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With the Minecraft Cobblemon mod, you can catch and battle Pokemon in Mojang’s sandbox. There are plenty of Cobblemon servers to discover, so it can overwhelming to sift through the masses and find the right one to dive into. Here you’ll find 10 of the best Cobblemon servers available for Minecraft.

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Complex Gaming

  • Java IP: mslc.mc-complex.com

The Complex Gaming server is one of the largest servers around, boasting over 4000 active players on a regular basis. Complex includes tons of game modes, and their take on Cobblemon and Pixelmon, continues to grow in popularity. 

Pixelmon includes Pokemon from all nine generations, currently totaling close to 1,000! You’ll have the opportunity to meet, battle, and catch ‘em all. The Pixelmon will spawn throughout the Overworld, much like regular Minecraft mobs. You can compete against other trainers online, or venture out alone to conquer gyms.

Blaze Gaming

  • Java IP: msl.mc-blaze.com
  • Bedrock IP: play.mc-blaze.com:19132

Blaze Gaming has been around for four years now, so it’s a reliable server to enjoy Pixelmon. Additionally, the Blaze hosts Mega Monthly Tournaments (MMT) on their Pixelmon server to compete to be the best and win Blaze Store gift cards and other prizes.

The server includes the catch ‘em experience and added bonuses like PokeStops throughout the Overworld where you can discover random loot. You can earn in-game currency by breeding Pixelmon, fishing, defeating trainers, and more. Safe to say there’s plenty to see and do on the Blaze Gaming Cobblemon server.

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PokeClash Cobblemon

  • Java IP: cobble.pokeclash.com

The PokeClash Cobblemon server is smaller, with a low 100-player cap. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The server is focused on bringing a polished experience where you can partake in the best that Cobblemon has to offer.

PokeClash features Pokemon Showdown where you can engage in competitive battle mechanics inspired by Legends Arceus, so that you can relearn, physically run from battle, and evolve your Pixelmon when you want to. Additionally, you can build, mine, or fight mobs while in Pixelmon battles.

PokeHub Cobblemon

  • Java IP: play.pokehub.org

PokeHub is a Cobblemon server that’s frequently adding new Legendaries to the Overworld and receiving update support. There are around 900 Pokemon to catch, train and battle in PokeHub. The server can host up to 5,000 players, but averages around 200 at a time.

PokeHub regularly hosts in-game Build Competitions where you can compete against others to win PokeHub gift cards. This is a great server to flex your unique building skills and become a PokeMaster while you’re at it.

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Cobblemon Islands

  • Java IP: Play.cobblemonislands.com

Cobblemon Islands is a smaller server. It has a cap of 80 players but it’s frequently busy with over 50 players active. Cobblemon Islands promises to never be pay-to-win and includes around 1,000 Pokemon.

This server frequently receives updates and has plans to continue to grow. Cobblemon Islands features personalized character skins, ranked battles, battle tournaments, and player gyms coming soon. There is even custom PokeVillage, and Terrain generation to really set the server apart.


  • Java IP: Play.cobbleland.com

CobbleLand is focused on bringing Cobblemon to vanilla Minecraft so that you can enjoy a combination of Survival and Pokemon. This server creates a welcoming experience for players new to Cobblemon, and has regular update support. There are currently around 300 Pokemon in the server, with plans to add many more.

CobbleLand includes over 20 features, including weekly server events to bring the community together. Additionally, there’s a Survival on Hard Mode for those who want a greater challenge with their Pokemon.

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Cobblemon Astra

  • Java IP: play.cobblemonastra.com

PixilCraft is a smaller Cobblemon Survival server, capping at 75 players. The server receives frequent updates and regularly hosts weekly events like bug catch contests, mini-games, and trivia. There’s even a black market to seek out for valuable trades.

Cobblemon Astra has over 700 Cobblemon, with plans to add more in the future. Additionally, the server includes legendary Trio Birds that spawn randomly, keeping their rarity consistent and removing any pay-to-win attributes. 

Plasma Cobblemon

  • Java IP: play.unovalegends.net

The Plasma server currently has over 600 Cobblemon, with plans to add more. This server caps at 1,000 players, so there’s plenty of room to play. This one’s on the newer end but plans to add exciting features like a Daycare, player and NPC gyms, and custom Pokemon.

Plasma Cobblemon allows you to build a home with grief protection, so you have a low-stress experience. Plasma is hosted by the Unova Legends server, which includes other modes like Towny, Survival Games, and more.

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  • Java IP: play.pokefind.co
  • Bedrock IP: play.pokefind.co

PokeFind is a large server with a 1,000-player cap, and it and averages around 800 live players. You can discover Pokemon survival mode, Skyblock mode, factions, competitive battling, and even a custom storyline on this server.

PokeFind includes every Pokemon from generations 1-5. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to play through tons of unique quests, like the Detective Pikachu quest. If that all doesn’t sound fun enough, you can also participate in monthly tournaments for trainers. PokeFind is a great Cobblemon server if you’re looking for the a variety of content.


The Dynasty Cobblemon server is a new server capable of hosting up to 200 players. Dynasty promises to bring fun and new events every week. You can discover nearly 1,000 Pokemon, and participate in Early Bird events by joining now.

Dynasty focuses on building a community and includes support for an optional proximity voice chat mod. It also features the Wondertrade mod, the Global Trade System, and Global Hunts. Dynasty is a great Cobblemon server to check out if you’re in the mood to socialize while you catch ’em.

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Well, that does it for the best 10 Cobblemon Servers in Minecraft. We’ve got plenty more for you to discover, like how to install and use a Cobblemon server. For more tips and tricks, including monthly mods lists, bookmark our Minecraft guides page!

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