8 Best Sons of the Forest Server Hosting for Lagless Gameplay

Sons of the Forest is a popular survival horror game that offers a unique gameplay experience along with an impressive and detailed environment. 

The vast expansive world with many natural elements and special characters makes this survival game exciting for gamers. 

You will get to play in multiplayer mode, where you can invite your friends to join you in the game featuring a cannibal-infested world. 

And to enjoy a lag-free multiplayer experience without interruptions, you will need a dedicated game hosting server. It will also provide you with wonderful features that can further enhance the gameplay.

Let’s discuss the game, how getting a hosting service can be helpful, and the best Sons of the Forest game server hosting providers in the market. 

Sons of the Forest: An Overview

Sons of the Forest Game is an upcoming horror-stricken open-world survival video game that can give you goosebumps. It was developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight on the Unity engine. Its early access was given on 23rd February 2023 for the Microsoft Windows platform. This game is a sequel to the popular 2018 game, The Forest.

In Sons of the Forest, you will get both single-player and multiplayer modes. You will land in a beautiful environment to explore, but the creatures in the game will test your survival ability to the fullest.

The game has sold 2 million copies in its release date, making it one of the best-selling games of the year. People have a huge craze for the game; many players still play it on Steam, while others are waiting for its full release. 


Sons of the Forest will immerse you in a beautiful landscape filled with a variety of terrifying creatures. It has a tad bit of similar gameplay to its predecessor, where you have to play as a protagonist who is stranded on a mysterious island filled with cannibals. 

You can play alone or with up to 8 friends to survive the dangerous island. You need to build weapons and buildings while going through your survival journey and making progress gradually. 

The new 3D printing feature makes it more interesting as it will help you craft many things. The friendly NPCs will help you throughout the game, and the most notable one is “Kelvin,” who will perform many simple tasks for you, especially in collecting crafting resources. 

Moreover, action throughout this game makes the gameplay even more interesting and will decide the ending as well.

Benefits of Using a Game Hosting Server


When you get a Sons of the Forest game server from a good service provider to play the game, you will gain a lot of benefits:

  • Lag-free gaming: Getting a good game server will offer you lag-free gaming so you can play without any distractions. These services have data centers in various parts of the globe to cater to players from everywhere. Hence, you can choose the closest data center to enable log ping and the highest performance. 
  • Powerful gameplay: One of the reasons many opt for dedicated servers is that it lets you Sons of the Forest at optimum performance. Game hosting services provide advanced hardware, security features, controls, and low ping setup, which results in a flawless gaming experience.
  • Greater server control: When you have a dedicated hosting server for Sons of the Forest, you get greater control of your server. You can decide who will enter the server and change it according to your needs.
  • Reliable infrastructure: Another benefit you will get from hosting servers is the reliable infrastructure they have on offer. Not only are they available round the clock, but also back up fail-safe servers that won’t go down.
  • Ability to handle high traffic: Whether you play alone or with seven of your friends, the hosting server can handle high traffic and will always serve you with consistent performance. The ping won’t go high even if there are a lot of players.
  • Top-notch security: Dedicated gaming servers provide security settings to make sure you have complete protection against attacks. You will get top-notch DDoS protection, the ability to control who can log into the server, and more security features. 
  • Dedicated support: Most game hosting services offer dedicated customer support 24/7. So, If you run into any errors or need help making some changes, customer support can help you out.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel i5 8400 or AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
  • RAM: 12 GB RAM with 3600Mhz
  • Graphics unit: AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
  • Storage space: Minimum of 20 GB on SSD
  • DirectX version: Version 11
  • Internet bandwidth: Broadband connection with unlimited bandwidth coverage.

Now, it is time to know about the best Sons of the Forest server hosting I have curated for you.


Considered among the top tier list of game hosting servers, DatHost is a premium choice for playing Sons of the Forest. They have designed the interface so that you won’t need prior knowledge to set up the server to play the game for the first time. 


They have streamlined server management by offering daily updates, running the server 24/7, and maintaining daily backups. This hosting service is widely preferred by Sons of the Forest players due to its unmatching performance backed by top-end CPU, SSDs, and RAMs. 

Importantly, the hosting service has high-speed servers located in 18 different locations worldwide, covering continents – North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. You won’t have to worry about intrusion while playing because the service provider offers powerful DDoS protection of up to 2 Tbps. 

Get these top-notch services at an affordable package of $14.09 per month.


If you want to survive through the cannibal-infested island of Sons of the Forest with your friends and that too with an immersive experience, try HostHavoc. This premium game server runs on powerful hardware that shows no deteriorated performance even when there are 8 players on the server. 


The effective DDoS protection will also ensure that you won’t face UDP floods or source engineer query attacks while you encounter Virginia, a mutant, in Sons of the Forest with your friends. Additionally, the 2-step authentication is extremely useful for verifying your account through Google Authenticator. 

The game server is known for its 99.9% network uptime because it houses its infrastructure in leading data centers with reliable uplinks. They have strategically placed their widespread network in 10 different cities in the world, covering North America, Australia, and Europe, which ensures low latency

To make changes in the server, you can utilize the in-house TCAdmin v2, which provides a powerful control panel for easy configuration, file management, and authentication. Using the configuration editor, you can change in-game server settings, while the file-management system will assist you in managing files through FTP access. 

HostHavoc pricing starts from  $15 per month for 8 player slots.

Survival Servers

Once you start playing Sons of the Forest with your friends on Survival Servers, you will be mesmerized by the performance it has on offer. Backed by an ultra-fast NVMe SSD drive, high-end Intel/AMD CPU, and huge memory, it ensures smooth gameplay while exploring the island. 

