The Truth About Linux Reseller Vs Windows Reseller Hosting

Web hosting services can be broadly categorized into two types, namely, Windows and Linux hosting. You will find both these hosting services with most of the hosts offering reseller hosting plans. Let’s find the difference between Linux Reseller vs Windows Reseller Hosting.

The purpose of this article is to throw some light on these hosting types, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and bring out the differences between the two. Let’s first talk about Linux reseller hosting in our next section.

What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

A reseller hosting plan allows you to rent out your server resources to other users.

A Linux reseller hosting plan uses a server that runs on the Linux operating system which happens to be the most used operating system in the world.

Linux powers more than 90% of servers in the world.

What are the Benefits of Linux reseller hosting?

Linux reseller hosting comes with numerous benefits:


The biggest advantage of Linux reseller hosting is that it is budget-friendly. Linux is open-source and your hosting provider can use it free of cost. So the Linux reseller hosting plans are cost-effective since they do not include the cost of the operating system.


Easy to customize

Linux reseller hosting provides you with many customization options. It comes with an easy-to-use cPanel that makes website management extremely easy.

Easy to customize

The admin panel offered by Linux makes it perfectly suitable for developers and website owners with advanced technical knowledge who want more control and customization options for their websites. It also makes it easy to handle multiple websites from a single platform.

Excellent security

Securing your website from online attacks is very important to protect your valuable data. When you are in reselling business, offering good protection to your clients from a security breach becomes even more important.

Linux reseller hosting comes with some of the most reliable security defenses. Since it is open-source, your hosting provider can offer more security tools available on the market.

Supports multiple languages

Linux reseller hosting comes with multiple language support, so you can choose the one you prefer. Whether you want to use the CGI script, PHP, Python, Ruby, C++, Java, or Perl; Linux supports them all.

Additionally, it is compatible with multiple web hosting billing platforms, including the famous WHMCS.

Here is a good article showing a list of some cheap reseller hosting that actually offers this billing system for free with their reseller plans.

Flexible and stable

Linux reseller hosting is flexible since it is open source and, therefore, adapts to any environment. So you can experiment with it however you want. Additionally, this type of reseller hosting offers stability to the end user. One can develop and update it regularly without any issues.

Optimum performance

Linux reseller hosting is super-efficient in optimizing disk space to provide you with optimum performance. It helps your end-users run multiple applications simultaneously.

Since Linux is the most used operating system, it has global community backing. Whenever you face any issues with Linux reseller hosting, you can turn to this huge community for support.

Availability of community support

Here’s a useful link to the official Linux community website where you can get support for your Linux reseller hosting:

Supports different applications

Linux reseller hosting supports a wide variety of applications, including WordPress. Whether the hosting end-users want to create a small blog or an international brand/online store, Linux provides them with a smooth experience.

Supports different applications

Disadvantages of Linux reseller hosting

Along with the many benefits, Linux reseller hosting also carries some disadvantages:

Difficult to migrate

It is quite difficult to migrate Linux reseller hosting from one server to another because of the presence of multiple compartments in its processing system. Your hosting clients will face difficulties during shifting due to the time it takes when migrating.

Lacks compatibility with many applications

Though Linux is compatible with a lot of applications, there is still a long way to go. Many applications are difficult to run on Linux like Active Sync.

Lacks compatibility with many applications

Limited addresses

Linux reseller hosting comes with a limited number of IP addresses. It further restricts the number of websites that can be hosted by your clients.

Incompatible with Windows

Linux reseller hosting is not compatible with Windows. So if you or any of your clients plan to create a website using the Windows application, Linux reseller hosting will be of no use.

What is Windows reseller hosting?

Similar to Linux reseller hosting, Windows reseller hosting also allows you to rent out your server resources to other users. A Windows reseller hosting plan uses a server that runs on the Windows operating system and allows you to create different Plesk panels for your clients.


Source: Plesk

What are the Benefits of Windows reseller hosting?

You will get the following benefits with Windows reseller hosting:

Ease of setting up

The biggest advantage of Windows reseller hosting is its simple setup. You can easily configure the operating system to your server without much technical knowledge. Configuring takes only a few minutes in the case of a Windows reseller hosting plan.

Excellent compatibility with .NET applications

.NET allows you to develop web applications on your reseller hosting plan. Microsoft is one of the original authors of .NET and knows Windows inside out.

The support libraries of .NET were originally optimized for Windows, so Windows offers excellent compatibility with .NET applications. You can develop .NET applications quite quickly over a Windows reseller hosting plan.

Excellent compatibility with .NET applications

Source: Wikipedia

Easier navigation

If you are fond of using Microsoft’s products like FrontPage or Expression Web for creating and managing websites, Windows reseller hosting is the best choice for you. You will experience easier navigation with Windows when working with different files and extensions.

Updated technology

Windows is always one step ahead of others when it comes to technology. It performs automatic updates regularly for the smooth running of your websites. Additionally, you can expect automatic security updates for your windows reseller hosting.

