UK Government Aims for Transformation Roadmap by 2025

The UK government is set on delivering its digital transformation program by 2025. Megan Lee Devlin, the Director General and Chief Executive of the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO), leads the agency responsible for driving this initiative. With a team of 27,000 individuals across government and public bodies, Devlin aims to enhance government services, modernize technology, improve digital skills, and capitalize on data.

Despite facing significant challenges such as the global pandemic, Brexit fallout, European conflicts, and a cost of living crisis, Devlin sees this period as an opportunity for innovation and progress. The UK’s response to COVID-19 demonstrated the potential of digital solutions in addressing major concerns. The government swiftly implemented initiatives like the Coronavirus furlough scheme, which supported 11.7 million employee jobs during lockdown. The establishment of the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable People Service (VPS) in just four days enabled essential supplies to reach citizens confined to their homes.

Devlin highlighted the creation of a daily updated dashboard that provided data on the pandemic’s spread and public health impact as another successful digital endeavor. The government’s COVID-19 app and travel pass facilitated the reopening of society, and research shows that the technology prevented significant numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Building upon these achievements, the CDDO developed the UK government’s digital and data transformation plans for 2021-25. Three key factors informed the roadmap: a common purpose throughout all organizations, investment in foundational technologies, and specific, measurable commitments. The CDDO collaborated with government, business, and tech leaders to ensure readiness for a digital future.

The roadmap consists of six missions, including public service transformation, streamlined access to government services, data management governance, secure systems, digital skills development, and addressing barriers to transformation. Underpinning these missions are 21 measurable commitments that all government departments have committed to achieving by 2025.

These commitments aim to elevate service standards and performance, improve ID and verification processes through the GOV.UK One Login government app, and enhance procurement procedures. By focusing on these goals and leveraging technology, the UK government aims to inaugurate a new era of digital transformation.

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