as .blog, or .store, or a country-specific one such as .au in Australia, you’ll need to ensure the registrar you choose supports it. Not all registrars offer these extensions, so it’s an important factor to check if you have a specific TLD in mind. Of course, if you’re an Australian business selling into the US market, a .com extension will be much more important than .au

Ease of Use

Leading domain registrars usually provide comprehensive help centres, including robust documentation and tutorials on how to connect your domain to popular content management systems such as WordPress or email hosting providers. The user interface and management dashboard of the registrar should also be intuitive and easy to navigate.


Even with the best planning, you may encounter issues or have questions that require help. When evaluating a domain registrar, consider the hours during which support is available and the channels it uses—phone, email, live chat, etc. Also, consider looking at user reviews to assess the registrar’s reputation for customer service. The best domain registrars provide timely, helpful support and can be invaluable when you’re managing your online presence.

Registration Period

Think of registering a domain name as a bit like signing a lease on a new apartment. The registration period is your lease term, often starting with a one-year commitment. But, you have options. You can choose to lock down your digital address for up to 10 years. This longer commitment can be a smart move, financially and practically, securing your spot on the web and often saving you a bit of money over time. Just remember, as with any lease, it’s up to you to renew it when the term ends if you want to keep your spot.

Domain Transferability

If you ever spot a better deal or want to switch for other reasons, you should be able to take your domain name with you. This is what we call domain transferability. But, similar to moving houses, it can come with a bit of legwork (and sometimes, extra costs). So before you sign up, get to know your registrar’s policies. How long after your initial registration can you move? Is there a fee? Is it difficult to switch?

Expiration Policies

Every registrar has rules about what happens when your domain registration period ends. It’s kind of like what happens when your apartment lease runs out. Some give you a grace period to renew with no extra charges, while others might slap on a hefty late fee. And if you don’t renew in time? Your domain could end up back on the market or even on the auction block. So do yourself a favour and get familiar with your registrar’s expiration policies. It could save you a tonne of headaches (and potentially, your domain) down the line.

Additional Services

Finally, many domain registrars offer more than just a domain name—they come with perks. These might include things such as web hosting, email services, website builders, privacy protection and more. It’s like the gym and pool in your apartment complex, adding convenience and value to your lease. But remember, not all perks are created equal. The quality, cost and usefulness of these services can vary from one registrar to another, so shop around. And if the extra services don’t fit your needs or your budget, you can always get them from another source.


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