LIVE BLOG: Mutawatawa Presidential Star Rally #6MillionVotes #ZimElections2023

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15:18 VP Mohadi said under the Second Republic, Zimbabwe has achieved a lot and there is great development being done across the country

So I call upon all of you here to vote for the ruling party come August 23

15:15 Thank you Mash East for coming out in your numbers in support of this rally.

We are travelling across the country for campaign rallies and yes, a lot of people are attending, but what Mash East has done today is remarkable, outstanding.

15:12 VP Mohadi is now on the stage to give closing remarks

15:07 President Mnangagwa ends his address

15:05 The President denounced drug and substance abuse also calling for respect among citizens.

15:03 HE says they also rolled out solar-powered boreholes nationwide with tapped water.

15:02 President says he will forever be grateful for the multitudes that attended the rally.

15:00 HE says Zim is now focusing more on production with 80 percent of products in shops being made locally

14:59 HE says the Zanu PF Government has eliminated fuel queues and load-shedding with 600 megawatts having been added to the national grid.

The President said as of decentralising registry offices, the Government started rolling out e-passports in Murewa in Mash East province.

14:57 The President says in Mash East the Government has constructed 3 dams namely Kunzvi, Muchekeranwa and Chivhu dams.

14:55 HE says the Government is making 35 000 village gardens with horticulture and a borehole, “Second Republic has the interest of people at heart.”

14:52 HE challenges everyone to be productive saying Mash East competes with Mash West and Mash Central in terms of Agriculture production.

HE says for the last 3 years in SADC, Zim has been growing economically ahead of all other nations

14:48 The President says for the past 3 years Zim has been having a food surplus.

14:46 HE says his adminstration has dealt with the issue of food security at the household level through programes such as Pfumvudza

14:45 The President says all those who want to cause violence, do not beat them just give them water to drink but never allow them to sleep.

“The Second Republic first and foremost we require peace in the country. Zimbabwe is one of the most peaceful in the region and the continent.”

14:43 HE says he chose his VP (Cde Chiwenga) from Mash East as the province has people of excellence

14:41 President Mnangagwa says “land reform is now behind us and irreversible”

14:40 HE invites Zanu PF secretary for Security Cde Lovemore Matuke who hails from Masvingo province to admit in front of the crowd that Mash East has outclassed them in terms of numbers.

The President says no people from another country will come and build Zimbabwe, it is up to Zimbabweans to build Zimbabwe brick upon brick, stone upon stone

14:38 The President pays tribute to Chief Svosve clan from Mash East province who were among those leading the successful land reform programme.

14:35 Due to the overwhelming numbers at the rally he is no longer going to lose sleep over August 23 elections.

He says even if the opposition votes with legs or ears it will still be defeated by Zanu PF as evidenced by the record numbers.

14:33 Elections since 1980 Zanu PF has been winning and will continue to do so.

Anyone who can dream of Zanu PF losing should wake up and say “Mudzimu yandirasa”

14:31 Zanu PF is a people’s party and represents the need of the party. No political party can claim the distinct position of bringing independence to the country

14:30 A gala will be held today to remember the late national hero Dr Parirenyatwa who died in 1962.

He also pays tribute to the late national heroes among them Dr Samuel Parirenyatwa, Solomon Mujuru, Paradzai Zimondi, Biggie Matiza.

14:28 HE jokingly says people should pray in vernacular language since if they pray in English, blessings will go to the Queen’s land.

4:26 Zimbabwe will continue to march forward, backwards never.

“Under Zanu PF tichatonga, tigotonga, tichingotonga, kukanaya, kukasanaya, masikati, manheru tichingotonga.”

14:25 HE says Zanu PF is the most popular party in Zimbabwe which has brought independence, democracy, and peace

14:23 The President says today Mash East has won the crown of pulling record numbers at a Presidential Star Rally. Masvingo which was boasting of having recorded the highest numbers at a rally has been overtaken

14:15 President Mnangagwa is now on the podium to address the multitudes and he starts with his trademark dance as Jah Prayzah’s song Chiremerera is being played much to the applause of supporters.

14:13 he invites President Mnangagwa to the stage to address the large gathering

14:10 Let us vote for the ruling party, a party with people at heart.

Let us work together as a nation and make Zimbabwe a jewel of Africa.

For us to achieve that, we have to work hard, in all sectors.

There is development everywhere

14:09 He says Uzumba and Maramba Pfungwe constituencies are well known for voting in their numbers for the ruling party.

14:06 VP Chiwenga says President Mnangagwa has seen it fit to come to UMP and meet the party supporters, ahead of the harmonised elections

14:04 VP Chiwenga comes on stage, and starts by thanking Mash East for coming out in large numbers to Mutawatawa for the Provincial Star Rally

14:01 Cde Bimha invites ZANU PF Second Secretary Cde Constantino Chiwenga to the podium

13:53 President Mnangagwa meets and greets aspiring ZANU PF candidates for Mash East province

13:50 Zanu PF national commissar Cde Mike Bimha now invites all aspiring candidates to come to the front and meet the President

13:44 He adds, because of that, Mash East has promised to come out in large numbers and vote for the President and ZANU PF, come August 23Cde Garwe said Mash East is happy to see the President and Amai,
He adds that the Province commends all the development programmes brought about by the Second Republic across the province. Zanu PF Mash East provincial chair Cde Daniel Garwe takes to the podium

13:42 Cde Munzverengi said the province is happy to see their President and other senior party officials

13:39 She says it has been always the province’s wish for the President to visit Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe

13:38 Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mash East Cde Aplonia Munzverengi takes to the podium.

She welcomes the Presidium and thanks them for taking the time to visit UMP.

13:26 He says there will be a musical gala at Maramba High School in commemoration of the late national hero Dr Samuel Tichafa Parirenyatwa the first black medical doctor.

13:20 Zanu PF national commissar Cde Mike Bimha is now leading introductions

1304: The large crowd erupts with excitement dancing and chanting ‘Mnangagwa huchi’

1302: President Mnangagwa is accompanied by the First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa. The President, First Lady, VPs Chiwenga and Mohadi as well as senior party officials are now moving around the crowd meeting and greeting multitudes of party supporters.

1240: President Mnangagwa has arrived for the star rally and heads straight into a briefing.

1215: Thousands of Zanu PF supporters are gathered in Mutawatawa, Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe district for the ruling party’s Mashonaland East provincial star rally to be addressed by the party’s First Secretary Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

Mutawatawa Business Centre is in the Maramba Pfungwe constituency. Both Uzumba and Maramba Pfungwe constituencies are well known for delivering huge votes to the ruling party.

12:40 President Mnangagwa has arrived for the star rally and heads straight into briefing

12:41 President Mnangagwa is accompanied by the First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa

12:42 President Mnangagwa, First Lady, VPs Chiwenga and Mohadi as well as senior party officials are now moving around the crowd meeting and greeting multitudes of party supporters.

12:45 The large crowd erupts with excitement dancing and chanting ‘Mnangagwa huchi’

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