Best VPN for gaming in 2023


Although rare, when gaming, users can be susceptible to cyberattacks, whereby their internet connection becomes temporarily interrupted. CyberGhost’s secure VPN connection is designed to ward off DDoS attacks, ensuring you’re never kicked out of a game. 

CyberGhost’s dedicated gaming servers provide fast and secure connections. On the Windows app, you’ll have access to a selection of optimised gaming servers, which offer the lowest latency. Users can also sort CyberGhost’s servers by distance, load and ping from the main server menu in order to utilise the fastest server for gaming. 

Security features like an automatic kill switch, split tunnelling and a choice of VPN protocols are also available to use and provide an excellent level of security for gamers. 

User experience

There’s a lot to like when it comes to CyberGhost’s apps; gamers will especially benefit from the option to download the VPN directly onto their router, and CyberGhost’s Smart DNS can be configured for Xbox and PlayStation. The provider’s app interface is sleek and easy to navigate. 

CyberGhost comes with a range of useful features, but its Smart Rules feature is the most notable for gamers. It allows users to turn on auto launch for specified apps when opened. For its Windows app, there’s a dedicated gaming server list, which focuses on speed and low latency. 


CyberGhost provided the lowest latency in our testing, which makes it an ideal VPN for gaming (The Independent)

For gaming, the most important thing to consider when carrying out a speed test is a VPN’s latency. Low latency will mean minimal delay in video and audio playback.  

CyberGhost’s latency was the best across all three servers we tested. For the UK server, it was just one millisecond slower than our non-VPN connection; the most impressive was the US server, which was just 75ms slower despite the physical distance between our researcher and the server – you can expect minimal lag for both the UK and US servers. 

Its download and upload speeds were also above average, not dropping by more than 10 per cent, bar the Australian upload speed. 

Speed test results

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