For Those Who Are Confused When Buying Hosting: Which of the Standard Hosting and Reseller Hosting Makes The Most Sense?

What are the differences between standard hosting and reseller hosting? By comprehensively comparing the two popular types of hosting, we will try to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.
Websites have become the basic building blocks of the digital age. Even the social media platforms that we enter every day in their simplest form are essentially web pages connected to a server. There are some points to consider for the website, which is one of the most professional alternatives for those who want to share information about an idea, a job, or a hobby on the Internet. In particular, the server is one of the most important factors for the proper functioning of your site; So here is the hosting service. Of course, there are points that you should pay attention to before buying accommodation for yourself, but in this context, we will focus on a very curious topic.

You may have seen standard hosting and reseller hosting services in hosting companies. Have you ever thought about the differences between these two species? In fact, you can choose one of two types of hosting depending on your needs, but whichever type you choose, you should pay attention to the quality of the service provided by the company.

At this point, I recommend Alastyr, which I have been using for my own projects for many years and I really like it with its speed and affordable structure. Alastry is a company that provides both standard and reseller hosting services and provides them at competitive prices. Especially the opportunities such as starting with monthly packages and then returning to the annual package allow me to recommend Alastyr to you with peace of mind.

So, what exactly is this standard hosting?

Standard hosting is a service designed for the needs of the individual user or small business. It offers the client a certain amount of disk space, bandwidth, and other resources. It is usually ideal for one or more websites.

Now let’s get to know the reseller hosting, which is the choice of those who want to make money with this company.

Reseller hosting allows an individual or a company to buy a large amount of disk space and bandwidth from a hosting provider, then divide these resources into smaller pieces and sell them to others. In this package, packages can be created at special rates depending on the needs of the sites.

With Alastyr, you can get standard and reseller hosting. Thanks to flash solid-state drives, it is actually an extremely fast server on both counts. Of course, reseller hosting offers a very wide range of domain hosting ranging from 10 domains to 100 domains.

Which plan is right for you based on your needs?

reseller hostingStandard hosting is often preferred by individuals or small businesses. Thanks to its simple and user-friendly control panel, even non-technical people can easily create a website. Reseller hosting is a much more accurate option for web design and development agencies. The person who will receive this package can create separate hosting accounts for several clients through their control panel.

When we look at these aspects, it is necessary to choose an accommodation according to your needs. The standard for a site without high traffic where you will build your own site hosting services will meet your needs. You can also host 2 to 3 promotional sites on standard hosting, but they can affect each other because the bandwidths and CPU usage will be common.

Reseller hosting packages will be the most logical decision, especially in cases where more than 5 sites will be hosted since they offer high enough values for each domain separately, and you can determine these values as you wish.

If you want to have your own hosting account, you can enter Alastry, which has its own data center and where you can get 7/24 technical support, review the standard and reseller hosting packages, and choose the most logical package for yourself.

Alastrys stands out as one of the most preferred and recommended hosting companies in Turkey. If you want a reliable and trouble-free service, you can choose Alastry, which has been providing hosting services since 2004, with peace of mind!

For Those Who Are Confused When Buying Hosting: Which of the Standard Hosting and Reseller Hosting Makes The Most Sense?

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