What is Email Hosting in Kenya? We Have The Answer

Wondering What is Email Hosting in Kenya? In this article, you will get the full answer.

Email Hosting is an internet service that operates on the email server.

See, many organizations do not have enough resources to Host their Emails, they depend on Email Host providers because Hosting an Email requires several management experts to Host it.

Having a personalized email address increases your brand to any person you communicate with.

A personalized Email address contains your name and the company’s name which makes it easy for people to remember and visit your site.

How do you access an Email?

An Email is accessed through browsing using any browser in any device of your choice connected to the internet.

The first step is to sign in your email address by writing a username and password. Write the actual Domain name example [email protected] name.com.

This will allow you to proceed to the next step which is log in to your new account. With this account, you can be able to send or receive, attached files, images, or messages.

How many email addresses can you own?

There are no restrictions on the number of email addresses you can own. You can open as many accounts as you wish. With a personalized email, your Email address contains your Domain name, this allows an unlimited number of Emails.

Advantages of Email Hosting


An Email address in Email Hosting contains your Domain name, this helps in increasing the credibility of your website because the Domain name uniquely identifies your business.


The storage capacity is flexible meaning you can increase or decrease the space as per your needs. You are also in a good position to upload and send large files and store thousands of critical messages because the storage space is enough to cater for this. The storage space is given in MB or GB by Email Hosting providers.


Companies Hosting emails equip their servers with industry encryption. This means data transmitted from any email service hosted is completely encrypted from unauthorized access.  

Address book

Email Hosting in Kenya companies provides their users with an address book which they use to store the email addresses and contacts of people they frequently email.

Spam and virus filters

Spam filters are important in preventing any spam message from reaching your inbox. The Email Hosting providers provide a spam-filter environment for your Emails to block any spam from reaching your mailbox.

TrueHost Cloud as an email solution provider has developed a powerful cloud to support email software applications like Microsoft Exchange, Smarter mail, and Webmail.

TrueHost Kenya provides secure and affordable email Hosting services with an easy to use control panel to manage your email account.

It enables you to add or remove accounts, change passwords, and configure email forwarding. With Email Hosting, you are able to send and receive emails easily at any time.

Features of Dedicated Email Hosting at TrueHost Cloud

  • It is Free from spam.
  • We monitor servers regularly to prevent downtime problems.
  • Provision of professional tools to manage the Email.
  • Can be accessed from multiple devices, even laptops in Kenya at any time provided you are connected to the internet.
  • Each business email hosting plan includes a free shared SSL Certificate that encrypts your email for security purposes.
  • The support team offers 24/7 support to any challenge or issue at hand through WhatsApp, live chat, or emails.


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