Why a Dedicated Server is Your Best Choice for Gaming

Remember your previous gaming experience, when you were a step away from a higher ranking?

Let me tell you about mine.

It was a usual PUBG match, and I was killing it!

Suddenly, the ping is unstable, everything’s lagging, my screen is frozen!

Alright, you know how it went from there.

Frustration is at a peak when you lose your connection when winning is a guaranteed right.

Thankfully, all the unnecessary glitches, the unneeded rage, are curable with a dedicated server.

How can a dedicated server optimize your gaming

A dedicated server allows you to enjoy your games, alone or with friends, without interruption as a casual gamer.

Moreover, you can run your own private server for a game and let others join!

Dedicated server’s indispensable perks include:

  • Realiable connection source
  • High bandwidth availablitiy
  • Minimum risk of lags, interruptions, and other connection problems

Additionally, dedicated servers can be the ultimate thing even for enterprise gaming companies.

They allow you to control your costs and infrastructure scalability with specified bandwidth instead of a pre-made usage model from providers, such as Google Cloud.

Given that you’re in a safe hand with ServerHub, please let us help you choose the correct dedicated server for you.

Top 5 considerations for a gaming dedicated server

Look out for bandwidth and memory

You know what they say, the more, the merrier!

Networks with more bandwidth tend to give players a better gaming experience.

To avoid lags, never go over 60% of your port capacity.

64GB of memory will be the least we recommend to players, with the ability to upgrade later.

The key is always to have enough memory and capacity, not using 80Mbits of traffic out of 100, for example.

Support around the clock

Limited server knowledge’s no longer a problem.

As a gamer, you’re not required to be the tech-savvy programmer yourself at the same time.

Luckily, with a high-quality provider for your dedicated server, you should have 24/7 support.

So don’t think about hosting a game server yourself.

Instead, enjoy gaming! And let your host handle your questions and concerns.

Cheap is not always a great deal

Cheap options might be tempting, at first!

In the long term, you need to make sure that your dedicated server covers your needs.

From excellent customer support, great connectivity to CPU cores, and bandwidth resources.

Cashing in a few extra dollars to avoid future pitfalls is worth it.

Always make your comparisons and make sure you’re getting the best quality for your price.

Don’t run your gaming server from home

If you finally decide to pick a dedicated server for your gaming terms, you don’t want to run it from your home.

Aside from any space hassles, your no.1 priority will go to taking care of it, not gaming!

That is critically important, especially for non-server professional gamers.

Don’t limit your performance and focus on what matters.

Get a Dedicated Server Where Your Players Are

The first, foremost, and final thing you need to ensure is getting a dedicated server where most of your players are.

The more distant your players from your server, the more ping times and poor performance they receive.

There’s no secret magic, but envisioning and experimenting with more minor services at first may help.

Your best-dedicated server location option would be as geographically near to your gamers as possible.

ServerHub and dedicated servers for gaming

Typically, you don’t need to worry about location, or any of the above for that matter, with us here at ServerHub.

Spanning 10 data centers and one global platform, you can instantly jump-start your upcoming gaming project.

Enhanced with a proven record to help our users grow their businesses and the diversity to choose the optimized server closest to them.


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