Looking for vps/dedicated server with /24 subnet

Looking for vps/dedicated server with /24 subnet

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Let us recall that the spirit of the internet is peering, and that peering is the willingness to freely route traffic over your network in exchange for another network doing the same for you without restriction. Can you then define spam specifically, in a manner that is legally binding to you? Because let’s be honest, “spam” is really just code for “we want to censor you if we feel like it”.

What are the “risks of spam”? Who is claiming authority to regulate free and open communication over the internet, and by what authority is some form of communication deemed “spam” and others not? There already exists sufficient means for end users to filter and block unwanted traffic so explain to me why you believe it falls upon you to interfere with private communications.

Is the spirit of the internet like the ghost of internet past? We’re well beyond the days when the internet was made up of a handful of research universities interconnecting their mainframes with dial up modems to share academic research.

Nobody is going to let a hosting provider knowingly send spam without consequences. At the bare minimum, their IP space will get blacklisted and they’ll need to terminate your service and then kiss the butts of the blacklist operators to try to get it cleaned up. Meanwhile their legitimate customers won’t be able to send mail because the IP space is blacklisted. That’s even before you consider laws like CAN-SPAM, or just the moral imperative not to be intentionally involved in making the internet a worse place.

I feel like arguing these kinds of points like you are doing, is just your way of saying “of course I send spam, but I feel really entitled that I should be able to do that, how dare you imply otherwise”.

Meanwhile for the hosting provider, you don’t want this kind of customer as it can cause all kinds of problems. You know full well what those problems and risks are, don’t pretend like there’s no consequences to the provider for allowing spam to be sent from their network.

As to wire payment a year up front mitigating risk, basically it comes down to saying “Well, if you’re willing to pay me for a year’s service via a payment method that can’t be charged back, then the fact that you have a lot to lose by sending spam makes it more likely that you probably won’t be sending spam, and so I’m willing to risk taking on a customer whose request would normally be ringing alarm bells as ‘likely spammer’.” In that case, there’s a two fold benefit — 1, a spammer is unlikely to agree to these terms, so if you do agree to the terms, it means probably you’re not a spammer after all and we can give you the benefit of the doubt. and 2 — if you are a spammer, then getting paid a year up front and not having to worry about chargebacks gives me a reasonable compensation for the effort of cleaning up after you if you do send spam from my network and I need to terminate your service.

Mind you, this is not the approach I would take — if I think someone wants to send spam, I don’t offer them wire fee year up front, I just decline to do business with them. What I am doing is just explaining the rationale for why a host might see this as a way to mitigate their risk in considering doing business with a customer they’re on the fence about.


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