Compatibility with Microsoft applications

Since Windows is owned by Microsoft, a Windows reseller hosting plan offers superb compatibility with Microsoft applications and software. It becomes easy to develop websites with well-designed features and a variety of apps offered by Windows.

Excellent support

Windows being one of the most popular operating systems offers support for a variety of its components. So if you ever face any difficulty while managing your Windows reseller hosting, you can expect to receive excellent support.

Disadvantages of Windows reseller hosting

Windows reseller hosting also carries some inherent disadvantages that are listed here:


Unlike Linux, Windows is not an open-source operating system. Your hosting provider will have to bear the costs of installing it on the server.

So a Windows reseller hosting plan will be expensive because of this operating system cost. Additionally, you might also have to pay for the additional Windows features that you will choose.

Here is an example of the price difference between Windows and Linux reseller hosting. Check out the cost of different plans from a US-based reseller hosting provider AccuWebHosting:

reseller hosting provider AccuWebHosting

Consumes more resources

Windows reseller hosting needs a variety of resources to operate efficiently. So you will require a lot of disk space and RAM on your server for the smooth functioning of your client websites.

Speed issues

Windows reseller hosting is not a great option for fast-loading websites. Since a Windows server requires a lot of resources to function, it delivers only an average performance.

Limited language support

Windows reseller hosting does not offer much variety when it comes to language support. It is mainly restricted to Microsoft’s ASP.NET.


Limited customization options

Windows reseller hosting offers limited customization options for admins and developers. Though you will find some level of flexibility with Windows, if you have the advanced technical knowledge and are looking for complete control over your server, Windows reseller hosting might not be the best choice for you.

Linux Reseller VS. Windows Reseller Hosting

Basis Linux Reseller Hosting Windows Reseller Hosting
Price It is cheaper because Linux is a free and open-source operating system. It is expensive since Windows is not a free operating system and your hosting provider will have to purchase a license for its use.
Setting up Configuring Linux is a little less simple than Windows. It takes about a few hours to configure. Configuring Windows is quite simple and easy. You can expect this configuration to finish within a few minutes.
Customization It offers more customization features. If you are a developer or admin requiring complete server control, Linux is your best option. It offers limited customization. Windows is not suitable for you if you are looking for admin-level controls.
.NET compatibility It is not fully compatible with .NET applications. It is fully compatible with .NET applications allowing you to develop these applications faster.
Resources consumption & performance It consumes lesser resources and delivers excellent performance. It consumes more resources and delivers average performance.
Stability and flexibility It offers more stability and adapts to any environment. It offers less stability and flexibility as compared to Linux.
Website speed It offers faster website speed due to the efficient optimization of resources. It offers average website speed due to inefficient resource optimization.
Language support It supports quite a lot of programming languages. It supports a limited number of programming languages.
Security It offers advanced security features for your reseller hosting business. It is secure but offers lesser security features than Linux.
Compatibility with Microsoft applications It is not compatible with Microsoft applications. Being a Microsoft product, it is compatible with all Microsoft applications.
Compatibility with other applications It is compatible with a large variety of applications since Linux is open source. It is compatible with a lesser number of applications when compared to Linux.

Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Yes, reseller hosting is a profitable business because of the following reasons:

  • You do not need much initial investment like many other businesses.
  • There is no need to hire any maintenance staff, so no salaries need to be paid.
  • You only need to pay your reseller hosting plan price.
  • You do not even have to worry about hardware uptime since it is the duty of your hosting provider.

Because of all the above factors, your investment remains quite low in a reseller hosting business, leaving you with a good profit margin.

If you are already in the web development business and receive regular queries or have fixed clients, you can benefit instantly from this business. In such a case, you will not have to invest your time or money in acquiring new customers for your reseller hosting venture.

Conclusion – Linux Reseller Vs Windows Reseller Hosting

Both Linux and Windows reseller hostings are reliable options but offer different advantages. Choosing Windows or Linux depends on your current requirements and preference.

When should you choose Linux reseller hosting?

Go for Linux reseller hosting when:

  • You are concerned about the cost and looking for a budget-friendly option.
  • You want to provide a stable solution to your clients.
  • You want complete customization for your reseller hosting solution.
  • You want excellent security for your client websites.
  • You are looking to offer optimum performance to the end users so that they can efficiently run multiple applications at the same time.
  • You want to offer fast-loading websites to your clients.

When should you choose Windows reseller hosting?

Choose Windows reseller hosting when:

  • You want .NET compatibility.
  • You are looking for an easy and simple setup.
  • You want to use different Microsoft applications.
  • You are more comfortable with Microsoft’s products like FrontPage or Expression Web.

Whatever operating system you choose, you can make your reseller hosting business profitable with consistent hard work. Once your business grows, you can purchase a larger reseller hosting plan with more server resources to fulfill the additional demand.

This way, you can make gradual investments as you grow.

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