6 Top Barotrauma Server Hosting Options for the Best Experience

If you love suspense and survival, you’ll love playing Barotrauma on your computer.

It’s a 2D submarine simulation and survival game that is unique compared to most other games.

I’d say it’s a combination and development of some indie games we had 10 years ago, but the result is absolutely amazing to play because it’s something that’s hardly seen in games today.

Even though you can play this game on your computer, getting a server to host it and play with full freedom is better.

In this post, we’ll go over the game details and everything about the server hosting options you’d need for the best experience.

Introduction to Barotrauma

Barotrauma is a horror/survival game that includes intense missions, including the hostility of ragdoll physics and alien sea monsters👾. It has excitement, teamwork, and existential fear throughout the game’s journey.

Barotrauma was developed by Finnish Studio Undertow Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment.


The gameplay of Barotrauma mostly takes place inside submarines submerged in the waters of Europa’s Ocean🌊. As soon as the game starts, the players are assigned different roles and jobs, which gives each specialized trait and equipment.


The entire crew of the submarine will be required to work on their jobs and complete missions, such as:

  • Recovering alien artifacts
  • Carrying and delivering cargo from one point to another
  • Hunting down sea wildlife creatures

During the missions, players have the free will to act at their discretion and attain objectives given by the game.

The exciting part is that during the missions, the submarine will encounter various hazards like parasites, traitors, fauna, etc. Your task is to ensure these dangers do not jeopardize the submarine’s voyage.

A player’s incompetence can also come into account, as improper maintenance and handling of the submarine can lead to disasters. This is why players are required to use their job skills to avoid these kinds of situations.

There may come a point when the submarine’s hull gets damaged, and water starts to gush into the ship. If the players aren’t able to fix the situation, there’s a possibility they can suffocate or be crushed by Barotrauma.

There are several ways to die in this game, and an irreparably-damaged submarine is one of those ways, so you have to play this game with good skill and focus.


The primary objective of this game is to maintain the submarine and navigate it in the right direction throughout the journey without getting killed.

Many obstacles will come in the depths of Europa, so each member has to do their assigned job properly and complete the given missions.

Additional Features and Missions

Apart from the game’s primary purpose, there are many additional features you need to know about. Here are some of them:

  • Single-player/multiplayer support
  • Communicate in real time with your crew of up to 16 members
  • Create your submarines and monsters via a built-in editor
  • Mod the game by tapping directly into the source code

You can also play in different modes, complete a bunch of side quests and help the entire crew stay afloat (or drown all of them). There are 13 main types of missions to complete, and inside of those types, there are different variants that you can complete.

The game mostly operates inside the submarine but depending upon the given situation; members can venture out into the open water with a diving suit.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the different platforms are as follows:


  • Bit: 64-bit
  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB Memory (dedicated VRAM or shared RAM), Shader Model 2.0+
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB


  • Bit: 64-bit
  • OS: OSX 10.15 or newer
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB Memory (dedicated VRAM or shared RAM), OpenGL 3.0+ support
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB

SteamOS + Linux

  • Bit: 64-bit
  • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB Memory (dedicated VRAM or shared RAM), OpenGL 3.0+ support
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB

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Why is Hosting Needed for Barotrauma?

The clear-cut reason you need hosting for Barotrauma is that you shouldn’t have to rely fully on your computer’s resources to run the game.

And since Barotrauma is an online game that allows multiplayer, you do not want to face interruptions while completing an important mission.

If you have a weak computer or a bad internet connection and don’t use hosting, you will experience bugs, lags, and crashes during the gameplay.

Here are some of the many benefits of using Barotrauma server hosting:

#1. Ability to Handle High Traffic

When you use a hosting service to play the game, you can bring in dozens of players without any problem. It wouldn’t impact the performance at all, but you can still set a cap for how many players can enter to prevent overcrowding.

#2. Less Possibility of Corrupt Save Files

You can be assured your game progress will be saved successfully when you play on a hosting server. It’s more reliable than an ordinary gaming server and wouldn’t malfunction in between important moments.

#3. Smooth and Lag-Free Gaming Experience

Backed with top-tier hardware and an internet connection, the gameplay will never be laggy and buggy while playing Barotrauma on a hosting server.

With that being said, let’s jump into the best Barotrauma server hosting options.

Survival Servers


This Barotrauma game server hosting service by Survival Servers has all the features you’d need to run the game smoothly and enjoy it to the fullest.

It has a game server management panel from which you can configure and customize your game server however you like with a few clicks.

Some of the main features of this service include:

  • Instant server setup
  • Latest versions of mods
  • Super fast NVMe SSD drives
  • DDoS protection
  • Framework with Enfusion engine
  • Full FTP access

I’ve just scratched the surface here. There’s so much more to Survival Servers service that you’d love to discover.



With worldwide coverage, GTX’s Barotrauma game server covers all the countries to give you a smooth gaming experience. It provides 24/7 support that can be reached at any time of the day and for other games you host.

You also get DDoS protection, unlimited memory, enterprise hardware, and full access to the server’s control panel.

GTX is constantly adding new features to its servers, so you can be sure it only gets better from here.

Citadel Servers


Coverage in over 18 locations, Citadel Servers, has game servers that offer you full control over the configurations. In fact, you can switch to and install new mods directly from the control panel to enjoy the extended functionalities of the game.

Some other features include:

  • Server backups
  • Access to third-party tools
  • Access to database
  • Latest mods support
  • Ability to switch locations at any given time
  • Advanced DDoS protection

You receive regular updates for the server to keep the environment safe and free from bugs.

Citadel Servers offer many other amazing games hosting.


You can find a reliable game server hosting on PingPerfect. It has a full backup system and enterprise hardware that uses the latest CPU and storage solutions.

You can configure things from the control panel on the desktop and even on your mobile device. Some other features include free debranding, game switching, and DDoS protection.

PingPerfect has data centers in most parts of the world, so you can expect great service wherever you are.

Zap Hosting

Instantly set up your hosting server with Zap Hosting, a service that allows you to play Barotrauma seamlessly without any hiccups.

Even though it comes with robust hardware, it still maintains an easy-to-use interface that’s easy to get around.

It also has an in-built SSD for lightning-fast processing and a great gaming experience.



You can choose from different plans provided by XgamingServer and start playing Barotrauma on their hosting server almost instantly.

Here are some of the many features of this service:

  • Automated cloud backups
  • Intuitive control panel
  • DDoS protection
  • Robust hardware
  • Incredibly lower pings
  • No gaming slot limits

All of their servers are monitored constantly by the tech team, and you can also reach out to them 24/7 in case of any doubts or problems.

Final Words

Barotrauma is already a great game, but it can be more enjoyable if you play it on a dedicated server, as it eliminates any stress of crashes, bugs, and lags.

You and your crewmates can have a great gaming experience irrespective of the number of members. 🎮

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