Types Of Email Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Types Of Email Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Different kinds of email hosting available to small businesses

There is a wide variety of email hosting services for small businesses, each designed to accomplish something specific and unique. Let’s find out what kind of email hosting service will serve your companies needs the very best, shall we?

1. Web Hosting on a Shared Server With Email Service

Shared hosting plans typically include access to this kind of email service for its customers. Due to restrictions imposed by the email server, you won’t be able to use it to send or receive many emails.

2. Email Hosting Provided by a Provider

Most businesses prefer to use hosting email options provided by third parties. These email servers are scalable, intuitive, and user-friendly and offer outstanding support. Please keep in mind that you will be required to pay a separate fee for hosting your emails. Because of this, the price will be higher than what you would pay to obtain shared web hosting that includes an email service.

3. Email Servers That You Host Yourself

These are sophisticated email servers that are reliable, and to operate them, the team operating these servers needs to have a high level of technical skill. You can easily send, receive, and manage your email correspondence thanks to the dependability of these servers.

Why You Should Host Email on a Different Server

The online files (and the database) of your company’s websites should not be hosted on the same server as your company’s email since this is strongly recommended by many industry professionals. Because many companies consider the cost of maintaining a separate email server to be an “avoidable” business expense, they choose to put their email on the same server, which makes it simple to make this error. In the event that a catastrophe occurs and the server is taken offline for any reason, the company will be unable to email its providers because its email system will also be unavailable.

Hosting email is a terrible idea from a purely technological point of view. Web hosting and email hosting are two entirely separate services that have distinct demands placed upon their respective resources. By hosting them on the same server, you run the risk of causing competition for the available resources, potentially slowing down the application’s performance.

Last but not least, there is the perplexing problem of support. Although the customer service team of the hosting provider may be very well experienced in dealing with difficulties related to web hosting, their understanding of how to troubleshoot issues related to email hosting may be lacking.

Possible Microsoft Office 365 Alternative – The email service provided by Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect, developed by GFI Software, is a product that was developed, taking into consideration the requirements of smaller companies. It serves as a mail server and an integrated solution for collaborative work. In addition, the method of installation is quite quick and uncomplicated (it can be completed in just ten minutes)! Furthermore, Kerio Connect is compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. In addition to email, Kerio Connect comes equipped with a calendar, instant messaging, a variety of security features (including anti-virus and anti-spam), and several other functions that are essential to the operation of a business.

You can obtain licensing for Kerio  Email through iSync.io, or you may have us host Kerio Connect for you email cloud. Both of these options are available to you. This offering comprises a number of tools for the management and optimization of networks, a number of solutions for the protection of networks, and a number of tools for the exchange of information among networks.

If you are needed to adhere to severe data protection regulations, you will be relieved to find that Kerio Connect can be installed on-premises. This is especially the case if you are required to protect sensitive customer information. This suggests that you have full command over all of your data.

On the other hand, deploying it within the cloud infrastructures of partner organizations is something that might be doable. If you place a high priority on scalability and availability, this feature will be of particular assistance to you. Kerio Connect is a good choice for Microsoft 365 as it offers a wide variety of deployment options due to its adaptability.

Not only does iSync.io’s cloud email hosting solution contain Kerio Email, but it also includes our Private Dedicated Kerio Connect Cloud Servers. This is because iSync.io’s cloud email hosting solution is currently the greatest business email hosting service and groupware solution. Our Kerio Connect Email cloud caters to the requirements of both small and medium-sized enterprises, and it provides a comprehensive feature set that is competitive with that of Microsoft 365, Google Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange.

Not only is the Kerio Connect Email Hosting provided by iSync.io exceptionally reliable and speedy, but it also provides the most superior customer service in the business. Make the switch to one of the top email hosting providers that are now available. iSync.io provides a hosted Kerio Business Class Email client.

Optional iSync.io cloud services enhance your business security

Without the need for a complicated VPN, our all-encompassing cloud solutions give you safe and redundant access to your company’s email, VoIP, all of your company’s vital data and files, and backup.

With the help of our file server enablement solution, SyncBox, you may now safely provision your own servers in the cloud, and we will, of course, keep ransomware at bay. We provide you with the resources you require in the contemporary workplace, together with the convenience of a single point for billing and personal support for all of your needs.


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