WordPress hosting differs from shared hosting | by Ruby ziyad

The most important step in creating a blog or business website is choosing the right hosting solution. A well-liked content management system is WordPress. WordPress is often the platform of choice for website owners who are not programmers.

Web hosting is always necessary when using WordPress to manage websites. It is crucial to buy the appropriate one for your website as a result.

The two most popular types of web hosting are:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting

By “shared hosting,” we mean that various websites will share the same web server. In contrast, WordPress hosting denotes that the services are tailored to the platform and include particular features.

Continue reading to learn about the importance, distinctions, and best option.

With web hosting, you can hire a spot on the server to host your website. As a result, your website will go live and become accessible to everyone online. Numerous hosting plans and packages are available, each with a different price range and promotion.

Due to its affordable services, shared hosting is one of the most used hosting plans. A shared server is made available to various websites through shared hosting. To put it another way, numerous users share a server. A dedicated server also has control over the entire server in addition to this.

Affordable shared hosting is typically preferred by novice and small business websites. $5 is the low initial cost. Conversely, the disadvantages of shared hosting include poor website performance when there is a lot of traffic. Additionally, security concerns do arise, but a good hosting provider can also offer protection services.

You can switch to other hosting plans if shared hosting is not what you need.

WordPress hosting is a good starting point in addition to shared hosting. This kind of hosting is created to meet the requirements of WordPress websites. It is crucial to make clear that WordPress hosting can be included with any hosting plan, be it shared, dedicated, or otherwise.

As a result, WordPress hosting guarantees the WordPress website’s improved performance and security. Pre-installed websites, specialized WordPress support, and automatic WordPress updates are all available.

Additionally, WordPress hosting companies provide two different kinds of WordPress hosting.

  1. Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

The server management and website optimization are turned over to you with unmanaged WordPress hosting. While with managed shared hosting, the service provider takes care of several features to keep the website running smoothly. However, the additional services make the package expensive.

How do you choose the best?

Of course. It has always been challenging to select an appropriate and suitable WordPress hosting. But once you are aware of what the website needs, you can choose one wisely.

Shared hosting is inexpensive, and most novices who are learning, novice websites, low-traffic websites, and small businesses can use shared hosting. Shared hosting draws new users because it requires little investment.

WordPress hosting, which provides extra services like better security, high uptime, and more, is slightly more expensive than shared hosting, though. Therefore, if you are new and have a good budget, WordPress Managed Hosting is a good option. You won’t need to worry at all because WordPress experts will handle all of its features and security measures.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting is a good option if you are familiar with the WordPress Management System, aside from this. You can get a quality server and manage your website well with an affordable pricing strategy.


Popular hosting packages include shared hosting and WordPress hosting. A shared server is provided for the website by shared hosting. Cheap and suitable for websites with little traffic. In addition, WordPress hosting is a particular kind of hosting that was created using the WordPress platform. It ensures enhanced security and performance for the WordPress website. Pre-installed websites, specialized WordPress support, and automatic WordPress updates are all available. As a result, it is an expensive hosting plan, but you will receive top-notch services.


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