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Today, almost every business, across the globe, has a web presence. It’s a simple fact. The growth in demand for websites is opening the floodgates for web developers and designers — making it a booming business. However, if you’re an independent or freelance web designer, this growth can also mean a lack of time. As projects after projects come in, you may need to look outside for help or hire more staff — which can impact your profit margin.

How do you balance the time you spend, the services you offer and continue to do creative work? In short, how do you grow your business, when all these factors may be working against you?

The simple answer is — By offering more services!

Offer a little extra to your clients by adding web hosting services to your business. You’re already designing websites for your clients, so the natural progression would be to opt for Reseller Hosting. Not only do you stand to make a recurring profit; but you also instantly add a competitive edge — differentiating yourself from others. How? Well, let us show you.

If you’re looking to add hosting services to your business, Reseller Hosting is the way to go. Reseller Hosting is where the account owner/reseller (you) have the ability to allocate your hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites for third parties. Resellers buy the hosting services and then, in turn, rent them to customers (in your case, clients) for a profit. With Reseller Hosting, you can create multiple accounts under your own — the profit you make will be in the margin you receive from renting each account. As you grow your customer base, your reseller business will grow. Other advantages that come with becoming a hosting reseller, include:

  1. Reseller Hosting allows you to provide your customers with a fuller, more rounded website solution- from design and development to hosting.
  2. By investing a small amount to buy the space, you can earn more revenue in the long run as you rent it out.
  3. You can create a brand out of your business, by selling web hosting services under your company’s name.
  4. You do not need advanced technical knowledge to run a reseller business. Server management and tasks are run by the web host. Set up and integration are easy, you’re offered 24*7 support, business insights and the know-how of experts, and billing and customer administration is taken care of (which is why it’s important to research the company you’ll be buying the resources from).
  5. Offering Reseller Hosting gives you the opportunity to build more long-term relationships with clients, as opposed to interacting with them on a project basis.
  6. You can start slow, and upgrade when your requirements increase.
  1. Do your research — There are many hosting providers, offering similar services. The challenge is to spot the competitive edge — are there better prices you can offer? More resources? Better customer support? With a little research, you can define what makes your reseller business different.
  2. Select your plan — Identify what your clients’ needs are, decide how many accounts you’ll require and then choose the plan that satisfies both these criteria. A good reseller plan will offer you great features, strong customer support, and the ability to manage your business smoothly at reasonable costs.
  3. Register your name — If you already have a business name, make sure its domain is registered.
  4. Start setting up — Determine your prices, set up a billing system, create your packages, and cPanel accounts and you can then rent them out to your clients. You can modify, upgrade or downgrade these packages later on, as you gain more experience.
  1. A recurring income: Reseller Hosting requires an initial investment, but it also helps your profits grow steadily in the long run. We’ve discussed how strapped for time you may be, but Reseller Hosting does not demand that much time or effort on your part. With the help of cPanel and the expertise of the hosting company, you can easily set up client accounts to start your business. As a hosting reseller, your responsibilities are to fix any disruptions in the service. However, these can be managed either by you or if you don’t have the knowledge, by the support team of the hosting company.
  2. An added edge to your business: Web designing is a competitive business, with many appealing options for clients. What makes yours different? A complete web solution. Not only will you be designing the website, but your clients also won’t need to look elsewhere for hosting services. By offering web hosting services, you are eliminating their need to search for an additional hosting vendor.
  3. Another skillset: The World Wide Web is constantly evolving and changing; therefore, it only makes sense that you evolve and grow as well. Not only do you provide a new service to your customers, but you also learn more about the industry and can take your business into new directions. It’s a win for your clients, but also for your own professional growth.

So, now that you know what kind of opportunities Reseller Hosting can provide for your business, its time to start looking at hosting companies. The features offered by them, the costs of various hosting plans, the quality of their tech support, etc. should be properly verified beforehand.

Look for web hosting companies that offer free WHM and cPanel to create and sell flexible plans, 24×7 expert support, powerful hardware, and tools like Cloudflare for seamless scalability and security. It’s everything you need, to hit the ground running and take your web design business to the next level.

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