Where to Stream Best Vintage Game Shows

Where to Stream Best Vintage Game Shows

Game shows have long dominated daytime television, with the likes of Jeopardy!, The Price is Right, and Let’s Make a Deal remaining on air decades after first debuting. Now that more streaming platforms continue to pop up by the day, more licensing deals have allowed for vintage game shows to rise from the decades-old slumber for a new chance at life.

Since we’ve some self-proclaimed game show aficionados on staff here at ComicBook.com, we wanted to not all bring your attention to some of the best vintage game shows that have been released, but also where you can stream them in this new digital age.

Match Game

When Did It First Air? A titan amongst those on this list, Match Game aired thousands of episodes in the ’60s and ’70s. The most popular chunk of episodes happened to be when the series re-launched in 1973 with Match Game ’73, which renamed itself dependent on the year it was filmed in. Hosted by Gene Rayburn, Match Game ’73 through Match Game ’79 ended up airing just under 1,500 episodes in the six years it was on air.

Where Is It Streaming? Freevee frequently rotates its roster of Match Game episodes, but it currently has nearly 150 episodes to stream from Match Game ’73, Match Game ’75, and Match Game ’78.


Classic Concentration

When Did It First Air? Toward the beginning of Alex Trebek’s decades-long stint as host of Jeopardy!, the late game show icon also hosted Classic Concentration, a game show based on the classic children’s game. Though the show itself had a few versions before Trebek took over the reins, it wasn’t until the Jeopardy! mainstay joined the show that it really hit the zeitgeist. With Trebek attached, Classic Concentration aired 1,090 episodes between 1987 and 1991.

Where Is It Streaming? This is where things get tricky. Classic Concentration isn’t streaming in the sense you can open up a platform a select whichever episode you’d like. Episodes of the series, however, can be seen on the BUZZR channel on PlutoTV during the show’s scheduled time slots.


Supermarket Sweep

When Did It First Air? One of the most popular game shows on this list, Supermarket Sweep has a lengthy history. The earliest version of the show aired from 1965 to 1967, though it wasn’t until David Ruprecht’s version in the ’90s that the show really clicked. Ruprecht hosted the show from its return in 1990 until 1995, and another version of the show from 2000-2003. All in all, Ruprecht went on to host 1,111 episodes of the supermarket-based gameshow.

Where Is It Streaming? 80 episodes of Supermarket Sweep can be seen streaming for no cost on Freevee. Those episodes are made up of 40 episodes from 1991 and another 40 from 2000’s version that first appeared on PAX TV.


Press Your Luck

When Did It First Air? Press Your Luck, the game show that became synonymous with the “No Whammies!” saying, first premiered in 1983. Over the next three years, Press Your Luck aired 761 episodes before it was taken off the air in 1986.

Where Is It Streaming? 60 episodes from Press Your Luck’s first season can be seen streaming on Amazon’s Freevee.


Super Password/Password Plus

When Did It First Air? The original Password aired for a few years in the ’60s, but it was until its successors debuted the gameshow brand found major success. Password Plus aired 801 episodes from 1979 to 1982 and was originally hosted by Allen Ludden. After Ludden was diagnosed with stomach cancer 1980, Bill Cullen and Tom Kennedy shared hosting duties for the remainder of the show’s new episodes until it aired its last episode on March 26, 1982. It was then revived as Super Password, hosted by Bert Convy, which then aired a whopping 1,151 between 1984 and 1989.

Where Is It Streaming? As of now, Password Plus has 80 episodes between Season One and Season Two currently streaming on Freevee, a free streaming service owned by Amazon. Super Password follows the exact pattern, with 20 episodes from its first seasons and 60 episodes from its second season currently available to stream on Freevee. Both shows can also be found streaming episodes on PlutoTV’s BUZZR channel.



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