Diablo 4 loot drops rates might be determined by your current stash, and it’s not a good mechanic

Diablo 4 offers you a huge number of loot drops – those much-anticipated moments when your character obtains a prized piece of equipment or a rare item. Lately, a persistent rumor has circulated within the gaming community suggesting that the game adjusts its loot drop rates depending on your current inventory.

While this mechanism introduces a fresh stratum of complexity to the gameplay, it has sparked a debate regarding its appropriateness in the Diablo 4 experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of stash-based loot drop rates, exploring the experience of the players.

Exploring the rumor of loot drops getting determined by the current stash in Diablo 4

Currently, there’s a rumor circulating within the Asian gaming server of Diablo 4. A Chinese player has put forth a claim suggesting that the game’s server on which they play has the ability to scan the inventory and stored items of players.

Apparently, when a player possesses legendary items or rare items with an item power level exceeding 800, the server adjusts the drop rate of similar items within dungeons for that particular player, i.e., decreases the chances of obtaining the same item. It’s important to note that this is merely an accusation made by this player.

This particular player has conducted a series of tests in Diablo 4 to support their claim. They’ve gone through different testing methods, such as rapidly advancing new characters to level 60, playing solo from that point onward, and meticulously recording the drops of items.

Interestingly, most of the higher-quality items seemed to drop during the early stages of leveling, even though the pace of progress was notably slower at these lower levels.

After transferring all their items to alternate characters, the reported items began to drop again, specifically for the original character.

Other players participating in the same forum have come forward with similar experiences. According to their accounts, they also witnessed a pattern where more valuable items dropped during lower levels, despite the gameplay of Diablo 4 being slower.

Curiously, once they accumulated a certain number of legendary or high-rarity items, the drop rate appeared to decrease significantly. However, this downward trend consistently reversed itself whenever they cleared out their character’s inventory and storage.

Some players have expressed skepticism and disagreement regarding this claim. They argue that such a mechanism doesn’t actually exist in Diablo 4. One player straightforwardly stated, “Because it’s not a thing,” implying that the alleged inventory scanning and drop rate adjustment is simply implausible.

Another comment advises disregarding the original post, suggesting that the player making the claim is engaging in a “witch hunt.” This phrase implies that the accuser is actively searching for evidence of wrongdoing or manipulation without substantial proof.

Some players in the discussion are attributing the observed patterns to pure randomness, known as RNG (Random Number Generation), which is a common aspect of many MMOs.

To be clear, this information remains unverified and is currently no more than a rumor on an unofficial forum. However, if there is any truth to these claims, it could potentially explain the phenomenon of Diablo 4 players encountering plentiful loot during levels 60-70, followed by a significant drop in loot drops beyond that point.

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