Survival servers

The instant server setup with a custom in-house control panel makes the game extremely easy to set up within a few minutes. The hosting service offers some important features like custom server restart, full FTP access, mod installation, and custom launch parameter. Also, the mod installation will allow you to install new mods that will bring new items to the game. 

You can throw away your worries about DDoS attacks while you battle cannibals, and the credit goes to DDoS protection with server pass locking. While using the server, you can also align 3rd-party tools with its service. With its data center in the top six international locations – Seattle, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, France, and Germany – you get lower pings.  

The Survival Servers only charges you $13.20 per month for 8 slots, and you can renew it according to your convenience.


Are you looking to enjoy Sons of the Forest with your friends but unable to find a reliable gaming server that offers lagless performance? 

Look no further than XGamingServer. With dedicated high-performance CPU and RAM support, XGamingServer enables a seamless gameplay experience while fighting various cannibals on the island. 


Moreover, the servers are located in six global data centers – Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Frankenstein, Singapore, and Australia, ensuring a low ping and smooth gaming. The in-house game panel of this hosting service is quite easy to use, offering you easy configuration, automated cloud backup, MYSQL database, and mod manager. 

If you come across an issue while setting up the game, you can raise tickets, and the support will quickly respond to it. From basic to advanced server configuration, you will get all the functionalities under one roof. 

The basic Pro plan starts from $25 per month and goes up to $45 per month with the Extreme plan, where you will get 12 GB RAM support.


Sparked serves as a common choice when it comes to getting a dedicated hosting server for Sons of the Forest for playing multiplayer. 

The hosting service treats you with incredible features like SFTP access, sub-user access, and the option to schedule tasks, making the server more convenient to use. You will also have the facility to track your usage through its resource usage statistics. 


The terrific hardware support of AMD Ryzen 5 7600, RAID 1 NVMe SSD, DDR5 RAM, and 1 Gbit multi-blend ensures you can play the game’s highest settings possible without worrying about lag. In addition, complete DDoS protection also aids in a flawless experience by preventing attackers from interrupting your game. 

It is also known for offering game management as an addon where it provides a limited setup of Mods, configurations, error debugging, and many more. It offers up to 8 player slots, and the data centers are located in 9 premium locations – Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Mumbai, Miami, Buffalo, Falkenstein, and Singapore. 

Sparked offers its server in three plans; Bone at $8/month, Creepy at $20/month, and Tech at $24/month. With each plan, the RAM and storage support change.


When getting the best Sons of the Forest server, consider taking Nitrado. It is a leading game hosting service that has data centers across the globe to provide low ping performance for every gamer. 

The fail-safe and enterprise-level hardware configuration makes it an ideal choice for this game because it will help you explore the game at high FPS. Reliability is key to this hosting service offered through daily backup and DDoS protection. 


You will get features like easy installation on mods and plugins, managing and sharing access, the option of switching an active game, upgrading or downgrading servers when in need, and convenient support via chat and email in multiple languages. 

Whether you use a dedicated server for the first time or have experience with it, the control panel will never give you a hard time managing the settings and server. It offers great flexibility in the runtime and allows you to run the game whenever you want. 

To rent a Nitrado server from this hosting service, you would just have to pay a monthly rental of $11 for 8 slots.

Bisect Hosting

Bisect Hosting offers Sons of the Forest server hosting that can amaze you with its capabilities once you start playing on their server. Once you rent from them, they will quickly set up a dedicated server for you so that you can easily play with your friends. 

The hosting platform employs 24/7 customer support so that no issues can come your way to battling cannibals and mutants. Bisect Hosting’s servers have advanced CPUs and powerful NVMe SSD storages so that you won’t face any FPS drop or stuttering issues. 

Bisect hosting

The automated updates ensure you get the latest content updates that enhance the user experience. This service offers a unique 7 days free backup, which allows you to protect all your collectibles and help you keep your defense upright on the island. 

Bisect Hosting treats you with a custom control panel through which you can make all the changes in configuration and also add your favorite mods to the game.

Its data centers are in 20 different global locations, including Miami, Los Angeles, Montreal, London, France, São Paulo, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, and more.  

You can go for their basic, which starts from $15.99 per month, where you will get 8GB RAM support.


LOW.MS is a popular hosting service among multiplayer gamers worldwide for providing super-fast CPUs and the latest NVMe storage to ensure a lag-free gaming experience. When you make the payment for the rental, they will quickly get the server ready for you. 

Even if your game crashes abruptly, you won’t ever lose your data because of the cloud backup system. If you are migrating from other hosts, this hosting server won’t charge you anything. It will automatically get updated with the latest feature so that you don’t lag in performance, security, and other aspects. 


All the dedicated servers offered by the hosting service have DDoS protection along with Corero SmartWall, so the chances of any intrusion are quite minimal. The 24/7 customer support and 99.9% uptime of the server will really impress you. 

This popular hosting service ensures low ping through its shortest server routes that are located in 12 global locations in the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia & Oceania. 

If you don’t like the service, you can get a full refund within five days. Their pricing is affordable, and each slot costs $1.26 monthly.

Final Words

Sons of the Forest is an exciting multiplayer survival game you can play with friends on a dedicated server. The hosting services I’ve mentioned above are all great in terms of performance, functionality, security, features, and affordability, and they make it easy for everyone to use and manage the servers. 

Thus, rent any of the above Sons of the Forest hosting servers and explore the mysterious island. 

Next, check out the best dedicated game servers for gamers and streamers.


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